Site update news

26th October 13

It's day #2 of our Halloween hunt! Be sure to check out the new things that Totoro is offering on the Halloween page!

25th October 13


Our Halloween event has begun! Click the Halloween button on the front page to start collecting!

We've changed over to our Halloween site theme, but if you prefer the regular "dull-green" one, you can change it from your account settings.

1st October 13


It's the start of a new month, so we've got a new set of pets to adopt! Get yours now by clicking the Adopt button in the menu above :)


We also have a cute new set of rats available in the store!

13th September 13

And we're back! Sorry for the interruption, guys!

I don't believe any data has been lost, so all of your pets, posts, PMs, drawings etc should be just fine :).

I'll be taking down our temporary chat site in a couple of hours.

1st September 13

As always, the start of a new month means a new set of pets to adopt!
Usually each year in November we have a special dog litter where every staff member colors in one dog from a set color scheme. This year we've moved it to September, so go grab your gigantic pile of puppies!

24th August 13

Get your pets ready to go back to school!
There are some new school uniforms and backpacks in the costumes page of the store, made by Leurai!

19th August 13

We've made some changes to navigation and forum organization, and added a bunch of new features for the site and forum!

Wow, doesn't the site look different today! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll soon get used to it. :) We've had to change the layout slightly because we had a few too many pages which weren't linked from the navigation, and because of that some of them were basically unknown. It's now a lot easier to find the page you want in one click!

We've also changed the forum so that we can make room for new boards without our forum index growing too long. The Roleplay Forum has split off into their own section to make room for new divisions and categories such as an Advanced (Semi-lit/Lit+) board, and the Oekaki boards have been moved to the bottom of the General Forum index with several new boards added such as a Comics board and Weekly Challenge board!

We've also added several other new pages, including an official stock photo gallery which artists may use as free references for drawing! All of these photos were taken by CS staff and we plan to add more over time :)

16th August 13

We have some new baseball sets in the store, courtesy of Leurai!
These have been released on August 16th in remembrance of the late great American baseball hero Babe Ruth who passed away on this date 65 years ago.