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Join the dressups challenge!


Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! Create artwork using our free online Oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the Forum!

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Summer Adventure

Site news

21st July 18

It's time to join Avian & Totoro on their Summer Vacation
The event has just begun! This year Avian and Totoro have booked us an all-inclusive stay at a 5-star jungle resort

Click here to visit the resort!
You can click different places on the resort map to explore the shops and attractions.
Remember to explore the resort every day to discover new free gifts, prizes, challenges and new locations!

The jungle floor is littered with fruits, seeds, and resort chips which you can use to buy things in the resort.
To collect these items look for a prize banner which will sometimes appear at the bottom of the page. It doesn't appear on every page, you will need to keep browsing around the site until you find one!

Click here to ask questions and discuss the event with other players in the Events board
Click here to enter the Jungle Dress-ups Challenge

What are you waiting for? Roll on some bug repellant, put on some sensible shoes, and lets get exploring!

20th July 18

Where you going with all that junk Avian?

1st July 18

It's July on CS now! Get a brand new set of pets on our Adopt pages!

We have also prepared new Dressup Challenges for you! Check them out! :)

Keep your eyes out for news of Totoro's vacation plans later this month!

1st June 18

A new month has started! Check out our Adopt pages and adopt our June pets!

Get your pets dressed up and enter them in our new Dressup Challenges!

It's also time for a new set of store pets! These pets were made by our retired artist Lilian Nightshade!
You can get them separately for C$20 each, or buy the set for C$70 and get a set-exclusive bonus pet!

1st May 18

A good way to start off the month is to adopt a bunch of new pets! May pets are available now!

We have also added new Dressup Challenges! Check them out. :)

Click to claim your prize!