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20th April 17

The Easter Event page will stop accepting tokens in about 45 minutes, don't miss out!

20th April 17

Time for a spending spree! Spend those eggs now!
It's only a matter of hours 'til Totoro packs up shop!

20th April 17

Today is the last day you can trade in your Easter eggs to Totoro on our Easter page! Don't leave it to the last minute!

There's a countdown timer on the Easter page to let you know much time you've got left.

18th April 17

Our Easter Egg Hunt has now ended, thanks for playing!

If you've still got hunt eggs on your account, get to the Easter Hunt page to spend them now! Totoro is closing up shop in less than 3 days!

Totoro collects different things every event, so this is the only time you have to spend those tokens. Don't leave it to the last day or you might miss out! CS runs in a different time zone to most members, so it's easy to get confused and miss the final day.

17th April 17

We have some pets from Nick on the Easter page to adopt today!

Remember, today is the last day you can hunt for eggs!

After the Easter egg hunt finishes, you'll still have 3 days available to trade in your eggs, don't leave it to the last minute and miss out!

16th April 17

Happy Easter!
It's now Easter Sunday on Chicken Smoothie!
Totoro has put up the last of her Easter prizes today, along with some more gifts! If you've been saving your eggs during the event, now you can spend them knowing everything is revealed.

You can still hunt for eggs today and tomorrow, but after then the Easter hunt will end. :(

You'll have an extra few days to trade in all your eggs to Totoro once the hunt is finished, but don't leave it too late or you might miss out!

We hope you've enjoyed our Easter event this year! The next big event will be Avian and Totoro's Summer Vacation, which is just a few months away :)

14th April 17

Don't have to juggle all the eggs in your paws now with these trendy Easter bags!

13th April 17


We have new store pets available this month by Lilian Nightshade! You can buy them individually, or save by buying them in a combo pack!

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