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30th October 17


Check out today's socks! They fit 19 linearts!

29th October 17


Which spooky pets and items do you like best?
Show them off in the Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

26th October 17

Image Image
Pick up some special event stamps on the Halloween page!
After you claim your stamps you'll find them in the "My Stamps" category of your Stamp Collection

Did you play during our Halloween hunt last year too?
In Halloween 2016 we only released one stamp. Poor lonely stamp. We've now added a second stamp to keep it company. If you played in the 2016 Halloween event you should now find this in your My Stamps tab:

25th October 17

You can chat about the Halloween event with other players in the Event Board.
That's the best place to go if you've got questions or need more info about the candy hunt and prizes!

23rd October 17

PSA: When you step outside during this spooky season, check for flying chameleons riding tiny broomsticks 👻
Rumor has it they are not well potty-trained, and you don't wanna risk walking around underneath

22nd October 17

Visit the Halloween page each day for new gifts and prizes!

Enter your Halloweeny pets in our Dress-ups Challenge 👻🎃

Whoops, we originally forgot to include the "ghost bag back" item in today's free candy bag giveaway. We've added that item to everybody's account who adopted that now!

21st October 17


Our Halloween Candy Hunt has begun!

Every year Totoro celebrates Halloween by making you hunt for candy for her! (Well, isn't that nice?)

Check the bottom of every page as you browse around the site and forum. If you're very lucky you might find a prize banner! You might have to check quite a few pages before a banner appears, but don't give up! When you spot a prize banner, click it to collect your treat. You can bring your candy prizes to Totoro on the event page, and swap them for a reward.

Click here to go to the event page and collect your gifts or turn in your tokens for prizes. Totoro adds new freebies and rewards every day so make sure to visit daily to see what's available!

If this is your first time, we recommend you visit our Events Discussions board to recieve advice from seasoned users, and also to discuss the event if you like!

We've changed over to our Halloween layout for the event. If you'd like to switch back to our regular "dull-green" style, or one of our other site styles, you can do that by changing your board style in your board preferences!

We have also added a new Dress-ups Challenge for Halloween so make sure to pay it a visit aswell!

20th October 17

Watch out...


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