Site update news

26th March 09

Our news is now available as an RSS feed - you can keep up to date with Chicken Smoothie updates in a feed reader of your choice, like Google Reader, or Bloglines. Just look for the XML and Add to Google buttons at the bottom of the news box.

17th March 09

St Patrick's day! There is one dog available and an item pack, grab them from the "Dogs" page!

1st March 09

I've updated our system to make it easier for us to post news. This means we'll update this box more often to keep everyone better informed about what's happening with the site. I've also added a link at the bottom of the box (scroll down) to view older news.

Our Valentine's day pets and regular dogs for February finish today. We don't have all the new March dogs ready yet. We'll add more dogs in a few days. This also means that there are no items available for dressing up your pet. There'll be more later!

14th February 09

Today we've released a whole lot of great Valentine's day themed pets and items. Get them from the Valentine's day link on the left navigation box.

5th January 09

The advent calendar is finished. Thanks to all those people who celebrated Christmas with us with the advent calendar in December.

With the loss of the advent calendar, there are currently no items to 'adopt', but we'll be releasing some new items later in January!

Our staff have been hard at work creating new pets for us to adopt. There are new dogs from Lawliet and Solloby, and there is more to come this month.

Malk from 'Adoptable Area' has merged with us, so there is a new Malk's adoptables section on the menu for you to get some brand new pets from!

25th December 08


You can now decorate your pets with items. Check out the advent calendar to get a pack of Christmas-themed items to dress your pets up with :).

We have several new artists joining us. We'll be introducing their pets and items over the coming weeks.

We've set up a new fan-art website where we'll post your submitted fan-art, avatars, poems, and anything else creative (look for the link in the left menu).

CS Archives has joined with us so we have a new archive page where you can see the pets we offered in past months - check out the left menu.

30th November 08

Changes to the CS navigation - all account stuff is now on the bar along the top.

Advent calendar is starting soon, not sure what timezone it'll best match so just check back every 24 hours :)

November dogs/wolves will only be available for another day or so, so get em while they're hot!

UBI Soft Petz content is temporarily removed - check the Petz section of the forum for updates.

9th November 08

2 new rats up on rats page. And one more 2nd gen litter on 2nd-gen page.