Site update news

5th November 17

Our Halloween event is now over, we hope everybody had fun! We've now switched back to our regular green site theme. If you're missing Halloween already, you can change back to our CSHallow board style from your My Account page.

4th November 17


There is less than 24 hours left to trade in your tokens!
If you haven't had the chance to spend your tokens yet, then you should do that now. After the shops close, your tokens will just become regular items for dress-up purposes!

1st November 17


It is now November on CS!

We have new pets to adopt on our regular adopt pages!

And don't miss to check out our new dress up challenges!

Today is also the last day to find banners so use the time wisely for some last minute candy collecting! The shops to trade in your tokens will be open for three more days.

31st October 17

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had fun celebrating Halloween with us! Today is the last day of new releases so you can go and spend your tokens without fearing to miss out on new stuff!

You will be able to collect tokens for one more day, and there will be another three days to spend your tokens.

CS runs on a different time zone than most members so don't leave the spending until the last minute and accidentally miss out!

30th October 17


Check out today's socks! They fit 19 linearts!

29th October 17


Which spooky pets and items do you like best?
Show them off in the Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

26th October 17

Image Image
Pick up some special event stamps on the Halloween page!
After you claim your stamps you'll find them in the "My Stamps" category of your Stamp Collection

Did you play during our Halloween hunt last year too?
In Halloween 2016 we only released one stamp. Poor lonely stamp. We've now added a second stamp to keep it company. If you played in the 2016 Halloween event you should now find this in your My Stamps tab:

25th October 17

You can chat about the Halloween event with other players in the Event Board.
That's the best place to go if you've got questions or need more info about the candy hunt and prizes!