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Halloween Event

Site news

20th October 18

Our Halloween Candy Hunt has begun!

Every year Totoro celebrates Halloween by making you hunt for candy for her! (Well, isn't that nice?)

Check the bottom of every page as you browse around the site and forum. If you're very lucky you might find a prize banner! You might have to check quite a few pages before a banner appears, but don't give up! When you spot a prize banner, click it to collect your treat. You can bring your candy prizes to Totoro on the event page, and swap them for a reward.

Click here to go to the event page and collect your gifts or turn in your tokens for prizes. Totoro adds new freebies and rewards every day so make sure to visit daily to see what's available!

If this is your first time, we recommend you visit our Events Discussions board to receive advice from seasoned users, and also to discuss the event if you like!

We have added a new Dress-ups Challenge for Halloween so show us how your pets celebrate that holiday!

19th October 18


1st October 18

It's October on CS!

Time to grab a new set of monthly pets!

There are also new dress-up challenges for you to enter!

And we have put up a new litter of store pets! These fellas were made by Jayfrost! You can buy one for C$20 or get the full set for C$60!

Image Image Image

We have some new Halloween dressup scenes for you to use! We have a spooky forest from Yağmur with two styles, and a new Halloween version of our house scene from Tess, check them out now!

We've now switched over to our Halloween site theme. If you like, you can switch back to our regular "CSDullGreen" board style from your My Account page.

Later this month we will have our Halloween event so keep your eyes open for updates!

1st September 18

New month means new pets! Get them on our adopt pages!

September brings our annual staff litter! This is a special litter that was put together by multiple staff members. You can find it on the dogs adoption page!

And don't forget to check out our dress up challenges! Show off your dressed up staff litter outcomes! :)

6th August 18

Our Summer Event is now over, we hope everybody had fun!