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16th January 16

It's how many days til the next Advent calendar? Yeesh! At least it's not such a long wait for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day next month!

Thanks to Berkshire, Saikiyo, Lilian Nightshade, Vampiric, Atwood, Swiftalu and Solloby for this gorgeous CS calendar! Now who else wishes they had one in real life? ;)

1st January 16


We have a new pet dressup challenge this month! The theme is "Winter/Summer", so get your pets dressed up for the current season!

Click here to enter the challenge or browse through the entries.

1st January 16

Welcome to 2016 on Chicken Smoothie! Be sure to adopt our New Year's Day gifts from the Dogs page, and of course all the other new pets for January too!

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme, but you can change back to the Christmas board style if you like from your My Account page!

25th December 15

Merry Christmas!

It's now the 25th of December in the CS time zone, but some countries are still catching up. We hope Santa reaches everyone soon!

Today's the last day of our Advent Calendar. We hope you've enjoyed it! The final gifts will be available until the end of December so that noone misses out.

Thanks for celebrating with us this year!

23rd December 15

It's gonna be a white Christmas!

Today we added an extra gift to the advent calendar slightly late, so make sure you don't miss today's items!

22nd December 15

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting pretty excited! It's the 22nd on CS now, which means just THREE. MORE. SLEEPS. :D

Click here to tell us about your Holiday traditions!

21st December 15

It's the 21st here now! Four more sleeps to go!

19th December 15

It's now Dec 19th, so our big re-release day is over. I hope you all had good luck yesterday!

Today's the last day for the Famous Characters Dressup Challenge!
Looks like we have a lot of Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Frozen fans :D

Make sure you don't miss our new December 18th pets Dressup Challenge!