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Join the dressups challenge!


Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! Create artwork using our free online Oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the Forum!

Get started right away by clicking the "Adopt" button above!

Site news

1st July 18

It's July on CS now! Get a brand new set of pets on our Adopt pages!

We have also prepared new Dressup Challenges for you! Check them out! :)

Keep your eyes out for news of Totoro's vacation plans later this month!

1st June 18

A new month has started! Check out our Adopt pages and adopt our June pets!

Get your pets dressed up and enter them in our new Dressup Challenges!

It's also time for a new set of store pets! These pets were made by our retired artist Lilian Nightshade!
You can get them separately for C$20 each, or buy the set for C$70 and get a set-exclusive bonus pet!

1st May 18

A good way to start off the month is to adopt a bunch of new pets! May pets are available now!

We have also added new Dressup Challenges! Check them out. :)

19th April 18


Our new Speech Bubble items can now be flipped to face the other direction in Dressup Scenes without the text ending up mirrored! Now your pets can talk to each other while they face each other :)

Those speech bubbles were released along with our 10th Anniversary celebration. If you didn't adopt them yet, grab them from the store's Specials page!

8th April 18

Today is Chicken Smoothie's 10th Anniversary!
This is long so scrollllll down for updates and gifts!

What an incredible milestone. Ten years ago I (Tess) was doodling in my bedroom and drew a sitting dog. The CS dog. Today that dog lineart has been re-colored thousands of times and adopted by half a million people!

CS didn't start out like this. It was an incredibly simple site with just a few loyal followers bookmarking pet pages in order to "adopt" - there were no accounts, and no trading. There wasn't even a forum! Some of our 2008 fans are still active members today, so big respect to them for supporting me through those shaky beginnings, helping CS get to where it is today.

Nick and I get a lot of credit for starting CS, but we're just a tiny part - this site would be nothing without all the other people who've contributed over the years. I owe endless gratitude to all staff past and present, guest contributors, supportive family and friends, and of course our wonderful CS community! This day is for you and because of you!

I could ramble all day about CS history but I think it's important I get to the good stuff. To celebrate our birthday we've got gifts, a special pound release, and best of all we are unrolling a new feature today - huge collaborative dress-up scenes! :D

Dress-up Scenes
Finally your pets can hang out together… and with your friend's pets too! Just ironing out some bugs but it should be looking fab soon :)
Click here to check it out!
Click here to discuss this in the forum, or find someone to play with!

Birthday Gifts
Click here for birthday gifts!
Click here for some brand new FREE item packs in the store. These will help prepare you for exploring those Dress-up Scenes!

Pound Giveaway
We're having a special pound release so you can take home a bunch of pets and feed them birthday cake!

For the next day or two the Pound will just keep filling itself up, and you can adopt a Pound pet every 20 minutes! It's gonna keep on going until we've rehomed 200,000 pets!

Our pound giveaway has now ended, we found new homes for 200,000 pets, wow! Our pound is back to its normal rules and schedule now.