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Site news

15th November 20

Mid Month Update - November 2020

Site Updates:

- Rarities have now been updated!
- We've added the previously elusive banner counter feature to event pages so it's easier to track how many tokens you have found during events.
- There is a free pet and item set available for Origami Day, it will be available till the end of November so don't miss out!
- We just released a new free store item set! Raise awareness and express your support for a cause using these cool awareness ribbons from Anouki!

What We Are Working On:

-We are gearing up for our annual Advent Calendar event, can you believe it's already almost December?!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

November 2020 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Can u find the shroom?" by Gaster~


11th November 20

Happy Origami Day!


We have a pet and item set made by Anouki to help celebrate the occasion!

Check it out on our new Special Events Tab

Also, check out this neat step by step Discussion / Tutorial Thread that Anouki made! We'd love to see your own creations.

8th November 20

Our Halloween event is now over! We hope everyone had fun!

We've changed back to our regular "dull green" site theme now. If you're still in a Halloween mood you can switch back to the CSHalloween theme from your My Account page:


7th November 20

This is the last day to trade in your Halloween tokens! Don't miss out!

The Halloween page has a countdown on it to the end of token trade-ins so you can check how much time you have left.

5th November 20

Our Halloween banner hunt has now ended! You now have three days left to trade in your tokens (Nov. 5th, 6th and 7th). These tokens just become regular items once the trade-ins end, you won't be able to spend them on future events.

CS runs on a different time zone than most members so don’t leave the spending until the last minute and accidentally miss out!

The Halloween page has a countdown on it to the end of token trade-ins so you can check how much time you have left.

Don't forget to pick up your Halloween stamps from the "Free Gifts" section at the bottom of the Halloween page!