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16th December 14


We have had several news posts over the past few hours, so make sure you scroll down and don't miss anything!

Today is the beginning of our Hanukkah celebrations! Make sure to check the Hanukkah page every day (as well as the Advent Calendar) so you don't miss anything!

15th December 14

Have you heard about December 18th on CS?

You might have heard people talking about "December 18th" and "re-releases". If you haven't participated in our Advent Calendar before then this may be new to you. It's not the 18th yet, but please read this information so that you understand what it all means!

Each year on December 18th, we have an extra special gift in the advent calendar. The Dec 18th giftbox is full of hundreds of different pets which have been released before over the past 6 years - many of these are rare and valuable. You will have the chance to adopt a few, but like all gifts the pets you receive are randomly chosen, so some people will be luckier than others.

You may not recognize the pets you receive, but there is a good chance that they will be valuable pets with a high trading value! They will generally be worth much more than any other pets in the Advent Calendar.

We recommend that you don't trade your pets away until you are sure you understand how much they are worth. You don't want to get ripped off by someone who offers you low-value pets for your new rares. Many older members intentionally seek out new members and COPPA members on Dec 18th so they can try to rip them off with unfair trade offers. Please take your time and don't rush to accept any offers until you're sure that it feels like a good deal for you.

There will be a forum topic created on Dec 18th so that you can ask for help identifying or valuing your Dec 18th pets.

If you're a COPPA player and can't post in the forum to ask about your pets, we recommend that you wait until your pets are fully grown before you trade them, so that you can work out which outcomes you have and what their rarity is. You can also send a help ticket to get general advice or help with identification from General Helpers/Staff if you are unable to post in the forum.

The Dec 18th giveaway gives you a random chance of adopting pets from earlier months/years, but it's not a guarantee that you'll get a Very Rare from 2008 or 2009, you might just get Rares from 2013. The giveaway's purpose is to bring all sorts of old and rare pets back into the active trading population so that they're a little less difficult to get in trades, but we don't want to dramatically lower their value, so we can't give everyone a Sunback or a Zebra (for example). If we did that, those ultra rare pets would become worthless Very Commons overnight. If you are disappointed by what you receive on the 18th please don't complain and don't feel sad, because even if you were a bit unlucky on the day, the re-release benefits everyone long-term by making trading for older rares slightly easier for everyone again.

Multi-accounting to get more Dec 18th pets is super obvious and easy to detect, so unless you want to get banned, it's better to play fair. Please note: It is considered cheating if you get family or friends to sign up so they can send you free pets or send you all their Dec 18th pets without getting a fair swap in return. Don't make any extra accounts for yourself, and make sure that your trades are fair if you are trading with family and friends. If an account is being used just so that person can adopt extra things for you, then that is cheating.

15th December 14

4 of our giveaway winners didn't submit their addresses, so their entries have been withdrawn to be given out to other players. Sorry, these packages aren't going to arrive in time for Christmas!

We have 2 new 2nd place winners: badkitten, PeachFuzz
Please submit your mailing address here:

And 2 new 3rd place winners: Onyxeva, tallywalkers
Please submit your mailing address here:

11th December 14

Rainbow Dash has made a bunch of new stamps for your Stamp Collection!

Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image

6 new Holiday stamps can be found in the CS Stamps > Holidays category, and there is a new category for Myers Briggs Type Indicator stamps in the Personality & Profile section under "MBTI Personality Types"

11th December 14

I hope you're enjoying the Advent Calendar so far!

We've mailed nearly all the Stickers/Buttons for the giveaway winners so we hope they will start arriving in mail boxes next week :) the post service is very busy at this time of year, so things may arrive later than expected, but we hope most will arrive before Christmas.

We're still waiting to hear from these 2nd prize winners:
Butterfly2004, and Whisperingstorm. You can submit your shipping addresses here:

We're still waiting to hear from these 3rd prize winners:
Meowow, pokemongirlhope. You can submit your shipping addresses here:

5th December 14

A couple of our prize giveaway winners pulled out of the competition, so say congratulations to our new 1st prize winner "Pine." and our new 3rd place winner "kangataroo"!

EDIT: Another person withdrew their entry, so we have a new first-prize winner "binadator".
EDIT: Another person withdrew their entry, so we have a new first-prize winner "~Moonflare~".
EDIT: One player didn't submit their address in time, so we have a new first-prize winner "Sapphire13".

5th December 14

I hope everyone is enjoying the Advent Calendar so far! :)

Don't forget to check it every day for a new gift!

And a timely reminder: in order to keep things fair, each user is only allowed to have ONE account. Your friends and family can have their own accounts too, but if they only use their accounts to adopt things for you then that is considered cheating. Play fair, and don't use other accounts to adopt more than your fair share of pets/items, or else you could be banned.

4th December 14

The Giveaway has now ended, and winners have been chosen!

Please check the winners list, and make sure to pick up the free consolation prize

Winners will be PMed or emailed as soon as possible. If you're on the list but don't receive contact within an hour, please contact us using the help system

Winners must claim their prize within 3 days, or else it will be awarded to someone else in a second chance prize draw.