Site update news

19th November 14

Hey everyone! Due to an outage at our DNS provider, Chicken Smoothie is currently inaccessible for about half of the planet. We're working to bring that back online, and hope that it will be mostly cleared up within the next few hours. Sorry for the interruption!

6th November 14

Our Halloween event is now over! I hope everybody had fun!

I've changed our site layout to our regular green theme. If you're still feeling the Halloween spirit, you can change your board style back to the Halloween one from your board preferences!

5th November 14

We're now in the final couple of hours of the Halloween event!

Make sure you visit the event page and spend your candy tokens before it's too late!

5th November 14

There are now less than 12 hours left to trade in your Halloween candy! Don't miss out!

3rd November 14

The candy hunt is now over! Thanks for playing!

Now's the time to spend all your candy on prizes before Totoro closes up shop!

2nd November 14

It's the last day for finding candy!
Make sure you use your double candy hunts if you have any left

After the hunt ends, you will have a couple of days for trading candy in, but make sure you spend it as soon as possible! Every year a few sad people miss out because they misjudge how much time they have left, and we don't want that to happen to you!

1st November 14

It's the 1st of November!

That means there are new pets available in the Adopt pages!

But don't forget the Halloween event is still running, so make sure to check the event page for new prizes, and keep searching for candy!

31st October 14

Happy Halloween!

We hope you've enjoyed celebrating Halloween with us!

We still have a couple more days of the candy hunt and a few more free gifts to come, so remember to keep checking the event page and news so you don't miss anything :)

All of Totoro's candy prizes have been added to the event page now, so you can spend your tokens freely, there won't be any new token prizes. You will have a few extra days after the event to continue spending tokens, but don't leave it til the last minute.

Don't forget to activate your "Double Candy" hunt when you have time!