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Site news

1st July 19


July pets are ready to be adopted! As always, make sure to adopt them on our Adopt pages!

We also have some new Dressup Challenges!! Check them out and enter some of your dressed up pets.

1st June 19

The new pets for June are out now! Our General Helpers put together a special cat litter for you, so don't miss to adopt it!

There are new Dress-ups Challenges this month too! Show off your Salmon Squad kittens! :)

And check out our new Store Pets! These beautiful deer were made by meveh, and you can buy a set for just C$70!

1st May 19

May pets have arrived! Get them on the Adopt pages!

As usual, we also have new Dressup Challenges for you to check out and enter!

25th April 19


Today is the last day to turn in your tokens!

21st April 19

Happy Easter!

This is the last day of new Easter gifts and trade-ins so you can splurge all your tokens now! We hope you enjoyed celebrating Easter with us! <3

The token banner will keep appearing today and tomorrow, and the shops will stay open for three more days after that. Your timezone may be different from CS' so do not wait until the last minute to spend your tokens or you may miss out! You will not be able to reuse the tokens in future events as there are different tokens for every event!