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User-made adoptables that are part of a closed species or larger community

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Starclan has begun the search for new, brave leaders who will pass on their legacy to their clans
and lead with honor. They feel themselves fading among the stars and know that their time is
running out. Will you aid in their quest to pass down the legends? Or will you walk among the
darker side of the night? Claim your territory, fight to survive, and make some new friends along
the way. In this brand new immersive survival game, you'll develop characters and your own clan,
able to adopt an infinite number of cats not restricted by levels! Yours cats will be tested in the
wild and must hunt, battle, and forage to survive. You get to pick where your clan lives, what
they eat, how they interact with others, and most of all: you will make choices that ensure their
survival or ultimate doom. Remember, we want this to be fun, so there is ways to keep your cats
alive. Starclan is generous with their gifts! So what do you say? Will you become a new legacy?


Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:45 am


i. please use all of tess’ site rules. you can find them here.
ii. there is no limit to the amount of cats you may have.
iii. please be kind and respectful to all staff and members.
iv. please do not beg for cats, food, herbs, or new adopts.
v. three warnings equals one strike, and 3 strikes is a ban.
vi. do not remake this game without my permission.
vii. any drama regarding other members must stay off the
main thread and be dm'd to me, please! i am available on
discord and chickensmoothie and will get to you asap.
viii. please remember that making adopts takes time and
so does judging competitions with tons of entries! do not
rush artists or a warning will be given out and may lead to
a ban. this is to keep our game stress-free for the artists.
ix. you may have custom ranks; using the original warrior
cat ranks is not required. this game is about creativity.
you may also use the tribe ranks if you prefer! you may
also choose not to use any ranks at all, and that's fine.
your cats may live in any survivable land, just make sure
the food you select to hunt is suitable to that land.
x. you must create an archive within 1 month of
receiving your founder, or else it will be readopted!
i. describe your founder using the form below and post it on the main
thread! remember, males cannot be tortoiseshells or calicos! mutations
like vitiligo, melanism, and albinism are for milestone adopts only.
ii. create your clan’s thread and clan name. you may use this board to
do so or create your own website. there is no rule for what you may
use to archive! remember to link your archive on the archive thread.
iii. read the game mechanics page completely then go exploring! if
you have questions, staff is readily available to answer them. make
sure to check the FAQ page before pming a member of staff, though;
it's quicker for you and all the staff involved!
iv. join the discord to get involved in the community. it's a great way
to get giveaway prizes, find out what new things are happening, and
make friends! please message a member of staff to receive an invite.

Code: Select all
[size=80][b][u]i want a founder![/b][/u]
[b]name:[/b] (include kittypet name and new warrior cat
[b]gender:[/b] (they may identify as anything!)
[b]age:[/b] (any age! as of right now, this has no in
game effect)
[b]appearance notes:[/b] (this may be artist choice or
 up to you! )[/size]


Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:54 am


      please link your clan archive and all cat’s adopt pages when posting on the explore thread using the explore code provided on the exploring page. you may change the coding but please keep all the information from the base coding able to be seen clearly. no more than six cats can be sent at a time! in all explore missions, you have a chance to: find food, find herbs,engage in battles, gain experience, find currency for starclan’s shop, train apprentices, find rare items and more! however, this is a survival game. cats may die when sent on patrols, receive injuries, and even run away. HUP stands for hunger percentage and HP stands for health percentage. these are two very important concepts! you can read about them if you scroll down further.

      FOOD & WATER

      the most basic needs for survival are food and water, which is something your cats will have to explore to find. the more cats you have, the more food points you will need. if you are running dangerously low on FP, or food points, you may purchase them from starclan. (that’s me) you will need to feed your cats every time you explore, except for the first 3 explore posts you ever make. the penalty for not feeding your cats is +10% hunger. if it reaches 60 or above, a cat becomes unable to complete tasks like it normally can which can make surviving much harder. every cat starts off with 0% hunger, and can go 6 posts without needing fed. however, if you wait that long, you will need 2 food points per cat, as 1 FP = 10% HUP. as of right now, we have not implemented thirst levels into the game.

      1FP = 10% HUP. members still need to feed their cats every post to prevent +10HUP gain.
      If your cat has 10% hunger, but you want to use a 2FP item (20%), you would list it as in the next post after using it to feed your cat:
      item | x1/2 | 2FP

        scraps = 1 FP
        mouse = 2 FP
        vole = 2 FP
        shrew = 2 FP
        small fish= 2 FP
        minnow = 3 FP
        squirrel = 3 FP
        frog = 3 FP
        rabbit = 4 FP
        bird = 4 FP
        owl = 4 FP
        falcon = 4 FP
        hawk = 5 FP
        eagle = 5 FP
        vulture = 5 FP

      to survive, a cats health must be in prime condition. the only way to heal injuries (preventing further health loss after an encounter in explore) is to use herbs. you can find herbs through explore, purchasing them from starclan, or trading other users for them (go here to make a post about asking for trades). a cat may also gain health if their hunger is kept at 0%. every cat starts out with 100% health and should be kept above 40%. the only way to lose health is through encounters in explore. battles will occur if you choose to fight and sometimes even randomly during a patrol.

      New Update!
      there is now a low chance, in leafbare and leaf-fall for your cat to get sick. but don't worry, you can use your herbs to heal them! any cat that gets sick will slowly lose health over your next posts unless you use the right herb or herbs to stop it, and if their health goes below 40% there's a chance it could spread to other cats they've patrolled with. you can find herbs through explore, purchasing them from starclan, or trading other users for them (go here to make a post about asking for trades).

      another way to gain experience, if exploring seems a little risky, is to try writing a response to a prompt. every now and then the staff will create a new prompt for everyone to write about and develop their clan with- and you'll earn experience based on how much you write. the questions that are asked each new prompt will vary from clan traditions to lore to anything as specific as your founder's favorite prey.

      gaining xp can only be done through exploring! you will gain +10 xp for every patrol sent out [i.e explore post posted ] and + certain xp amounts for battles won, herbs discovered, and adopts claimed. you may also gain xp from an apprentice learning a skill, a cat using herbs, or purchasing items from starclan! level experience is helpful when in combat or for the ability to make certain purchases from starclan. every time you level up, you get a reward!

      level one: 100xp | Rewards: +1 FP
      level two: 200xp | Rewards: + 1 FP + 1 Herb +1 Common Edit
      level three: 300xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 1 Herb
      level four: 400xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 2 Herb +1 Random-custom
      level five: 500xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 2 Herb
      level six: 650xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 3 Herb +1 Uncommon Edit
      level seven: 800xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 3 Herb
      level eight: 950xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 4 Herb +1 Semi-custom
      level nine: 1000xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 4 Herb
      level ten: 1200xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 5 Herb +1 Common Myo
      level eleven: 1400 exp | Rewards: + 6 FP + 5 Herb
      level twelve: 1600 exp | Rewards: + 6 FP + 6 Herb +1 Rare Edit

      to adopt a new cat, you must participate in competitions, buy a custom, or breed your existing cats. there is also a slim chance, extremely rare, to find a cat during explore. competitions are immersive, creative, and everyone has an equal chance! buying a custom can be done at starclan’s shop and breeding existing cats can be done in the nursery with starclan's approval! unlike other adopts, your level does not determine the amount of cats you can own.

      AGING UP
      to age up a kitten resulted in a breeding or gained from an adopt, you must wait 3 weeks. then, you are responsible for bumping the kitten's adopt page (or breeding page) to remind the artist it's the day to age up. the cat will then become an apprentice. from that date, in 3 weeks they can be fully grown. they will have a date 6 weeks from the birth day and 3 weeks from the birth day posted so that you know exactly which day to bump the thread. you have the option to skip the apprentice stage and instead, simply wait the full 6 weeks for the adult version. there is also an item in starclan that you can use to make your cat forever young (apprentice lineart) or forever small (kitten lineart). once this item is applied, the cat can no longer be bred. you can read more about it in starclan's shop!

      sometimes an artist who has a difficult time choosing the winner of an adopt will award either an HM (honorable mention) or RU (runner up) to other players. you may use HMS to purchase customs. RU's are a second cat designed by the artist that will belong to you.

    Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:26 am

      • Customs are available to be purchased. Artists charge differently for their customs & will include their price when they post that they are open for # of custom slots, but you can also find that information here. Also, remember that a refund cannot be requested after the time period of 7 days. Please PM if there becomes an issue with an order you have placed.

      You may also use HM's for customs! When using HMS, you must provide links to each HM.
      5 hms = 1 random custom (design chosen by artist)
      10 hms = 1 semi-custom (base color scheme chosen by player)
      20 hms - 1 full custom (everything chosen by player)

      Code: Select all
      [b]Custom form![/b]
      [u]Artist[/u]: Here
      [u]Type of Custom:[/u] Random, semi, or full
      [u]Payment type: [/u] Here (HM or Artist chosen price)

      • Transfers occur when players trade other players. You may only trade a cat after owning them for 30 days. This includes kits resulted from a breeding. You may not trade outside designs, currency, or otherwise for a member's cats. You may only trade cats for cats at this time. This may change based on community input. Please post the form below on the transfers and trades thread found here. Both players involved in a transfer do not need to post unless you skip the proof part. Then, your proof will be your partner's post.

      Trade form:
      Code: Select all
      [b]I'm trading my cat/item![/b]
      [u]Cat/item being Traded[/u]: Here
      [u]Cat/item received from trade: [/u] Here
      [u]Proof of exchange: [/u] Show the other member confirming/have other member post form.

      • A user may decide to gift another user a cat or item. In order to do this, you're going to post the form below on this thread so the archivists can locate the cats and users associated easily. You may only gift a cat after owning them for 30 days. Both players involved in a transfer do not need to post unless you skip the proof part. Then, your proof will be your partner's post.

      Gift form:
      Code: Select all
      [b]I'm gifting/receiving a cat/item![/b]
      [u]Cat/item being gifted[/u]: Here, for items please include a link to post proving you own it
      [u]Proof of acceptance: [/u] Show the other member confirming/have other member post form.

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    Buttermilk Nursery based on this drawing by sprig
    by sprig @ Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:28 am Attachment(s) [Reply]


    R U L E S

    (Updated Oct. 2019)
    ⊳ In order to breed your heifer/bull, you must have an updated barn page for them. (Making a Barn)
    ⊳ Bull x Heifer breedings are standard, but same sex breeding can be done with the help of an item. (Honeydew seed or Watermelon seed)
    ⊳ Heifer's have 4 breeding slots.
    ⊳ Heifer's have a 2 week cool-down period before they can be bred again.
    ⊳ Bulls have no limitations on slots.
    ⊳ Bulls have no cool-down and can be bred again immediately
    ⊳ Bull and Heifer breeding slots can only be obtained via gifting or trades and cannot be sold for any currency.
    ⊳ When a ticket is accepted, the artist will use a random number generator to determine if the calf is male or female. Out of 11, if 1 (one) is rolled the calf will be a bull. If 2-11 is rolled the calf will be a heifer. The use of a pecan item overrides this roll.
    ⊳ Twins are only obtainable through a special item that can be gotten through events.
    ⊳ If you have a slot permission from V.1 and the owner is no longer active, that slot is still valid. Screenshot proof is required, with the date and owner's username visible if possible.
    ⊳ If you are searching for slots, post an advertisement on the Discord or the Fanclub.
    ⊳ Whoever posts the form keeps the calf, unless otherwise discussed.
    ⊳ You must wait 2 weeks after it's born before breeding your calf.
    ⊳ If an auto-growth item is used, you must still wait 2 weeks before your cow is breedable.
    ⊳ Do not harass/bully bull owners for breeding slots
    ⊳ If after 60 days from the time an artist accepted your breeding it is incomplete, the breeding is voided.
    ⊳ Do not ask for a calf unless it is being offered.
    ⊳ You may not change the design of your calf
    ⊳ Only post a form when an artist is open, otherwise your form will be invalid.
    ⊳ Post your form on this thread, do not PM to artists! This helps maintain accountability on all parts.
    ⊳ Once you post a form for a slot you cannot delete it to switch artists if a new artist posts. You can repost if your form is not chosen by the original artist, after they have selected their slots.
    ⊳ When quoting your own form, please be sure to remove all quote coding and double check that the name of the artist is corrected
    ⊳ Do not submit the same pair to multiple artists at one time. While you can submit 1 form per open artist, the pair must be different for each submission.
    ⊳ Please be polite and kind to others


    ⊳ Breedings can only be accepted if updated and correct information is shown on the barn page. If you need help identifying wether some information is correct or updated, please feel free to ask in the staff Discord channel.
    ⊳ If a cow has a mutation, consult the guide for passing rates. If it is not listed, you are welcome to ask sprig or vanilla bean for assistance.
    ⊳ If the breeding(s) you accept is not complete within 60 days, you will receive a formal warning.
    ⊳ When a user uses items, please be sure to update the FM archive!
    ⊳ Always post on the nursery when you are open for a breeding.
    ⊳ You may accept up to 6 slots at a time, so long as all tickets are completed within 60 days.
    ⊳ Keep in mind that eye and mouth edits are separate! If both appear on a cow in a breeding you must roll twice. They will not pass together unless both are rolled positive.


    Code: Select all
    [b]Artist:[/b] (open artist only)

    [b]Heifer:[/b] (Link to adoption page)
    [b]Barn:[/b] (Link to heifer's barn post)
    [b]Permission:[/b] (Must be screenshot permission from Heifer's owner)
    [b]Last time bred:[/b] (screenshot of last accepted breeding with this heifer, whether you or someone else bred her.)

    [b]Bull:[/b] (Link to adoption page)
    [b]Barn:[/b] (Link to bull's barn post)
    [b]Permission:[/b] (Must be screenshot permission from Bull's owner)

    [b]Collar Color:[/b]
    [b]Items Used:[/b]

    sprig @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:34 am


    Iridize @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:37 am

    mork ;w;

    Kassypen @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:38 am

    Mark ^-^

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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe World of Euphorians


    Euphorian Thoroughbreds are a rare string of the Thoroughbred breed. They come from a single farm simply called “Euphoria” that has horses with mutated genes. These allow them to be able to possess any realistic coat or markings. Everything else about the sub-type is the same. Long, strong legs, a powerful hind, and great speed. Their eyes are soft and the breed is incredibly smart, if not a bit goofy. They love kids and have the rare ability to excel in any discipline. They can grow from 15hh-18hh, though usually somewhere in the middle.

    The horses readopted through the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project are looking for a new loving home and a new job. They’ve tried racing and have either retired or decided the sport wasn’t for them. Either way, they are ready for the next chapter in their life. Some of these horses will come with a little training already, and will have their new discipline already determined. Although others you’ll get to pick how they move forwards!

    Welcome to the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project.


    It is encouraged everyone read over this website for discipline ideas.


    8/12/19 ➵ ERRP Opened!
    8/12/19 ➵ Artist Search opened

    Lines by Emberwolf
    Banner by sprig
    Staff Icons by Redbird
    Stamp by ceance

    mierose - Dude you're incredible. You've believed in this dream of mine from the start. Honestly, your excitement in all of this is almost as big as mine. It's infectious. This species couldn't have been possible without you, thanks for all of your help!
    ♔Voltaire♔ - I hope you realize how I literally couldn't be writing this blurb about how much I love you guys without you. You've supported me from the start and were so helpful when I was down. I probably would have made many more stupid mistakes if it weren't for you haha.
    .River. - Thank you. When I was going through those rough days you validated me and pushed me to do this. You've been such an incredible friend to me and I hope you know how grateful I am. Not only that but you sacrificed your candy for me and I can't ever repay you <3
    imaginary - Thank you for always having my back. You were ready to slap people if I needed it and that support meant a lot. You have so many amazing ideas too. Also, I've known you for so long and I'm so excited to start this next journey together. It always leads back to horse species, doesn't it? xD
    vanilla bean. - If it weren't for you, none of this would look so gosh dang fabulous. All of your help and support is so incredibly meaningful. I'm so glad we've started talking more.
    Kosciusko - Well, first I've got to state the obvious. Your designs are amazing and you are such an amazing person inside and out. Summit (may he rest in peace) and the rest are lucky to have you. Thank you so much for investing in my little dream, I hope it has lived up to everything you wished for it. Also, facial edits? Genius.

    ♔Voltaire♔ @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:33 am

    *Follow all cs rules
    * This is a closed species. You may not create your own Euphorian under any circumstances
    * Be respectful and kind to all members and staff. Rudeness will not be tolerated
    * Do not mini-mod
    * Do not copy or steal anyone’s designs, backstories, or personalities
    * Each horse only has five breeding slots. This cannot be ignored
    * Nothing in ERRP can be bought or sold using anything but ERRP currency
    * Euphorians can only be traded for art, slots, or other Euphorians
    * Do not take Euphorians off-site
    * Do not change a Euphorians design
    New * You may only order one custom every two months. This will always reset on the first of the month
    * The NEW OWNER needs to pm the affected archivist if a horse is changing owners
    * Both the new and old owner of the Euphorian must post on its thread to have the change be official
    * No complaining or guilt-tripping
    * A horse with a halter has been adopted
    ***NEW Depending on the offense, you will be banned from the species and in serious cases will have your Euphorians reposessed and readopted.

    * Follow all cs rules
    * Don’t play favorites
    * Don’t respond to bribery
    * Pay attention to edit rarities
    * Realistic coat colors only
    * No inbreeding
    * For about every edited adopt (only including face edits) there should be four non edited adopts
    * No line edits without Kassypen's permission
    * Use coat calculator for breedings
    New * One extra free custom a month
    * May make a special birthday custom, can have one of the rarer edits (Kassypen/ Voltaire must approve before the horse is considered official)
    * Normal Thoroughbred coats should be most common as foals are more likely to not have the mutated gene showing
    * Staff are expected to be active, if they are unable to Kassypen/Voltaire need to be notified
    * If horses aren’t judged within a month, Kassypen/Voltaire reserves the right to assign a winner
    * Let Kassypen/Voltaire know if you want to make a milestone adopt
    * Artists should only ask for cs currency for customs. Breedings are to be free until further notice
    * Don’t make extensive lineart edits or rare coats without Kassypen's/ Voltaire's permission
    Ex. chim, somatic, brindle, etc”
    * All rare mutations/markings (examples above) roll with a 5% chance of passing to foals
    New *A customer can request any number of facial edits (not including mane/tail) on a custom but each must be rolled with a 1/4 chance
    Warnings wrote:none c:
    let's keep it that way

    Bans wrote:none c:
    let's keep it that way

    ♔Voltaire♔ @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:34 am


    Archivists wrote:Image



    j. bourne
    Ghost Artists wrote:Image


    Moderators wrote:Image


    Guest Artists wrote:Looking for some new GAs! Get those entries in!

    ♔Voltaire♔ @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:34 am

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    MYO for Kitten-girl-500 based on this drawing by Sixbane
    by Nia The Elf @ Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:53 am [Reply]


    [url]Archive[/url] | [url]Myos[/url] | Nursery | Staff Search | Discord Server

    Coat Color wrote:Woodland Perytons are magical relatives of the common deer. This results in many shared quality's as well as several differences. Deer like coats are most common although many mutations have been found in resent studies.

    Wings and Tails wrote:Perytons are known for their bird like wings and tails. Most resemble the feathers of birds near the Perytons homelands. Which are scattered across the globe, resulting in a array of feather colors.

    Accessories wrote:Perytons are collectors, males love to drape objects they find across their antlers while females weave theirs into necklaces or other jewelry. The rarer the object the more sought after.

    Credit wrote:Font - FontMeme(38543B-50/25)
    Lines - VisualFeather

    Owlmania @ Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:44 pm


      -Always be respectful of each other and of the staff!
      -Follow all CS rules.
      -There is no limit on standard adopts! Limits may be put in place for events.
      -Perytons may be traded but not sold. This rule does not apply to breeding slots. Which can be sold but not for RL currency.
      -All art and lore belongs to me, besides other artists’ designs, which belong to them. Theft will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the species.
      -MWs belonging to banned or deleted accounts will be re-adopted.
      -Storage is required and users must include a storage link when adopting or breeding.
      Please PM me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions! I am always open to feedback <3
      Rules specifically pertaining to Myos, and breedings can be found on those respective pages!


      -Artists must make 3 adopts a month, including breedings!
      -For standard adopts, Perytons may only exhibit natural colors and patterns. Please wait for/reserve a milestone for a special adopt!
      -Artists may use their best judgment for adding mutations and accessories.
      -Artists may add custom edits/accessories to adopts! These may be your choice as part of the adopt or you may indicate somewhere on the adopt form that you accept custom requests. This is not required for every adopt!
      -Artist can allow the winner to request customized accessories but this is at artist discretion!
      -Adopted Perytons with accessories should have plain references or the option.
      -Artists pick the wing type NOT adoptees.
      -Any prompt is allowed, from raffles to art/writing to naming, but adopts may not be sold or auctioned unless the artist has my permission.
      -Artists may post on the Myo thread when/if they wish to make customs. These will be the same as Myos but will be made by a official artist.

      -Mods will be assigned a thread to maintain and should handle most small problems themselves or among each other but should come to me if it becomes severe.

      -The Archivest should update and revise the archive at least once a month unless there is a major issue and they need to take time off.

      -All Staff may request/create 1 Myo each month! These are limited only by your imagination and skills.

    Owlmania @ Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:44 pm




    Rick Astley.


    Discord Caption

    Owlmania @ Mon Aug 17, 2020 3:14 pm

    Open to marks!
    I will set up a staff search soon

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    backstreet boys reunion tour
    🌿 home 🌿 nursery 🌿 myos 🌿 artist search 🌿 HMs 🌿
    🌱 discord 🌱 fanclub 🌱 archives 🌱 archive updates 🌱
    my name is sprite pepsi
    Click to go to the Great Pine Climb, our summer event!

    Many generations ago, a clan isolated themselves from other colonies of cats to avoid war. Years passed without word from them, until suddenly descendants from this clan began popping up in cat colonies across the land. These variegated cats generally look identical to their fellow cats, however unusual coat patterns appeared on their otherwise normal colored pelts. While considered odd at first, generations have yet again passed, and these Variegateds, also known as Varis, have spread out to nearly every known clan.

    Variegated is a warrior cat ARPG (Adoptable Role Playing Game) with a heavy focus on developing your cats with the community! Your cats can be in any clan, including clans you share with other members of Variegated. Through developing your cats and clans, you can gain experience and level up to be able to adopt more cats and unlock rare items!

    dont do a hit

        🌿 Common - No line edits other than minor scars/minor tooth edits
        🌱 Uncommon - basic fur edits, minor tail edits, larger scars
        🌿 Rare - specific breeds, custom lined, genetic mutations such as two faces or additional limbs

    chamomile. @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:54 am


      🌿Be kind to everyone, both community and staff. Please to not repeatedly bother staff
      🌱 Begging, guilt tripping, or whining will not be tolerated
      🌿 Do not make changes to any Varis designs, including adding scars. Adding items is fine
      🌱 Varis should be fairly realistic. Here is a guide. Their markings don't need to be markings necessarily found on cats, but they do have to look like something that exists on animals. clear symbols like stars, hearts, etc aren't allowed. Varis pelts must also be natural colors. However, eyes can be any colors
      🌿 Only post founder forms when an artist is open to take them. Once you receive your founder, you must place them in a clan within 1 month and level up to level 1 or else your founder will be readopted
      🌱 You may only adopt up to the number of cats listed with the level you are on in the "leveling up" section
      🌿 You may own any number of clans, however a clan needs a minimum of 1 Variegated to be official. NPC non-Varis are allowed to be briefly mentioned in clans stories, however they cannot be the focus for leveling up
      🌱 Varis cannot be sold for any reason. Varis may only be traded for other Varis, Vari MYOs, or other Vari items
      🌿 If your Varis, clans, MYOs, or items are being traded or gifted, you must post the correct form associated with this in the archive update thread to make it official
      🌱 There is a 3 week cooldown between trades. There is no cooldown for gifting, however if you are caught gifting to get around the trade cooldown you may receive a strike or ban.
      🌿 If you are banned from CS or Variegated, you may keep your Varis if you transfer the designs to different lines, however they are no longer considered Varis and you are not allowed to have them in any Variegated clans or interact with the community.
      🌱 If you get banned for getting around rules to limit the amount of cats you have, your cats will be rehomed as you did not have a right to own them in the first place (e.g. multi accounting)
      🌿 Rules are subject to change as staff see fit
      🌱 Due to previous issues, your account needs to be at least 3 months old with a minimum of 100 posts to your account. If you do not fit both these requirements, you cannot participate in variegated until you do

    "Cats are nature’s cats." -Travis


      🌿 Full-time artists jobs include making adopts regularly that follow design guidelines for Varis, making nursery batches, make founders, and assist with general community management
      🌱 Artists should make uncommon designs sparingly, and only make rare designs for specific events with permission given by an admin. Asking for payment for breedings is not allowed. Artists may however take commissions to design myos for people set at the prices they would like
      🌿 If an artist is inactive for a while and is not responding to messages from admins, they may be removed from the team
      🌱 Artists receive one uncommon or below MYO upon being hired. They also receive 1 uncommon or below myo every 2 months as long as they remain active with completing their tasks. Additionally, they receive 1 rare MYO for their birthday

      🌿 Guest artists may make adopts, founders, and breedings. There is not a set limit, but they should focus on making nice thought out designs instead of trying to create as many designs as possible per day
      🌱 Guest artists should check over designs they are unsure about being allowed with full-time staff before posting
      🌿 Guest artists may make themselves one uncommon or under myo upon hiring

      🌱 Archivists jobs include going through the archive update thread and making updates to the archive to reflect them, double check people are following the rules about limited amounts of Varis, and assisting with other tasks as needed such as helping to manage event tracking
      🌿 If an archivist is inactive for a while and is not responding to messages from admins, they may be removed from the team
      🌱 Archivists receive 1 uncommon or under MYO upon hiring, and 1 uncommon or under MYO per 2 months of activity. They additionally receive a rare or under MYO for their birthday

    chamomile. @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:55 am


      Imagebaby You need to get a founder. Founders can either be the first cat you adopt from a regular competition above, or you can request a free semi-custom made by artists using a founder form. Founder forms can only be posted when an artist opens founder slots. Founder forms posted when none are open will be ignored.
        You may request any common traits. You may not request any uncommon or rare traits. Artists are not required to 100% stick to what designs you request, and you may not request it be redone if you don't like it.If you don't claim your founder within a month of it's posted date and level up to level 1, your founder will be readopted . After that you cannot request another free founder.
      Code: Select all
      [list][b]Founders Form[/b][/list]
      Requested Design:

      Imagebaby You next need to find a clan for your founder. This can be either a clan you make or a clan owned by someone else if you get permission to join. Your founder does not need to be the leader of a clan. If you are going to make your own clan, you need to either make a thread for it on CS, make a folder/world for it on Toyhouse, or make a website for it.
      If you are wanting to join someone else's clan, you can meet and talk to people about their clans either on the discord server or in the fanclub. You can discuss with the owner about your character fitting in to the clan, and if they agree, your cat can join their clan. There is no limit to how many people can join a clan, but a clan can only have one official owner. If someone is not offering to let you join their clan, please do not harass them to try and get in. Your cat can change clans if what you choose doesn't end up fitting, so don't worry about it being permanent.

      Imagebaby Once you have your founder and have located a clan for them, you can go to the archive update thread and level up! Below is listed the specific links needed for each level up. When you fill out a form, please copy these sections into the form and include the link beside them.

      Imagebaby Below are the specific requirements needed for each level up. To complete them, do the tasks and post them somewhere publicly so you can create a link to them. Then go to the archive update thread and link all these specifications in the level up form. Upon posting this form you immediately level up, and you will only receive a message if there was something incorrect.
      rat🌿 Each level unlocks the ability to own more Varis. If you try and adopt more cats than you have spaces for at your level, you will not be able to. In the case of winning multiple adopts on the same day which pushes you over the limit, you may have 1 week to complete a level up to create space for the Varis. If you do not do this, the extra Vari will be rehomed.
      rat🌱Artwork should be minimum of a colored headshot. If your cat has complex markings it is okay to simplify them, however it should still be recognizable as them. This can be made by you or commissioned. Written prompts will have specified minimum word counts. Both art and writing prompts can only be used once for level ups.
      rat🌿If, due to the clan dynamics in your clan or the cats you have you are unable to complete a prompt, please message chamomile. this and you will be allowed to replace one of the prompts with either writing a personality/history of one of your cats (200+ words) or a write/draw any scene wildcard (200+ words).
      rat🌱 All prompts for each level u must be completed to the full word count, separately. Combining prompts is not allowed, as we cannot tell if you have done enough writing for each individual prompt.

      beetle boy

        🌿Level 0: Maximum of 1 Vari
      -Obtain a founder
      -Either create a join a clan. If you create a clan, specify you made it. If you are a joining a clan, link to both the clan's page and proof of approval from the clan's owner

        🌱Level 1: Maximum of 3 Varis
      -Describe your cat's role in the clan (100+ words)
      -Draw or write about how one of your cats and another cat met (200+ words)
      -Give your founder a personality/history (200+ words)

        🌿Level 2: Maximum of 6 Varis
      -If you are the owner of a clan, describe the relationship between your clan and another. If you are not an owner of a clan, describe what one of your cats thinks about a neighboring clan (150+ words)
      -If you are the owner of a clan, describe or draw the territory of the clan (For art, minimum of a drawn out map with labels. The map must be made by you, not using a program). If you are not the owner of a clan, describe or draw one of your cat's favorite areas of the territory and why (150+ words)
      -Draw one of your cats or give them a personality/history (200+ words)

        🌱Level 3: Maximum of 10 Varis
      -Write or draw a scene of a Gathering between your clan or a clan you are in and at least one other clan. (200+ words)
      -Describe or draw a relationship between one of your cats and the leader of their clan (100+ words)
      -Wildcard! draw or write about any scene or aspect of your clan you would like (200+ words)

        🌿Level 4: Maximum of 14 Varis
      -Write or draw a scene of your medicine cat/s meeting with the medicine cats of neighboring clans. If you do not own a medicine cat, choose a cat who is best either talented at helping heal others or is specially connected to their ancestors (200+ words)
      -Give two of your cats personalities/histories (200+ words each)
      -What is one of your cat’s worst fears? How has another cat helped them manage this fear? (100+ words)

        🌱Level 5: Maximum of 20 Varis
      -Write about the afterlife system of your clan. How does it relate to the system of another clan? Do your clans share an afterlife, or are they separate? (200+ words)
      -Wildcard! Draw or write about any scene or aspect of your clan you'd like! (200+ words)
      -What cat of yours cannot stand to be in the same den as another cat in the clan? Why is this? (100+ words)

        🌿Level 6: Maximum of 25 Varis
      -Write or draw a scene of a meeting between your leader and the leader of at least one other clan. If you do not own the leader of a clan, write/draw about one of your cats meeting with a neighboring clan's leader in secret (200+ words)
      -Describe or draw an object that holds importance to one of your cats and explain why (100+ words)
      -Describe or draw a scene where the clan one of your cats is in was in danger (200+ words)

        🌱Level 7-12: +5 cats per level
      Pick 3 of the prompts below per level to write about. Each is 200+ words
      -Write about the history of your clan
      -Write/draw about a mystery your cat/s had to solve
      -Write a personality/history for one of your cats
      -Write/draw about a tradition in your clan or what one of you cat's opinions on a tradition are
      -Write/draw the relationship between your clan and another clan
      -Write/draw the relationship between your cat and another cat
      -Write/draw a battle scene
      -Write/draw about a time your clan/cat succeeded
      -Write/draw about a time your clan/cat failed
      -Write/draw about a time your cat went against orders
      -Write/draw about a scene of your choice

    chamomile. @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:55 am


        🌲 Admins
      lin manual miranda has said warrior cat

        🌿 Artists
      clip ♡
      lin manual miranda has said warrior cat

        🍃 Guest Archivists
      lin manual miranda has said warrior cat

        🌱 Guest Artists

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    Shadow Flitz based on this drawing by Scei
    by SkyGold @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:46 pm [Reply]

    WHAT IS A FLIT? wrote:Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.

                    Code: Select all
                    [size=75][quote="[b]WHAT IS A FLIT?[/b]"][color=#606060]Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.[/color][/quote][/size]

    Yes, these are Flitz! Welcome! Won't you have a look around?


    SkyGold @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:46 pm


    SkyGold wrote:Image
    Mackstarr wrote:Image
    JessKnight wrote:Image
    Bloth Hoondr wrote:Image
    fallenfishy wrote:Image
    General Artist - Nursery Artist
    dutch. wrote:Image
    General Artist
    yeena wrote:Image
    General Artist
    sagittariyote wrote:Image
    General Artist
    Kunzite wrote:Image
    General Artist
    Casperphobia wrote:Image
    General Artist - Nursery Artist

    friggin' foxes wrote:Image
    General Artist
    Breado wrote:Image
    General Artist

    Sweet Dreams Always wrote:Image
    Guest Artist
    List wrote:Image
    Guest Artist
    baers wrote:Image
    Guest Artist
    Cody.22.uwu wrote:Image
    Guest Artist

    Code: Select all

    SkyGold @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:47 pm

    All Rules must be followed by Group members, Adopters, Staff, Owners, and Outsiders!

    Shadow Flitz Guidlines

    All rules can be changed at any time.

    By Adopting a Shadow flit from any of our threads you are saying you
    accept and will follow all rules here.

    SkyGold @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:50 pm

        Ban/Warning Explanation wrote:Breaking a rule results in a strike.
        After 3 strikes a user can get banned (depending on the warning reason)
        Major faults may lead straight to ban or multiple strikes given out, such as severe harassment.

    Current Warnings

    Current Bans

    all appeals should be PMed to SkyGold with the given format
    This is just the location for the form layout and coding so users can better find it.
    Do not post your appeal form here!

      If you think your ban or warning was unjust or a jump to conclusions, or if your ban/warning was a long time ago and you'd like to announce yourself as a different, changed person... please fill out this form and pm it to SkyGold.
      fill out all parts of the form, and please do not add or remove anything

      >>>> A User must wait 1 month after their original ban or warning to be able to appeal.
      >>>> A User can only appeal for a warning once a year, despite how many warnings you have.
      >>>> A succeeded appeal will remove one warning from your account. if you had been banned, you will be unbanned, but still have 2 warnings, the only warning removed will be the one you managed to appeal.
      >>>> If you become unbanned your flitz/items/etc will not be returned to you. you are welcome to try to trade the new owners for the flit, but consistent bugging or asking for them for free will return your account to a ban.
      >>>> Fill out the appeal code for only one of your warnings, not all of them.

    Code: Select all
    Ban Issued date:
    Ban Reason:
    Why you should be appealed:

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    Astrellae (as-trel-ay), commonly referred to as Astrel's (singular), are a mythical and mysterious beast; not a lot is known about these creatures. They range in size - some as large as a horse, some as small as a housecat. Every Astrel is blind; they seem to have no eyes, but thick lashes in place of them which always remain closed. One of their most striking physical aspects is the multitude of wings which can be found on their backs, elbow joints, and outer ear. Their tails are made of the same type of feathers. They have small, dainty feet that carry them swiftly, and they are also capable of flight.

    One of their more peculiar traits are the constellations that surround them. Each Astrel has their own stars, though the amount and location may vary between individuals. These stars can seemingly be any color - just like their coat - and no Astrel has ever been seen without them.

    SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:24 pm


    • Astrellae are a closed species, and you cannot make your own without permission

    • You can own a limitless amount of Astrellae

    • Do not remove the sig; you must give appropriate credit, and link back to here if taken offsite

    • Please do not bump adopt pages (unless you are the artist)

    • Some Astrellae will be free (raffles, prompts,etc) but many will also be available for payment (c$, pets, da points, money) as auctions or with set prices. Offsite currency payments will be discussed offsite (da or discord)

    • You cannot resell your Astrellae (for any kind of currency, no matter what currency you paid); there will also be no refunds. You can trade within the species using the appropriate forms

    • Do not bid / AB if you cannot pay/afford the price; you will have 24 hours to pay (contact the artist if you need another day to pay, but 48 hours is the max amount of time to send payment)

    • No mini-modding

    • No whining, begging, bullying, or intolerance of any kind; you get three strikes before being banned (or an instant ban will be dealt out in extreme cases)

    • If you are banned, any Astrellae you own will no longer be counted within this species, and must be moved off of these lines. You must still credit the artist for the original design of the character, but other than that, they must have no ties to this species

    • You cannot edit your form once its been posted (excluding prompt posts); any edited forms won't be counted

    • You cannot edit your Astrellae in any way, unless using an item

    • By all means you can stray from the official lore; thinking of them as being sentient feral/anthro creatures, creating worlds/au's, roleplaying etc is all a-okay (just don't involve them with anything nsfw)

    SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:24 pm

    as-is in oekaki; no edits

    tongue edit, colored blood (default is silver), hair (above jawline)

    shorter fur, wings (minor edit), constellation placement, tail (must always be feathers), hair (below jawline)

    longer fur, horns (max 3, head only), wings (major edit), halo

    multiple limbs (max 6), missing limbs (max 2), plant growth, gem growth, exposed bone

    SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:25 pm


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    nurserycustoms/myosartist search • archive • shop

      Chubin's are small creatures, generally around the size of a housecat, which can be found in almost any part of the world (excluding antarctica and desert's). They are a vegetarian species, and their diet consists of things such as fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables. Their fun and friendly nature has led to many being domesticated and welcomed as pets into family homes, although some Chubin's still roam the wild as feral animals. Because they are such social creatures, it is recommended to have two or more so they always have a friend to keep them company.

      What makes this species so unique is a shiny, stretchy goo that grows from their bodies that is protected by a clear skin membrane, which is often patterned with different and unique designs. The goo is located in their ears, cheeks, necks, underbelly, and underneath their tail. The goo growing around their belly also stretches down their front arms so that, when leaping, it gives them the ability to glide for a short distance. This ability has been compared to that of sugar gliders, who also use their 'wings' to travel around their forest homes.

    SilhouetteStation @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:09 am

      • Chubin's are a closed species - no one is permitted to use these lines to make their own without permission, or make a profit from using these lines in any way
      • You cannot resell your Chubin, but you can trade/gift them only within the species
      • Any trading/gifting of Chubin's and/or items must be done on the archive by posting the appropriate form (with proof of agreement)
      • Any Chubin readoptions must be public/not done offsite or through private messaging. If you want to give away your Chubin but don't want to host the readopt, you can message me and I can host and judge it for you
      • You may own a limitless amount of Chubin's (and it would be recommended to keep them in a character storage)
      • You cannot alter the design of your Chubin without items, and any alterations must be approved by a staff member
      • Pre-made/outside character designs can't be transfered to Chubin lines
      • No rudeness/harassment/bullying of any kind is tolerated
      • Do not remove the signature
      • If you break any of the above rules, you will receive a strike; three strikes, and you will be banned. You will be asked to relinquish ownership of your Chubin's to be readopted, or to transfer their designs to different lines (but you must still give the original artist design credit)
      • If you have any other questions, feel free to pm myself or a member of staff

      - - - - -

      Artist Rules
      • Do not use these lines to make a profit for yourselves, or make adopts intended to be outside of this species

      • All adopts must be free

      • Do not remove the signature

      • Artists are required to make a minimum of three adopts per month, but more is encouraged (pm me about any issues that may arise with the quota)

      • Keep to the species rules and rarity chart

      • Keep adopt rarities to uncommon and under (rare traits are saved for special occasions)

      • Staff will receive a 1-Rare Trait & Under MYO on the first of every month (if the three adopt requirement has been met)*
      *I will do my best to keep on top of these in the archives

      - - - - -

      Honorable Mentions
      When an artist wants to give recognition to forms that did not win, they may give that person an honorable mention. these HM's can be converted to MYO's. you will need to keep track of these yourself.

      to claim your MYO, you will need to post proof of your HM's on the Customs page to be added. once made and posted, you will also need to post your HM's again as proof. you can make the MYO yourself, or commission someone to make it for you.

      • 10 HM's = Unlimited Standard MYO
      • 15 HM's = Unlimited Common & Under MYO
      • 20 HM's = Unlimited Uncommon & Under MYO
      • 30 HM's = One Rare & Unlimited Under MYO
      • 40 HM's = Unlimited Rare & Under MYO
      • 60 HM's = One Legendary & Unlimited Under MYO

    SilhouetteStation @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:10 am

      Traits & Rarities

      • Non-Rarity - heterochromia, sclera color, expression edit

      • Standard - unedited, small claw edit, small teeth edit, custom membrane pattern

      • Common - longer fur, short fur, hair edit (above jawline), multi-colored goo

      • Uncommon - tail edit, ear edit, hair edit (below jawline), tongue edit, backmane, pupil edit

      • Rare - munchkin, reverse munchkin, two tails, multiple eyes (max of four), paw pad shape, horns (head, max two), multiple limbs (max six), missing limbs (max 2), slime/goop (from tongue, paw pads, etc)

      • Mythical - multiple tails (max five), multiple heads (max two), multiple eyes (max five), horns (multiple, including body), wings, plant growth, gem growth

      The muzzle/nose cannot be altered.

      The goo cannot be removed, only changed/edited to accommodate a trait.

    SilhouetteStation @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:10 am

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    Pokemon Adopts!
    by Dinosaur. @ Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:49 pm [Reply]

    Pokemon Adopts !

    Yup, I'm bored and I want to make some Pokemon adopts. I'll be doing breedings and sometimes I'll open up a custom slot as well. I want to test out my new drawing pen (the old one broke :'P), so a lot of these will be kind of experimental. Also, please send me a PM with at least 3 art examples if you want to be added to make adopts- no competition! I want it to be as stress and pressure free as possible. I won't show your art to anyone unless you want or allow me to!

    Breedings and customs will cost you though, but what..?

    Image Friend Points !

    These can be earned by participating in the Weekly Contests and Monthly Events and are also earned by participating in the adopts. Monthly events will also reward you with special currency, which is used to buy event items from the shop I will put up.

    Roll Facts:

    I roll with RNG to determine the following: Shiny: 1 to 30 - Albino: 20 to 25 - Melanistic: 29 to 30 - Fusion: 98 to 100 - Legend/Myth: 50-75 chooses the Pokemon for me

    This is still being set up! Adopts will be the only thing open.

    Dinosaur. @ Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:49 pm

    1. Be respectful to other members of the community and the artists.
    2. No claiming a design you didn't win or make.
    3. Give credit to the original artist (if colored in, "credit above" is fine. Otherwise, link to the original drawing. "not mine" is not enough).
    4. No removing an artist's signature (you can move/recolor it if they allow, as long as it is visible).
    5. No selling these adopts- Pokemon is copyrighted.
    6. Don't complain if you didn't win. Everyone gets Friend Points and RUs may be awarded as well.
    7. Follow the competition rules- if you don't, your entry will be voided.
    8. Everyone can make Pokemon characters- I don't claim them.
    9. Don't hate on art or artists. You can criticise if it is kind and helpful (instead of "i hate your art", try saying "I like it but you could improve here and here" and give suggestions)
    10. Line edits are fine, as are design edits as long as it is still recognizable as the original (no full color changes, no full relining, etc)
    11. If you break a rule, you get a strike. 4 strikes you're out (perma ban). 1 to 3 strikes are temp bans. Strikes are reset at the end of the month, unless you are perm banned.
    12. If you are perm banned, no designs will be revoked- you just can't try out for new ones and any currency you had will be raffled off to other people.
    13. I can add new rules as needed.
    14. Follow CS rules.
    15. Have fun!

    Dinosaur. @ Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:52 pm

    Usernames and links won't be added for privacy reasons (also so I don't have to update every time like,, 100 people change their usernames lol).

    937791 - 10 FP

    Dinosaur. @ Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:53 pm

    Welcome to the FP shop! Please just make a post letting me know what you want to buy.

    Key Stone - 100 FP
    Proof of a bond with your Pokemon. Mega Stones are earned through adopts and prompts or sold seperately, for 50 FP each.

    Egg - 500 FP
    An egg that will hatch an unknown Pokemon. It seems eager to hatch.

    Strange Stone - 50 FP
    The shopkeeper found this on the road. What happens when a Pokemon holds it? When purchasing, an artist will evolve a Pokemon for you! You don't need this to evolve a Pokemon, but this will allow an artist to do it for you.

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    Dragoakes ~ New Adoptable!!
    by Meweep @ Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:32 am [Reply]


    Future links will go here once they are set up~

    ⋆Archive⋆Nursery⋆Growths and TransfersArtist Search

    Welcome to Dragoakes adoptables! Originally created around 7 years
    ago this new species is a revamp. Feel free to stick around and adopt a couple!


    Common traits

    Set of gills or lungs
    Twirled ears (above)
    Tail spikes

    Uncommon traits

    Set of both lungs and gills
    Small wings (cannot fly)
    Large claws/fangs
    Fur manes/back of legs etc
    Glowing teeth/claws/etc

    Rare traits

    Fully functioning bigger wings
    Larger stature/size (will be specified in descriptions)
    Multiple limbs

    Unique traits


    Dragoakes are a new, genetically modified, species that took the genes
    of a previously extinct group of dragon like creatures; and modified them to be
    hardier, cuter, and more resilient. Originally made to be a guard "lizard" or house pet, the
    species was released into the wild to control invasive plant populations. Their
    adult size can vary between a small dogs to a large horses as adults, with most hatchlings
    roughly are around the size of a guinea pig these creatures were designed to grow
    beyond their ancestors limit, some even reaching records of being as big as elephants.
    Their natural habitats include oceans, lakes, and wetlands. They can withstand
    saltwater and live in it, but usually are found near more freshwater locations. Their
    diet includes shelled creatures and water dwelling plants. On occasion they have
    been spotted hunting small mammals, but this is a rarity. Dragoakes have a set of
    lungs and gills, or even both, this can depend on whether their parents carry the
    trait to breathe both in and out of water. Their physical appearance is often debated
    due to the variety in the species, it is speculated only a small amount of their traits
    are known. Often mistaken for mythical sea creatures, or the "lochness monster,"
    dragoakes are still a widely mysterious species, as the species grows and research
    efforts are continued, this category will be added onto. c:


    ⋆Dragoakes are a closed species, please do not make your own custom or
    separate adoptables for this species.
    ⋆You may have up to 5 for now, and 7 for artists, this is only until the species
    grows more.
    ⋆Don't resell or put the same designs of Dragoakes onto different species.
    ⋆Be kind to others you interact with when adopting/just chatting.
    ⋆Dragoakes known traits and information is not to be altered. ex. giving your
    goake 'fire breathing powers' unless it is stated in the information and rarity
    chart for them. What is acceptable are different personalities and histories that
    are unassociated with those characteristics.
    ⋆Do not alter the design of Dragoakes that are already made, unless it includes
    items that are separate.
    ⋆You can gift your Dragoake(s) to someone else if you'd like, or if you'd no longer
    want yours please let me know and i'll rehome it for you.
    ⋆If transferring from the previous PS adopts please let me know and i'll transfer
    their designs to Dragoakes, if you would rather keep them as is, feel free to
    transfer the designs of previous PS's to any other species you want. c:

    as time goes on this list will be updated and potential new staff options will open up ~

    Able to add on info about species, create adopts, etc

    Can create new designs and have 2 customs
    wip !!

    Archives all Dragoakes
    wip !!

    Moderates pages
    wip !!

    Guest Artists
    Can create up to 4 Dragoakes with 1 custom included

    ✧Artist Rules✧

    ⋆ Please make new designs, having inspiration is awesome, but please don't base it off of real characters! ex. an avengers themed 'goake where it is just the suit of a costumes design and no other inspiration.
    ⋆ You can make yourself up to 2 customs, both can be up to the rare category if you'd like.
    ⋆ You cannot make customs for anyone else, that includes "gifting" yours to them.
    ⋆ At least two adopts a month, not including your customs.
    ⋆ Editing the lines is perfectly acceptable and encouraged for adopts.
    ⋆ If adding traits such as ones not included already in their known phenotypes, ask me first so i can approve.
    ⋆ Once your design is on a Dragoake, please don't use it for other adopts or characters.
    ⋆ Please make most of your designs on Oekaki, if some are created off site and transported here that's a-ok, just include hex codes and make sure to follow the CS rules. (Maybe draw only a fraction of the ‘goakie, such as the ears so it follows the rules and is a cool hint on what the main design will look like)
    ⋆ For now, fcfs and form competitions are acceptable ways of giving out adopts, selling them is not accepted.
    ⋆ For the nursery, please age up Dragoakes within a month and on the transfers page, a week must go by before you age them up.
    ⋆ If wanting to do a transfer/age up for another artist just let me know beforehand, everyone should be on the same page.
    ⋆ The longest an adoptable can stay open is for two weeks. (will change)

    For Guest Artists Only
    ⋆ You can create four Dragoakes total, one can be your custom.
    ⋆ Guest Artists can only have 1 custom, this one can be rare as well.

    If youre interested in these lil guys or even being part of staff let me know and i'll get on making forms/making more <3

    Meweep @ Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:33 am


    Meweep @ Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:34 am

    res once more just in case ;; all done

    Wallflower11 @ Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:40 am

    mark 👀

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    Ryerkol - MYO/Customs based on this drawing by Iou-Cat
    by Iou-Cat @ Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:00 am [Reply]

      -All MYOs must be covered before approval.
      -MYOs can be made by the ticket owner or anyone who's been given permission to do so by the ticket owner.
      -Customs must be made under this tab (Customs made for profit are allowed).
      -Custom lined Ryerkol are allowed so long as most of the body/patterns are visible.
      -Please link back to the original artist entry when claiming one.
      -Please try to ensure the trait list is as accurate as possible!
      -Covered posts must include what's underneath in the description.
      -MYOs and Artist entries can only be approved by a staff member/the species owner.
      -All design rules apply.
      -Designs must be accurate to the ticket's rules.
      -Please cross out your post once approval has been given, like this!

    Please fill out the form below to use your ticket:
    Code: Select all
    [b][size=150]Using my MYO ticket![/size][/b]
    Artist + link to profile (unless it's yourself):
    Ticket rarity:
    Proof of ticket ownership:[/quote][/center][/list]

    If done correctly, you'll be added to the post and you'll be able to create your new Ryerkol

    Please fill out the form below to claim an Artist Search:
    Code: Select all
    [list][center][quote]Claiming an Artist Search!
    Link to cover:
    Artist + link to profile (unless it's yourself):
    Ticket rarity:
    Proof of ticket ownership:[/quote][/center][/list]

    Please fill out the form below for off-Oekaki MYO approval:
    Code: Select all
    [b][size=150]Needing Off-Oekaki MYO approval![/size][/b]
    Artist + link to profile (unless it's yourself):
    Ticket rarity:
    Proof of ticket ownership:
    Link/Image of Ryerkol:
    Without items (if applicable):
    Trait list:

    Kamithewolf15 @ Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:42 am

    Using my MYO ticket!

    Username: Kamithewolf15
    Artist + link to profile (unless it's yourself): Me!
    Ticket rarity: Standard
    Proof of ticket ownership: Forum/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=4413457

    Iou-Cat @ Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:52 am


    rem sleep @ Sun Sep 06, 2020 5:00 am

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    ⇒ Highland Surfers ⇐ based on this drawing by Guest
    by JackalopeJump @ Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:05 pm [Reply]


    𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓗𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓢𝓾𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓻𝓼!

    Main Thread Nursery [url]Archive[/url] Customs Artist search


    What are Highland Surfers?

    Highland Surfers are cow-like creatures with flexible, clear shark tails and fins.
    They wear a special helmet full of seawater and little fish, helping circulate water through their gills hidden beneath their fluff.
    They love to surf; they wear collars that they can clip their surfboards to! Highland Surfers are also excellent swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 55 MPH!



    Non-Rarity: Accessories, heterochromia, snaggle teeth, scars

    Standard: Shorter horns, different hair on top of head

    Common: Shorter or longer horns, more fluff, pupilless eyes, bent fin

    Uncommon: Curly horns, shorter fluff, different ears, nub tail, sharp teeth

    Rare: no fin, no tail, different shaped tail, missing limbs, no fluff, small wings (not flyable),
    glowing body markings or eyes, special kind of fish (piranhas, clownfish, etc)

    Very Rare: no helmet (air-breathing), regular fluffy tail, 4 horns, wings (flyable), real shark tail,
    halo, fish tank on other parts of the body


    ~ A special thank you to SpeedyJay for the lines for the species! ~


    JackalopeJump @ Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:05 pm


    1. Follow all CS rules.
    2. Respect others and the staff!
    3. There is no limit to how many Surfers you may adopt, but there may be limits on events.
    4. Do not copy, trace, or steal the concept or designs of Highland Surfers. This is a closed species, you may NOT make your own.
    5. Read the rules on the individual pages (nursery, customs, events, etc).
    6. Do not ask for free customs or breedings, the artists will post when they are open for these and their pricing on the individual pages.
    7. There will be events to give away free breeding or customs tickets, so keep an eye out for those.
    8. Do not change the design of your Surfer in any way after adopting it. If you would like a specific design, check out our customs page!
    9. Please contact the staff if there is an issue, do not mini-mod any of the threads.
    10. Have fun and enjoy the species!


    Artist Rules:
    1. Do not copy other artists' designs in any way.
    2. You must make at least 2 adopts per month.
    3. Guest artists are limited to creating 6 designs during their time on the staff.
    4. Use your best judgement when it comes to rarities. There are no limits, but please do not make ever adopt a very rare or have all of the add ons it can possibly have. Try to only release a rare Surfer once every 4 designs or so.
    5. You are more than welcome to add accessories to your adopts no matter the rarity!
    6. For customs, do not create a design with anything above uncommon traits. If a user wins a custom ticket from an event or giveaway, they may ask for whatever rarity the ticket allows.
    7. Each artist is allowed one free custom design. There is no limit on rarity, just again please use common sense.
    8. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


    JackalopeJump @ Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:06 pm



    Owner/Artist: JackalopeJump

    Archivist: [url]username[/url]

    Artist: [url]username[/url]
    Artist: [url]username[/url]
    Artist: [url]username[/url]
    Artist: [url]username[/url]
    Artist: [url]username[/url]
    Artist: [url]username[/url]


    JackalopeJump @ Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:06 pm





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    Sleepy Peeps! (private species)
    by Deercan @ Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:26 am [Reply]


    For the Sleepover gang !

    I'll make lore soon but adding y'all for now just colour in and I can approve your peeps ! (Off oekaki fine too just post a cover!)
    Any traits are fine just try to keep

    -bunny or animal ears
    - bird/feather tail base but feel free to do other tails too!
    - chibi wings of any kind (more wings allowed)
    -sprinkle sparkles,,

    You can make sleepy peeps for other crew members, free or payed idc. Same with adopts for the crew !

    Post below to be added, sleepover crew!

    pecos @ Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:27 am


    pansy @ Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:27 am


    werewolf @ Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:27 am

    grabs this like marshmallw

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    The World of Euphorians


    * To be able to breed, both parents must have an
    updated barn page.

    * To keep the species realistic, only mare x stallion
    breeding is valid
    * Mares and stallions both have 5 breeding slots.
    * Unless discussed, whoever messages the artist
    with the form gets the foal.
    * Do not harass/spam/annoy/bully owners for breeding
    * You cannot breed foals until they grow (2 weeks)
    * Stallion and Mare breeding slots may only be
    obtained via gifting or trades.
    * You may not sell slots for real money, or CS currencies.
    * Do not ask for a foal unless it is being offered or readopted.
    * If you are searching for slots, post an advertisement on the
    Discord or the Fanclub.
    * Twins are only obtainable through a very small chance that is
    rolled along with the edits (5%). When rolling for twins, an extra
    50/50 roll will be done for chimera.


    Hello! Welcome to the nursery. It is here that you
    can breed your horses you've adopted from ERRP.
    We have some adorable foal lines that your new horse
    will stay on for two weeks before being transferred to
    the main lines. These horses will have another set of
    numbers different from the main. They'll have a B on the
    Please read the rules and pay attention to them. "Having
    an updated barn" just means all important information
    like name and slots. You must have a barn and have
    updated slots in order to breed. See the "how to create
    a barn
    " section in the info hub for more information.

    ERRP cannot wait to welcome new foals onto its fields!

    How to breed

    Feel free to mark the page so you know when an
    artist is open. They will post saying they are
    and only then can you submit your form.
    Make sure to fill it out correctly or it will become
    void. The artist will pick the number of slots
    being taken, how long they will review slots for,
    and if they are FCFS or not. Do not pm an
    artist a form or ask them if they are open. Scroll
    back to see for yourself.


    Code: Select all
    Artist;; (whoever is open)

    Mare barn post;;
    Permission;; (a screenshot, n/a if your own

    Stallion barn post;;
    Permission;; (a screenshot, n/a if your own

    Blanket color;; (optional)
    Additional info;; (optional)

    skip @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:17 am


    clarke, @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:27 am


    mierose @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:43 am

    mark <3

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    Welcome to the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project
    Euphorian Thoroughbreds are a rare string of the Thoroughbred breed. They come from a single farm simply called “Euphoria” that has horses with mutated genes. These allow them to be able to possess any realistic coat or markings. Everything else about the sub-type is the same. Long, strong legs, a powerful hind, and great speed. Their eyes are soft and the breed is incredibly smart, if not a bit goofy. They love kids and have the rare ability to excel in any discipline. They can grow from 15hh-18hh, though usually somewhere in the middle.
    The horses readopted through the Euphorian Retired Racehorse Project are looking for a new loving home and a new job. They’ve tried racing and have either retired or decided the sport wasn’t for them. Either way, they are ready for the next chapter in their life. Some of these horses will come with a little training already, and will have their new discipline already determined. Although others you’ll get to pick how they move forwards!

    Show Name:
    Barn Name:
    Gender: Stallion
    Eye Color: Chocolate
    Phenotype: Bay Pintaloosa
    Genotype: Ee/AA/ToTo/Lplp/PATN2/patn2
    Mane Type: Cropped
    Breeding Info:
    Edit List:
    - Wide Eyes
    - Perked Ears

    Hello~ long time no see.
    To win this stallion simply give him a name you deem fitting.

    Code: Select all
    [b]Show Name:[/b]
    [b]Barn Name:[/b]
    [b]Gender:[/b] Stallion

    Ends 26th

    acronymm @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:51 pm

    Username;; acronymn
    Show Name: BA Mosaic Masterpiece
    Barn Name: Mosaico // Moose for short
    Gender: Stallion
    Age: 7 years, 2 months
    Height: 17.2hh
    Halter: Turquoise!
    Discipline: Eventing
    Competition: ^^
    Explanation: I had multiple ideas for both this lovely lads barn and show name. Mosaic Masterpiece for the fact he reminds me of a mosaic painting. And Moose for the fact he reminds me of moose tracks icecream c: all around a gorgeous babe <3

    Alhena @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:52 pm

      Username;; Alhena
      Show Name: That Lucky Old Sun
      Barn Name: Sol
      Gender: Stallion
      Age: 7 years old
      Height: 18 hh
      Halter: Black leather with gold hardware
      Discipline: Dressage
      Competition: The show name ^
      Explanation: the show name I chose is the title of one of my favorite songs that i love to listen to with my dad. He's my best friend and the stereotypical "island man" you'd see at the beach. Whenever I hear the song I think back to all the memories ive made with my father and how much i miss seeing him :)

    rebel.appy @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:53 pm

      Username;; rebel.appy
      Show Name: Mismatched Socks
      Barn Name: Socks
      Gender: Stallion
      Age: 4
      Height: 16.2hh
      Halter: Royal blue
      Discipline: All around ; mainly barrel racing and trail
      Competition: Mismatched Socks
      Explanation: The first thought I got when I saw this boy was a pair of mismatched socks ! His face reminds me of a pair of mismatched socks ! and i love the idea of a barn name being socks , so i thought it'd be perfect <3

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    Main ThreadArchiveArtist SearchMYO's/CustomsNurseryShop

    What is a Verkit?
    Verkits or Vers for short, are large and lovable creatures that have a knack for
    collecting various gems and trinkets! Some parts of their body are covered in snake-like
    scales that are hard as rock, and display the look of jewels. Verkits can live in various
    parts of the world, but they are always found in caves, mostly in small
    colonies or just their partners!


    How do I get one?
    Verkits are a closed species but are obtainable by adopting one of the open ones or
    by making one using a custom/MYO ticket, you can purchase those in the shop!

    Soll @ Mon May 04, 2020 6:31 pm


    general CS rules apply!
    Verkits are a closed species, you may not make your own outside of Custom/MYO tickets.
    There is no limit to how many you can own but please don't ab 2 Verkits in a row, etc.
    You may not sell/trade Verkits outside of CS or for another species.
    Do not ask for customs or breedings if slots are closed.

    Staff Rules
    staff can make up to three personal customs per month.
    staff get up to five breedings per month.
    staff can make a staff custom upon hire.

    Verkits were first created as a hybrid between Maned Wolves and San Francisco's garter snakes
    hence their unique and bright colors, years after they came to be they slowly started to loose
    most of their scales, the ones that stayed evolved to be very thick and hard, this helps them
    keep safe, fight for fun and show off to potential mates.

    Soll @ Mon May 04, 2020 6:31 pm


    Always being updated!

    unedited, heterochromia, scale color change/double color, expressions
    fur edit, weight change, small claw and fang edit, backmane, piebald
    shorter tail edit, ear edit, hair edit (below jawline), melanistic
    jelly scales, multiple eyes (max. 4), small horns
    multiple arms (max. 6) and tails (max. 3), gem growth, large line edits

    Soll @ Mon May 04, 2020 6:32 pm



    opaquii Retired






    Extra's Artist


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    pogletts ♥️ open based on this drawing by emblo
    by emblo @ Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:48 am [Reply]

    main page Image archive Image myos Image development Image discord
    species info wrote:pogletts are a medium-sized mammal species often characterized for their large ears and animated features. originating in desert regions, pogs have evolved to move incredibly quick, helping them zip across large spans of hot sand without being burned. their bodies can store a large amount of water, allowing them to travel for up to several weeks without water when necessary. due to the often harsh environment, they are both scavengers and hunters, preying on whatever they come across, as well as snacking on various plants.

    human interactions with pogletts have since spread the species across other parts of the world, and their adaptive nature allows them to flourish both in captivity and the wild. while they are often kept as pets, popular for their intelligent and inquisitive nature, others consider them pests due to their growing population in feral colonies. despite efforts to contain the invasive species, pogletts have become as common as cats in many regions.

    emblo @ Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:48 am

    Image pogletts are a closed species; you may not make your own without permission.
    Image trading, gifting, and selling are all okay. however, there is a 2-week cool-down between
    when you acquire a pog and when it may be transferred to another user.
    Image pogs will never be forcibly taken from their owners, but if a user is banned, they may
    not participate in the species in any way (which includes getting more through trading,
    gifting, etc.) bans are only given in extreme circumstances.
    Image transferring designs out of the species is allowed only with artist permission.
    Image credit where credit is needed, both for the species and the designs.

    emblo @ Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:48 am


    :: non-rarity ::
    small scars, expression edits, weight changes, stylistic edits, items

    :: common ::
    mouth edits (teeth, tongue, etc.), small fur tufts, tail edit (not custom, curled, longer fur, etc.)

    :: uncommon ::
    horns (any shape/size), larger fur edits, custom tail, paw edits

    :: rare ::
    custom ears, extra limbs/eyes, halos, wings

    emblo @ Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:49 am


    owner :: emblo

    artists :: none

    mods :: none

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    Main Page | Staff & Artist Search | Breeding Barn | Customs | Fanclub | Discord | Archive | Mascots | Rules | Staff | The Store | Tack Showcase

    End Date: 23rd September
    Prompt: Suggest 2 coat colours for future adopts :)

    Show Name:
    Barn Name:
    Phenotype: Flaxen Cherry Chestnut
    Genotype: ee Aa ff
    Eye Color: Bright Seafoam
    Body Clip: Chaser + Quarter Mark

    Mane Type: Western Braids
    Tail Type: Hunter

    Code: Select all
        [b]Show Name:[/b]
        [b]Barn Name:[/b]
        [b]Halter Type and Color:[/b]

    Fawntura @ Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:41 pm

    Username: fawntura
    Show Name: flower of the desert
    Barn Name: Ella
    Gender: mare
    Halter Type and Color: Eye color
    Prompt: Dapple grey Wip

    Alpha Nightshade @ Fri Sep 18, 2020 5:13 pm

    Username: Alpha Nightshade
    Show Name: Wild Love Song
    Barn Name: Nikki
    Gender: Mare
    Halter Type and Color: Wide/Eye color
    Prompt: Flaxen Liver Chestnut & Gold Champagne

    NoodleDOOT @ Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:52 pm

    Username: NooldeDOOT
    Show Name: WS Midnight Memories
    Barn Name: Moon
    Gender: Stallion
    Halter Type and Color: wide noseband halter, and same colour as the eyes
    Prompt: sable champagne and black chestnut

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    23422C, april flowers
    [Main Page - Nursery - Artist Search - Founders & Customs - Exploring - Roleplay Thread - Archive - Level Up/Item Archive]
    [ Introduction - Leveling Up - Staff Page - Edits, Shop & Transfers - Misc.]

    Covered by the tall, dense trees lies the forest floor. A place where many animals, named the foresters, reside in and call home. The main four being the white-tailed deer, the red fox, the eastern cottontail rabbit, and the great-horned owl. They live in peace now after a treaty between them was put together by their ancestors a few decades ago when a fight between them broke out. Now, you can catch them going together on exciting adventures, exploring new lands, and the occasional quest.


    General Rules & Guidelines
    1. Follow all of Tess's site rules.
    2. Be kind and respectful to staff and fellow users.
    3. Read all rules on the designated pages before you
    begin something(eg. exploring or roleplaying).
    4. The Forest Floor is a closed adopt, so
    you may not be going around and making your
    own Foresters without permission.
    5. You may only have one union and founder.
    6. If your union does not reach level 1 and post on the
    archive to confirm the level within a month of receiving
    your founder, it will be put up for readoption.
    7. Foresters may only be traded for other foresters or
    gifted(read more about trading here). You CANNOT sell
    your foresters for any currency.
    8. Do not add any edits to a forester without permission.
    9. Breaking these rules can be bannable from these adopts
    and you will not be able to participate any longer if you do.
    10. This ARPG is LGBT+ friendly!
    11. Rules can be updated and changed without warning.
    12. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to pm me
    or post here on this thread!
    Getting Started
    1. To start you must make a founder,
    which is the lead forester of your union.
    Read more about founders here.
    2. Create your union's name and thread.
    You may have your thread on-site or off-site.
    3. Read all the rules on this thread and
    then you're free to go! You can recruit foresters
    to your union by getting them from regular/event
    adopts, customs, or find them while you're exploring!
    4. If you have any questions, please post on
    the thread. Staff will be there to assist you.
    But before asking, consider reading the FAQ,
    as your question may already be answered.

    -Grand Opening: 9.16.20


    Now that you have learned how to start, let's start playing!

    With the animals in your union, you can now go out and explore. Exploring can lead you to finding all sorts of things like new lands, items that can help you in the future, and even find new foresters to recruit into your union! The higher the level you have the more lands you can explore. If you're ready to explore go here and make sure you read all the rules there!
    Occasionally, a quest will pop up for your union to complete. Completing quests can lead you to receiving cool prizes such as new items, exclusive animals, and more! Quests will be active here.
    Role playing is a fun way to interact with other unions and develop your union even more. It is a great chance to get to know your fellow community users better. If you are interested in role playing, click here.

    Zenisiti @ Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:17 am

    Leveling up enables you to do many things like get more animals in your union and access new lands.
    To archive your level, click here.

    Level 0:
    1 founder, no access to exploring
      -Get your founder.
      -Make a name and thread for your union.
      -Write about your union's territory[100 words min.]

    Level 1:
    3 animals, unlocks access to the Elbe Valley
      -Describe your founder's personality[80 words min.]
      -Write or draw a story/scene of your founder meeting it's first union member[150 words min. or 1 art piece]
      -Describe or draw one of your animal's favorite food.[50 words min.]

    Level 2:
    5 animals
      -Write about where your union's name came from[80 words min.]
      -Give one of your animals a personality[100 words min.]
      -Write about how your founder found its territory[120 words min.]

    Level 3:
    7 animals, unlocks access to the Oka Riverside
      -Write or draw a tradition your union has[150 words min. or 1 art piece]
      -Write or draw a danger your union has to face[150 words min. or 1 art piece]
      -Write 100 more words for your founder's personality.

    Level 4:
    9 animals
      -Write or draw about where one of your union members' came from[200 words min. or 1 art piece]
      -Write about your founder's greatest fear and how they might face it[200 words min.]
      -Write or draw a scene of your choice[150 words min. or 1 art piece]

    Level 5:
    12 animals, unlocks access to the Redwood Forest
      -Write about a meeting your union is having discussing a certain issue.[200 words min.]
      -Write or draw one thing your union values[180 words min or 1 art piece]
      -Write or draw a scene of your choice[200 words min. or 1 art piece]

    Level 6+:
    Every level after level 5 you can get 2 additional animals.
      -Give one of your animals(one that you haven't done yet) a personality[150 words min.]
      -Write or draw a scene of your choice[200 words min. or 1 art piece]
      -Draw or order 1 art piece of one of your animals.

    Zenisiti @ Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:24 am

    Here is our amazing staff.


    Staff must read and always abide to these rules!

    Artists are expected to...
    1. Be active and make well-thought out designs.
    2. Make at least 5 adopts a month, no more than 2 a week.
    -Will be removed from the team if inactive without reason.
    3. Must use natural colors and designs on adopts.
    -Example what not to use: neon colors or star patterns
    -Although, designs not seen on the specific animal but is a
    realistic pattern on other animals can be used
    (ex: leopard spots on a deer), used for uncommon+ adopts
    4. Open at least 3 custom slots a month and no more than 8.
    -Politely decline a custom order if unable to complete.
    5. Follow any other rules added.
    Artists may...
    -Make 1 custom upon hire.
    -Make 1 custom per month if active.
    -Make adoptables, event animals, items,
    paid or free customs, or free breedings.
    -Customs: Artist gets paid 50% of what the custom cost the user!
    (e.x. total price 22C$, artist takes 11C$)

    Guest Artists are expected to...
    1. Make at least 3 adoptables during their month as GA.
    -Make ONLY adoptables(no customs,founders, etc.)
    Guest Artists may...
    -Make 1 custom upon

    Moderators are expected to...
    1. Be kind and courteous to everyone.
    2. Answer any and all questions asked by users, nicely.
    Moderators may...
    -Ask for or make
    1 custom upon hire.

    Archivist is expected to...
    1. Update the archive daily, or whenever needed.
    -Will be removed from the team if seen inactive
    without reason.
    2. Must keep track(archive) the following...
    -All animals created(adopts, founders, etc
    Archivist may...
    -Ask for or make
    1 custom upon hire.


    -Want to become an artist or guest artist? Click here.

    Moderators(2/2 slots):
    -If you're interested in being a moderator, PM this form to Zenisiti.
    Code: Select all
    [b][i][size=120]I would like to be a moderator![/size][/i][/b]
    [b]Why do you want to be a mod?[/b]
    [b]Past Experience(if so examples)?[/b]
    [b]Will you be kind and considerate to everyone?[/b]
    [b]Scenario:[/b] [i]A user wants to have a founder made
    for them but doesn't know where to go. Where do you direct them to?[/i]

    Archivist(1/1 slot):
    -If you're interested in being the archivist, PM this form to Zenisiti.
    Code: Select all
    [b][i][size=120]I would like to be the archivist![/size][/i][/b]
    [b]Past Experience(links if you have)?[/b]
    [b]Will you be on and update the archive constantly?[/b]
    [b]I will PM you a lot so please read PMs!: [/b]

    Zenisiti @ Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:26 am

    There are 4 tiers of edits in these adoptables.

    Tier 1(Preset, Common):
    All animals: Facial expression, minor scars
    Deer: Preset antlers(Tall, Tall Cup, Soft, Short, & Regular)
    Fox: Preset Tail, preset fur length(short)
    Rabbit: Preset Tail, preset ears, preset fur length(short)
    Owl: Preset wing length(long)

    Tier 2(Uncommon):
    All Animals: Major scars, pupil edits, unusual animal patterns
    Deer: Custom antlers
    Fox: Custom tails, long fur
    Rabbit: Custom tails, custom ears, long fur
    Owl: Short wings

    Tier 3(Rare):
    All Animals: Heterochromia, albinism, melanism
    Deer: Custom Ears
    Fox: Custom Ears

    Tier 4(Legendary, reserved for special adopts):
    All animals: Lost limb(leg,wing,etc.), pps, uncommon colors

    All items from the shop currently can only be bought with C$. All payments for items must be sent to Zenisiti.

    Breeding Items:
      -Fertility Boost(+1 breeding slot): 15 C$|In Stock
      -The Keeper(guarantees 2 newborns per litter(except rabbits)): 12 C$|In Stock
      -The Keeper 2.0(guarantees 4 newborns per litter(only for rabbits): 20 C$|In Stock
      -Auto-Pass(passes down exact uncommon & under edits down): 10 C$|In Stock
      -Auto-Pass 2.0(passes down exact rare+ edits down): 25 C$|In Stock
      -Time Pass(bypass breeding cooldown for animal): 15 C$|In Stock
      -Time-Lapse(automatically grows your newborns): $20 C$|In Stock

    Edits Items:
      -Unlimited Tier 1 edits for a custom: 5 C$|In Stock
      -Unlimited Tier 2 edits for a custom: 18C$| In Stock
      -One Tier 1 edit(can be added to any forester once purchased): 2C$
      -One Tier 2 edit(can be added to any forester once purchased): 8C$
      -One Tier 3 edit(can be added to any forester once purchased): 20C$

      Custom Ticket: 20C$

    Exploring Items:
      to be added

    Form for buying an item(s). Post here on this thread.
    Code: Select all
    [b][i]I'm buying![/i][/b]
    [b]Item(s) Buying:[/b]
    [b]Proof of Payment:[/b]


    Transfer Rules:
      1. You may only trade/gift animals. NO SELLING!
      2. Both users must be at level 1 in order to transfer animals.
      3. You must own the animal for at least a month before you can transfer it.
      -You CANNOT transfer an animal if you owned it for less than a month.
      4. More rules may be added when seen fit.

    Post the following form if you're transferring an animal.
    Code: Select all
    [b][i]I'm transferring an animal![/i][/b]
    [size=95][list][b]Username: [/b]
    [b]Type of Transfer(trade or gift): [/b]
    [b]Animal being transferred:[/b]
    [b]Animal that is received:[/b]
    [b]Proof of transfer:[/b][/list][/size]

    12 replies not shown, show all

    Welcome everyone to our first official event is coming really soon. It opens on October 1st officially but some parts of the event require sign-ups beforehand so keep your eyes open on here for those!
    This event is going to have a few sections to it, we're going to have mini-games, color me competitions, a special legendary shadow cat, and more fun things!

    As the pages are added I'll be adding an index just below as this is the cover page:

    Sin Tsukino @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:16 am

    Res - just in case

    Feel free to mark the page <3

    MeepMorpLazuli @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:03 am

    mark :> looking forward to working on this!

    GrimmKitty @ Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:48 am


    Hey! Welcome! These are Ikran, in the human world we call them Banshee's. These beautiful creatures come from the world Pandora. A beautiful yet harsh world. There are just a few rules in order to adopt an Ikran of your own.

    - Once a bond is made it cannot be made by anyone else, which means, you can not trade out your Ikran. (not really do what you want)
    - This species is from the movie "Avatar".
    - Have fun!
    - Don't ask for contests, customs, designs, breedings, etc... on this forum. Thats on the Fan Club thread.
    - Don't complain if you haven't gotten one yet. Your time will come.
    - Posting for this thread for a Mark is ok. Advertising for other species is not.
    - Be kind to other contestants and be a good sport.
    - Follow rules
    - stay positive
    - do your best
    - Listen to Moderators
    - All CS rules apply.
    - Don't copy other contestants forums.
    - Dont give up!
    - You may try out for as many as you like!
    - Please dont change the format of the form, so color changes, centering, size changes, etc. Thank You!

    Want to support? Wear this in your SIgnature!
    Code: Select all

    I hope you all enjoy!

    dragons whisper @ Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:01 am

    ENDS November 30th

    Staff Positions

    Mod - Lady Mascaraed
    Fan Club Advisor - Lady Mascaraed
    Artist -
    Part Time Artist -
    Breeding Artist-
    Guest Artist -

    If you want to try out for any of these positions then send me a PM with the form below. (form may be edited as time moves on.)

    Code: Select all
    [b]What position?:[/b]
    [b]How often will you be available?:[/b]
    [b]Examples/Links of what you've done?:[/b]

    dragons whisper @ Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:01 am


    dragons whisper @ Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:29 am

    posting is open :D

    91 replies not shown, show all

    ┌ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┐
    i. main page ii. information and history iii. rules
    iv. breeding v. archive vi. discord vii. FAQ
    viii. custom/MYO ix. artist competition
    x. colors and patterns xi. shop xii. fanclub

    └ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┘
    lineart (c) emberwolf | ownership/concept (c) eleutheromania

    all adopts run on eastern standard time.

    Birthday Gift User Input || Official Birthday Gift List
    ( This will add a tier one custom to your item bank the month of your birthday.)

    eleutheromania @ Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:17 am

    ┌ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┐
    species information

    Senegal zebras are a new subspecies of zebra. these equids are a leggy, taller version of
    the plains zebra. They range in height from 12.3hh to 15.3hh and weight ranges to as large
    as 800lbs with stallions being slightly larger than mares.

    They were first discovered by a large game hunter due to their peculiar difference from
    the normal plains zebra. Senegal zebras come in many colorations seen in domesticated
    horses and do not necessarily have those distinctive stripes the zebra is known for. They
    form harems and are highly social equids, conveying emotion and communication through
    their large ears and varying whinnies and barks. Most do have some sort of striping whether
    it be restricted to their head or a certain portion of their body.

    Their diet mainly consists of grass, though they may eat bark and twigs. This species has
    successfully been domesticated but cannot be ridden. They are highly unpredictable and
    easily stressed in certain situations and are not a reliable source of transportation. They
    have been used to help farmers and pull small carriages.

    Predators of the sengal zebra consist of lions, leopards and most other big cats found in
    the country. They also are a current victim of poaching due to their skin and meat holding
    much value in some villages. It is not uncommon for farmers to use senegal hounds and
    wildlife reservations to use these dogs to help protect the species from illegal poaching.

    SZ's mature at the age of 3. Mares normally have one foal but there is a low percent
    chance of twins. In the wild, it is uncommon for both foals to survive. they usually live
    to 14 years

    └ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┘

    eleutheromania @ Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:18 am

    ┌ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┐
    community rules

    General Rules
    - your CS account must be at least 2 months old.
    - please be kind and respect everyone.
    - you may only win one SZ per day.
    - you must create a harem page. update 3rd Dec 19
    - they have a total of 6 breedings slots, resulting in one foal, possibly two.
    - there is no limit to how many you can own.
    - all owned zebra do not have backgrounds.

    Birthday Gift List
    - You add yourself to the list in the link on the first page.
    - You then will be added to the official list.
    - You will receive a custom on the bank.

    Trade Guidelines
    - you can only trade these zebras for other zebras or for items within the community.
    - there is a two week cool down on a traded zebra to be traded again.
    - the zebra must be at least a week old before trading.
    - both users must post on the adoption thread to verify a trade.
    - once confirmed, user must post an archive update.

    Character Building
    - they can be depicted as anthros or humans etc.
    - any art/writing must be CS appropriate to be shared.

    Coat Colors
    - coat colors are natural/semi-realistic. eye colors can be unnatural.
    -- unnatural colorations are not allowed on customs/myo. they will be seen in milestones.
    - mutations are reserved for milestones, as are heavily scarred SZ.

    Warnings and Bans
    - you will receive three warnings before a ban will be put in place if you are causing issues.
    --- all you zebra will be marked deceased.

    - any further questions can be asked here to update the FAQ.

    staff guidelines
    - artists are allowed one custom per month if they have made at least 3 adopts.
    - permanent staff are allowed to make a self breeding once they have completed
    three breeding orders.
    - staff are allowed to open customs after they have made the required three adopts
    for that month.
    - Staff can stack their staff customs to get a higher tier custom.
    - must number all adopt properly and name the coat color.
    - must be respectful and appropriate when dealing with the community.

    └ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┘

    eleutheromania @ Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:19 am

    ┌ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┐
    community staff

    Archivist: quiche cat

    • emberwolf( ghost if wanted )
    • eleutheromania

    ••• Inactive

    Guest Artists

    • Sheepish
    • peppster


    └ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┘

    Skeleton Form wrote:
    Code: Select all
    [center][size=120][color=#0080BF]┌ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┐[/color][/size]
    [size=85][b][color=#0080BF]i.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]main page[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]ii.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]information and history[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]iii.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]rules[/url][/color]
    [b][color=#0080BF]iv.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]breeding[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]v.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=!Alpiq_FJ4BnCglL0zMXUAl9V6EQC?e=76jgZT]archive[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]vi.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]discord[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]vii.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]FAQ[/url][/color]
    [b][color=#0080BF]viii.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]custom/MYO[/url] [/color] [b][color=#0080BF]ix.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]artist competition[/url][/color]
    [b][color=#0080BF]x.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]colors and patterns[/url][/color] [b][color=#0080BF]xi.[/color][/b] [color=gray][url=]shop[/url][/color][/size]
    [size=120][color=#0080BF]└ ─ ───────────────────────────────────────────── ─ ┘[/color][/size]

    [u]"This zebra is breedable on _____"[/u]
    Contest details. Ends[/center]

    [b]storage thread:[/b] (required to be link)
    [b]zebra name:[/b] [/code]
    [b]height:[/b] 00.0hh

    [b]lineage[/b][/size][size=80][color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SSS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] SS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SSD: Foundation
    Sire: Foundation
    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SDS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] SD: Foundation
    [color=transparent]-------------------------------------------[/color] SDD: Foundation

    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DSS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] DS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DSD: Foundation
    Dam: Foundation
    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DDS: Foundation
    [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] DD: Foundation
    [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DDD: Foundation[/size][/list][/list]

    97 replies not shown, show all

    STYLISH maned paw-cloven lambicorn

    Simply fill the form to adopt this lambie inspired by the night sky!
    The poem can be of your own creation or found online, if it is a found poem remember to CREDIT the orginal artist!

    ⇣⇣⇣ PROMPT ⇣⇣⇣
    ⭐︎ Ends 9/28 ⭐︎
    Code: Select all
    [i][b]I'd like to adopt![/b][/i]
    Poem about the sky:

    FadeV @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:08 am

    I'd like to adopt!
    Username: FadeV
    Name: Jay
    Gender: Female
    Poem about the sky:

    The stars glimmer bright in a black abyss,
    The sky stretches out, glittering and endless.

    The fading dawn paints hues of red,
    Shadows scale the sides of our beds.

    The first bluebird sings a tune,
    As the rising sun drives away the moon.

    The darkness gives way for rays of light,
    A bright blue sky, the bird gives flight.

    Feathers seem one with skies of blue,
    It sings again, bright and true.

    In a nest, there huddles three,
    Small blue skies for the world to see.

    Singing jolly tunes so loud,
    Watching, when among the clouds,

    There comes a chirp in a joyful tone,
    Mother bird is coming home.

    Bright blue skies begin to dull,
    The crickets strike up a song, and then a lull,

    Takes over the creatures of the sea and sky,
    Bowing their heads to say goodbye,

    To the calming day of bright blue sky.

    ((Sat here and wrote it myself!))

    Alpha Snowdust @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:11 am

    I'd like to adopt!
    Username: Alpha Snowdust
    Name: Oria
    Gender: Female
    Poem about the sky:

    "Twinkle like the stars of the city.
    Every single little light that flickers dies out.
    One wing rises above the rest.
    As tired eyes droop and fall,
    fifty thousand stars sparkle in the night sky.
    Bringing dreams of hope and peace and love,
    forging the mind's steel with the flames of light.
    Or bringing nightmares of fear and pain,
    hiding away the worst of fates.
    She brings new promises or horrors to the dreamer in time,
    yet the stars still twinkle... and they still shine.

    might add/change. wrote by myself.

    Modern.Vintage @ Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:22 am

    I'd like to adopt!
    Username: Modern.Vintage
    Name: Eloessa
    Gender: Female
    Poem about the sky: wip

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    This is for future use for my adopts!
    Check it out here!


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