Site update news

1st March 12

A new month means a new set of pets! Don't forget to visit the Adopt pages to see what March has to offer :)

25th February 12

There are some new freebies on the Specials page of the store in celebration of site artist Tyr moving house! These items were made by Leurai and are only available for a couple of weeks, so grab em now!

If you've just joined us recently, don't forget we have some Valentine's Day gifts available for you to adopt too!

23rd February 12

Blankets now work with puppies, as well as dogs/pups with curly tails! If you don't have any blankets, you might have forgotten to pick up the items on the Valentine's Day page.

Don't forget, there are a couple of freebies in the store for Mardi Gras, and we added some more gifts to the Valentine's page a couple of days ago!

21st February 12

Although Valentine's Day was last week, we still think you're pretty special so we have a couple more gifts to give you... please visit the Valentine's Day page one more time to pick out the two newest presents :)

We're also celebrating Mardi Gras today so we have a few special gifts available on the Special Offers page of the store (they're free!) :)


14th February 12


The CS team would like to wish you a happy Valentine's Day, we've lovingly prepared some gifts for you, so please click the giftbox above, or click here to adopt.

12th February 12

There are a ton of new shirts, hoodies, and jeans available on the casual clothes page of the store :) Courtesy of Leurai

1st February 12

Another month, another set of pets to adopt, get yours now by clicking the Adopt button above! There are also new pets in the store!

Don't forget to come back later in the month to wish us a happy Valentine's Day (February 14th) - we might even have some gifts for you :)

23rd January 12

Click for Chinese New Year pets and items!
Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the start of a new year in the traditional Chinese calendar, so help us celebrate by adopting pets and items on the Chinese New Year page.