Site update news

26th December 10

There is a new gift box available on the dogs page to celebrate Kwanzaa!

25th December 10

Merry Christmas everyone! :D

21st December 10

It's not long until Christmas, and I'm sure we're all excited!
The advent calendar will give its last gift on the 25th of December but that gift will be available until the end of the month, so don't panic if you can't get online on Christmas day! :)

20th December 10

Don't forget to adopt Malk's monthly pets!

18th December 10


It's December 18th, so you really shouldn't miss out on our gifts on the Advent page today!

Also there are some new Malk pets on the Malk pet page :).

9th December 10

It's the last day of Hanukkah so make sure you load up your Menorah with the final candle! :)

3rd December 10

Here's how the Menorah should look, apparently I got it wrong yesterday and we are supposed to light them from right to left! Learn something new every day :lol:

1st December 10

Don't forget, there are new store pets this month, and some new horses!
One horse was missed out in the original adoption page, so please go adopt him now :) There are also new scarves in the store which are available during December only!