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Site news

21st April 19

Happy Easter!

This is the last day of new Easter gifts and trade-ins so you can splurge all your tokens now! We hope you enjoyed celebrating Easter with us! <3

The token banner will keep appearing today and tomorrow, and the shops will stay open for three more days after that. Your timezone may be different from CS' so do not wait until the last minute to spend your tokens or you may miss out! You will not be able to reuse the tokens in future events as there are different tokens for every event!

16th April 19

How are you enjoying the Easter Hunt so far? Don't forget to grab Totoro's free gifts each day!

Explore more Easter-themed fun:
Event Discussion Board
Easter Dress-ups Challenge
Easter Oekaki Challenge

13th April 19

Our Easter Hunt has begun!

Is this your first Easter on CS?
Make sure you read all the instructions on the Event Page and in the news. This event is very similar to our Halloween candy hunt.

The Easter hunt is a special event where you can collect eggs from around the site and forum, and then trade them in for cool pets and items. To collect eggs look for special prize banners which sometimes appear at the bottom of the page. They could appear on any page on Chicken Smoothie, so browse around! You might have to hunt for quite a while before you find the prize banner, but don't give up! When you do spot a prize banner just click it to claim your egg. Once you've found an egg you have to wait at least 20 minutes before you can hunt again, so take a break and come back later. When you have enough eggs you can choose a prize on the Event page!

The event runs for about 10 days. Each day there will be new prizes available, and sometimes there will also be free gifts which you can get without spending any eggs! Don't forget to check the event page every day and remember to hunt for eggs when you've got time!

The prizes on the event page will all be available for the full event, so if you want you can just save your eggs for now and make your choices at the end. :)

Click here to enter your pets in the Easter Dress-ups Challenge!

12th April 19


8th April 19

Happy 11th Birthday, Chicken Smoothie!
The very first CS pets were created 11 years ago, in April 2008. That's older than some of our members today!
We owe a huge thank-you to all our supporters who've brought us here.
Today let's remember to honor our generous team members - past and present - who've helped build an awesome safe community and filled our collections with gorgeous pets and items.
And of course we owe thanks to our wonderful members, who warm our hearts each day seeing you develop and share new skills, friendships, interests, and entertainment.
We're so proud to be here for another year, celebrating with old and new members alike <3

Help us unwrap our Birthday Gifts!
Join the Birthday Dress-ups Party!
And this year may be your chance to join the CS Team!
Answer our 11th Birthday Quiz!

We're also announcing some new Oekaki features today, check out our announcement on the forums for more info!

Our Easter Egg Hunt is now over! I hope everybody had fun!