Kylig MYO by SilhouetteStation

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Artist SilhouetteStation [gallery]
Time spent 4 hours, 25 minutes
Drawing sessions 8
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Kylig MYO

Postby SilhouetteStation » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:18 pm

officially a Kylig! so happy to have her approved :')
proof of purchase

To do;
-pretty up description
-build up character
-some sort of backstory

Traits & Rarities
[c]minor fur edits
[c]custom eye shape
[c]custom nose

[uc]major ear edits
[uc]small horns
[uc]short unicorn horn
[uc]long hair

[r]extra eyes
[r]large horns
temporary art hiatus; if anyone knows anything about fixing wacom tablets/making them compatible to new laptops, please pm me.

we could live forever if you've got the time

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