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Site news

19th September 20



Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day Arrrg! Make sure to grab the new item set (on our new special event section on the adopt page) made by Anover to celebrate this small holiday! This set will be available until the end of the month.

We also have a new Dress-Up Challenge to Celebrate!

15th September 20

Mid Month Update - September 2020

Site Updates:

- Rarities have now been updated!
- Our Rules are now consolidated and updated!
- A small update was made to the rules post-release
- Trade notifications now appear on CS mobile
- A "New!" marker for the adopt menu has been added
- We have added example images and explanation text to our "Other" and "Hatchery" pages
- Our Staff Litter was released!
- We have new great new stamps from Rainbow Dash: New "Tarot" and "Studies" stamp categories in Personality & Profile, and new Weather stamps in the "Hobbies & Interests" category (next to the Seasons stamps)


What We Are Working On:

- Currently, we are still reviewing moderator applications
- "New!" marker support for our CSSpace, CSMobile and CSBusiness themes is coming soon
- We are continuing to prepare for our annual Halloween Event
- Lastly, we are working on new pet stamps for our stamp collection - stay tuned for more amazing new stamps!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

September 2020 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Cave crystals" by wixie12345


1st September 20

How is it September already??

Make sure to check out all of our Monthly Adopts!


This month is our annual staff litter! We have contributions from Anouki, Anover, AquilaFuga, Bernouli, Berricuda, Burrito Bunny, Celozon, chevreuil, Dama, Desmond, Dia., EmberWolf, Fiery Gatoh, katsue, Lacuna, Metallic Dragon, meveh, Nadine, paopu, Pi., Raire, Saikiyo, Schuyler, Seasonal, Sixbane, Solloby, Vampiric, wolfbane., WolfTales, Yağmur, Yugi, Zeena and Zelery!

Enter our Dress Up Challenges this month for a chance to be featured!

24th August 20

We heard you loud and clear and have now consolidated/updated our site-wide rules!

Please take a moment to read over our Announcement Post explaining the recent changes.

And of course, check out our new and improved Site and Forum Rules Thread! We hope these changes help provide some clarity and an easier, centralized location to reference our rules.

15th August 20

Mid Month Update - August 2020

Every month we will be giving you guys an update on what the staff has been working on in an attempt to keep the community in the loop and bridge the gap between the staff and user base!

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-We have made an update to our Block Features
-We have added a Recent Oekaki Board
-Dates are Now Visible via "Shared Trade" links!
-On August 12th we celebrated World Elephant Day! We hope you've enjoyed this small holiday celebration in between some of our larger events.

What We Are Working On:

-Moderator Applications are now open!
-We have started to evaluate and compile our site rules. Stay tuned for a new large thread listing all of our rules and some clarifications/updates coming soon!
-Additionally, we are also working on a detailed thread logging all site updates. This will allow users to keep track of the changes that we have made (and will continue to make) to the site moving forward!
-Our team is gearing up for the annual staff litter next month! We're excited to show you all the color palette we chose for this year.
-We've begun preparations for our Halloween event! It will be spooky time before we know it!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

Starting now, every month we plan to feature a user's dress up from one of the dress-up challenges! Make sure to enter if you are interested in being featured next month.

August 2020 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Unexpected Encounter" by Sicarian14