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30th November 08

Changes to the CS navigation - all account stuff is now on the bar along the top.

Advent calendar is starting soon, not sure what timezone it'll best match so just check back every 24 hours :)

November dogs/wolves will only be available for another day or so, so get em while they're hot!

UBI Soft Petz content is temporarily removed - check the Petz section of the forum for updates.

9th November 08

2 new rats up on rats page. And one more 2nd gen litter on 2nd-gen page.


6th November 08

3 new pups up on dogs/wolves page. October dogs only available for one more day. MORE NOVEMBER PETS ARE COMING SOON.

27th October 08

A mystery pumpkin on the halloween special page..

17th October 08

Woah woah, heaps of fanart added to the fanart page

10th October 08

Me and Nick have just entered the exam period so we won't be around so much until we're through them.

Please be patient... these exams are much more important to me than Chicken Smoothie so don't expect me to reply to emails/PMs etc.

My exams run from now til 3rd November but I will still come on occasionally to make updates etc.

Just don't email me while I'm gone... if you have problems post in the forum..

So buhbyes everyone, please be good while I'm away ;)

Happy Hanukkah!
Check our Hanukkah Event Page for some gifts our staff have prepared for you! Our celebrations last until December 30th so don't forget to pick up your Hanukkah gifts until then!

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