The Pound

This page is the home of both the "Pound" AND the "Lost and Found". Only one of these will run at a time, so you can just see whichever is opening next. This time it's the Pound's turn to be open!

Chicken Smoothie has a pound for homeless, confiscated, and donated pets.

Most of these pets were confiscated from players who were banned, so make sure you follow the rules, or your pets could end up here too!

When the pound is open this page will show pound pets that you can adopt instantly by clicking the "Adopt me" button underneath your chosen pet. The pound opens at random times, usually around 4 - 8 times per week, so check back often to see if it's open or opening soon!

You can't adopt more than one pound pet within 3 hours, so choose wisely!

To adopt from the pound you must log in to your Chicken Smoothie account

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Don't have an account yet? Sign up for an account on our forums and you can use it to adopt pets on the main part of the site. It's free!