Dressup challenge

We know how much your pets love getting all dressed up, so we've created the Dress-Ups Challenge to give you a chance to showcase your best-dressed pets!

You can comment and vote on entries in the Dress-Up Challenges, so make sure to be supportive and tell people what you loved about their designs!

The pets you submit to a Dress-Up Challenge will automatically be added to the Challenge Galleries, and they'll also be saved to your very own Dress-ups Gallery! Even if you later change or remove the items your pet is wearing, the image seen in the Dress-Up Galleries will stay the same as the moment you first submitted it. So make sure everything is in the perfect place before you submit your design! If you make a mistake, you can delete an entry to replace it with a new one - but this will also remove any comments or votes you have collected on your entry. If you remove a post from your Dress-Ups Gallery it will be removed from the Challenge too.

So that everyone has a chance to be seen in the galleries, there is a limit on the number of entries per person, per challenge. You can of course still create as many dress-ups as you want in your own pet groups and continue to share these dress-ups in the forum! If you delete one of your entries from a Dress-Ups Challenge then you will be able to replace it with a new entry. Your limit will reset for every new Challenge, so there's no harm in submitting as many as possible every time!

Current themes

Dressed pet Newest entry
"♡" by Oh-My-Stars

Simple but Sweet - Six Item Challenge!

For this challenge you can only use up to 6 items on your dress-up.

Better get creative, think about using items that best complement your pet's natural colors and markings! Browse the gallery, or enter one of your pets!
There are 9 days left in this challenge
Dressed pet Newest entry
"I cannot find my stick!" by Sparkfire

Clean out your Closet!

Or don't if you want to keep everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Browse the gallery, or enter one of your pets!
There are 9 days left in this challenge

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