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8th November 18

Stamps Update:
We accidentally released two 2018 stamps yesterday which featured pets from 2017!
We've moved these to the regular collection, find them in the CS Pets stamp categories!
Image Image
We've replaced these with two new stamps for 2018 members:
Image Image

121 new stamps available in the CS Pets > Staff Litters category!
Image Image Image Image Image
ImageImage Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Click here to update your stamp collection!
Click here to make suggestions for new stamps!

We will make more stamp updates soon :)

We've now returned to our regular green site theme. If you're missing the feel of Halloween, you can switch back to the "CSHallow" board style from your My Account settings.

8th November 18

Stamps Updates
We've added new stamps for members who joined CS in 2017 and 2018!
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image

We've also added a couple more event stamps for those who participated in our Halloween or Summer events this year:
Image Image Image

Find these in the "My Stamps" tab of your Stamp Collection.

Want to request other stamps?
Click here to make stamp suggestions. We are working on a big stamp update to refresh the collection :)
We would especially appreciate your ideas for quotes and phrases!

4th November 18

This is the last day to trade in your tokens! CS' timezone may be different from yours so don't wait until the last minute. Once the trade-ins close, your tokens become regular items. So go go go go!

1st November 18

It's November on CS!

We have a new set of pets to adopt!

As always, there are also new dressup challenges ready for you to be entered!

This is the last day you will be able to hunt for tokens! Get as many as you can before the banner stops appearing! You will have three more days to trade in your tokens, but don't leave it until the last minute so you don't miss out accidentally!

31st October 18

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had fun celebrating Halloween with us! Today is the last day of new releases so you can go and spend your tokens without fearing to miss out on new stuff!

You will be able to collect tokens for one more day, and there will be another three days to spend your tokens.

CS runs on a different time zone than most members so don't leave the spending until the last minute and accidentally miss out!

Image Image

You can also get these two new Halloween stamps now from the Halloween page!

27th October 18

We hope you're enjoying the candy hunt so far!

You can enter your pets in the Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

And remember to visit the Event Page every day to see what new gifts are ready to adopt!

20th October 18

Our Halloween Candy Hunt has begun!

Every year Totoro celebrates Halloween by making you hunt for candy for her! (Well, isn't that nice?)

Check the bottom of every page as you browse around the site and forum. If you're very lucky you might find a prize banner! You might have to check quite a few pages before a banner appears, but don't give up! When you spot a prize banner, click it to collect your treat. You can bring your candy prizes to Totoro on the event page, and swap them for a reward.

Click here to go to the event page and collect your gifts or turn in your tokens for prizes. Totoro adds new freebies and rewards every day so make sure to visit daily to see what's available!

If this is your first time, we recommend you visit our Events Discussions board to receive advice from seasoned users, and also to discuss the event if you like!

We have added a new Dress-ups Challenge for Halloween so show us how your pets celebrate that holiday!

19th October 18


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