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    Range Trotters are the result of crossbreeding Orlov Trotters, Finnhorses, Welsh Cobs (section C & D) and Hanoverians. Later crosses of Quarter Horses, Paint and Appaloosas to gain color and to give a boost to their hardiness.With a height average of 13-15 hands, they're a hardy breed with characteristics for various disciplines.

    Created for use as work, carriage and leisure riding horses originally, they now serve as long-distance range horses, such as work with Park Rangers and mounted officers.

    Willing and eager personalities, most are quickly trained to be bombproof and therefore trusted mounts in all lines of work; some are being seen in local show jumping competitions, others are notably used in therapeutic sessions for their calm temperaments. Harness races and endurance trials are common for the breed, as they are able to sustain an extended trot without tire. Cross-Country competitions see some of the taller Trotters, but due to their cob lineage this is still uncommon.

    Despite the variety of competitions and work these horses are being seen in, they are still famously skilled as endurance racers. Many competitors have chosen Range Trotters due to their tireless work ethic, as well as the ease in which they can be trained. Many have become champions in endurance trials, and they have quickly become a sought after breed for their natural ability.

    competitions || breedings || imports
    archives || discord || artist search

    Thank you:
    adheline for listing to me complain and think out loud so often. Your help learning genetics, and your no-nonsense setting me straight when I'm baffled or wrong, has been such an asset to me.
    EmberWolf for both the original lines, and the newly minted work you've done! You have always done amazing work, and I greatly appreciate your willingness to fix things up for the new release.
    chemical. for being there to help me through the internal struggles with how to reopen these guys, and finally just telling me to do it. Can't say no to someone who just laughs and says get it done!
    novaks for just being you and letting me vent the frustrations when it came down to choosing a over b and the pros and cons lists weren't settling my mind. Which is always, but you're there to smooth it all over.
    rebel.appy for all your patience and offering to always help even if you were already super busy. Without your kindness I wouldn't be reopening things as smoothly and nicely as it has been.
    Tynahi for supporting me with the previous version and through this one. Always there helping me focus when I forgot about something I said I'd get done.

    Thanks everyone, I love you all! ♥

HowlingHooves @ Sat Dec 19, 2020 7:34 am

    • All CS rules apply, this includes interactions on our discord server.

    • Range Trotters are closed species. You may use them elsewhere, but please link back to the species adopt to give proper credit. Users may not be added to the adopts they have won, customs ordered or breedings created.

    • A storage page must be updated fully in order to request breedings. This includes proper and easy to find links to individual trotters, lineages and slot usage. Sites such as weebly, toy-house, or on-site are acceptable, but deviantart storage is not. There is currently no limit to how many Trotters you may own.

    • V1 trotters may be used in breedings in V2, but cannot be used to compete. They must be named and updated with all necessary information listed above.

    • Line edits are no longer permitted. Items and mane/tail edits are acceptable, but all other edit types are no longer acceptable in the adopt. Any edits made are subject to pass in breedings via the breeding artist requested, they are not a guarantee. Any line edits released will be discussed among the team and done so via an event.

    • Transfers from V1 to V2 are not permitted at this time. This may or may not change.

    • Range Trotters may not be sold for real currency, but can be traded for c$ equal to their rarity tier, other trotters, or breeding rights to other trotters. They may not be taken offsite.

    • All official documentation regarding Range Trotters must be made on-site via PMs with admin and/or archivists. If it is not done so, information is subject to be lost and/or not received by all parties. To avoid confusion, please be sure you are sending PMs to the proper parties! Permissions, questions or comments are the exception and can be made elsewhere.

    • When transferring ownership of Range Trotters, the former owner and the new owner must post on the page stating the transfer has been made. Both users must also message the archivist of the ownership transfer to complete the process. This is to ensure that everyone is receiving their side of a trade and that it is easy to find in the case of archival transfers.

    • In the event of a site ban, all owned trotters are subject to revocation and redistribution among the community. Creating artists are given the option to adopt first, and any others will be readopted put via raffles. All site-banned users are pemitted a grace period of two months before this will be done.

    • Rules are subject to addition, alteration or removal at any given time.

    • All trotters have five breeding slots. V1 trotters may still breed if they have available slots.

    • All horses must be named and have a fully up to date storage in order to breed. A warning will be given to users who abuse this on multiple occasions. This includes V1 trotters, if they are being used for breeding purposes.

    • Foals grow in 14 days from their post date. If a growth has not been posted for 30 days after the growth date, please contact HowlingHooves directly via PM on-site.

    • All community members are permitted two breedings per artist in a single month. This rule is not overridden if one artist does not open slots, you are not granted an extra breeding with another artist.
    ie. User A can request from Artist A, B, C twice per month, for a total of six breedings. If Artist C does not open slots, they do not get two more breedings for other artists.

    • Artists are encouraged to order breedings from others, but may create two personal breedings per month. This follows the rules set for all members stated above.

    • Rules are subject to addition, alteration or removal at any given time.

    • Artists are required to make one adopt per month. This does not include customs or breedings.

    • Artists may make a personal custom once per month. These do not roll over into future months,
    but a previous months custom can be created up until the 4th of each month.

    • Please try to keep genetics correct. If you have questions, don't ever be afraid to ask. Chances are someone else may be
    struggling with the same thing, and it will benefit everyone in the long run. ♥

    • Please try to keep a semi-regular ratio of 4 Uncommons to 1 Rare type. Common to Uncommon ratio isn’t monitored as closely, but rare genes should be made more sporadically than common or uncommon genes.

    None! c:


    None! c:

    Code: Select all
    [size=85][center][quote]Range Trotters are the result of crossbreeding Orlov Trotters, Finnhorses, Welsh Cobs (section C & D) and Hanoverians. Later crosses of Quarter Horses, Paint and Appaloosas to gain color and to give a boost to their hardiness.With a height average of 13-15 hands, they're a hardy breed with characteristics for various disciplines.

    Created for use as work, carriage and leisure riding horses originally, they now serve as long-distance range horses, such as work with Park Rangers and mounted officers.

    Willing and eager personalities, most are quickly trained to be bombproof and therefore trusted mounts in all lines of work; some are being seen in local show jumping competitions, others are notably used in therapeutic sessions for their calm temperaments. Harness races and endurance trials are common for the breed, as they are able to sustain an extended trot without tire. Cross-Country competitions see some of the taller Trotters, but due to their cob lineage this is still uncommon.

    Despite the variety of competitions and work these horses are being seen in, they are still famously skilled as endurance racers. Many competitors have chosen Range Trotters due to their tireless work ethic, as well as the ease in which they can be trained. Many have become champions in endurance trials, and they have quickly become a sought after breed for their natural ability.[/quote][/center]

    info + comp
    [b]End Date:[/b]

    [b]Show Name:[/b]
    [b]Barn Name:[/b]

    [b]Eye Color:[/b] Cucumber
    [b]Phenotype:[/b] Raven Black
    [b]Genotype:[/b] Ee aa

    [b]Show Name:[/b]
    [b]Barn Name:[/b]
    [b]Halter Color:[/b]

HowlingHooves @ Sat Dec 19, 2020 7:34 am


    Unlike other adopt species, ghost staff listed here are a group of members who are not restricted by the adopts per month quota.
    These positions were reserved for individuals who had helped with the creation of the current version of Range Trotters,
    or were offered the position for their assistance current or previous.
    These members are considered full-time benefit artists.
    These positions are not open to other artists or staff on the team.



    Guest Artist
    Guest Artist
    Guest Artist


    want to be affiliates?
    Thanks to ArkinHallow for the stamp! ♥

HowlingHooves @ Sat Dec 19, 2020 7:35 am


    Species Markings:
    Irish Tobiano - Ito_ (Uncommon)
    Van Splash - Vspl_ (Uncommon)

    Trotters stand between 11.3 - 16.2 hands, with an average being 13 - 15 hands.
    There is no height dimorphism between genders.

    Halter Information
    The halters used with owned Trotters are completely made up of cloth! They do not have metal rings or clips. The design was based off of this style of showing halter, with a few modifications here or there. Halters associated with Range Trotters do not have metal pieces, so if requesting one with an adopt it will remain the base color you have chosen.

    If you purchase an edited halter from an accepting artist with an import you may choose to design your halter however you wish. The halter does not bar any Trotter from competition participation.

    Line edits are no longer permitted, even with customs.
    Items and mane/tail edits are acceptable, however.
    There may be special release edited adopts made by artists at special times of the year, but they may not be reserved for any specific individual(s) to be fair to all community members.
    Artists should be fairly compensated for any edits made to customs. If they charge a set fee, please abide by this!

    Chimerism Information
    A chimeric horse is the result of two embryos fusing while in utero, and gives a horse two separate base coats. Markings will show over both coats of a chimeric horse, but dilutions will be restricted to the individual coats seen on the horse.
    With Range Trotters chimeric types can only be seen with breedings, and can be either a full coat type or a brindle-type chimeric. Users requesting the breeding do not have any say in which will occur, the artist can choose or roll which type in the case of twin positive offspring.
    Artists are free to design chimeric types however they are comfortable, however! If they so choose to have each specific coat hold markings, that is their prerogative. This will not be treated as any different than another chimeric type. ♥

    Artist Breeding Guidelines;
    Roll for twins - 7%
    >> If positive, roll for chimeric - 5%
    >>> Twins fuse, one foal made
    If negative, roll for chimeric - 5%.
    >> Roll for somatic mutation, or Mismark if Appaloosa - 5% (all breedings)
    Non-genome types have a roll rate.
    > Common (50%)
    > Uncommon (25%)
    > Rare (10%)
    > Limited (5%)
    Heterochromia has a chance of occurring in every breeding - 3%
    >> Colors can ONLY be between both parents. (Blue and Orange parents, Blue/Orange eyes.)
    >> It is not passable from parent to offspring.

    KIT genes are not in effect! Horses can have multiple forms of white associated with KIT.
    Edits are not rolled passable; the artist may choose to add them or not.
    Item edits, including hair dye, are never passable. Event releases are no exception.

    Somatic Mutation Types
    Bloody Shoulders
    Calico Tobiano (Palomino only!)
    Mismarked Appaloosa
    Usual Somatic marks

    Non-Genome types
    Birdcatcher Spots
    Grease Spots
    Watermark Greys
    Brindle/Reverse Brindle
    Somatic Mutations

    Unseen Genes
    Chubari Spots

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Join the Discord server!


• do not claim my art as your own
• always give credit to me (and whoever designed the Seamallow); my TH is Anouki
• do not take Seamallows that are not yours
• you may use the images on CS and other websites
• do not sell your Seamallows, however you may gift them away
• please be patient when ordering customs
• only adopt one seamallow at a time
• free adopts are first come first serve



This is a Seamallow, a happy go lucky, friendly seal. They absolutely love sweets, especially marshmallows! When they don't eat they usually spend their time sleeping, as well as cuddling with other Seamallows. It is said that being close to a Seamallow will bring good luck.

They have very short fur that feels like velvet and keeps them dry when they go for a dive.
Hugging a Seamallow will overcome the person with immediate happiness!

Feed them: Marshmallows, gummy candy, soda
Take care of them: brushing, showering, cuddling, playing

How to get a Seamallow

Regular batches will be released for free, first come first serve.
There will also be Seamallows that can be won via raffles and auctions, as well as the possibility to get customs.

If you would like to support Seamallows and show others you like them, you can put this stamp in your signature!
Just copy the code below, the stamp will link back to this thread for others to discover Seamallows as well.


Code: Select all


Mod appliactions CLOSED

I am looking for a mod to help me out with the thread!
Your main task will be to take care of Gachapon tickets. It's easiest to compile the posts on a desktop PC, not on mobile, so it would be best if you got access to a PC.
Ideally there should be one post a day to answer all Gacha tickets; don't worry, if you can't post every day I'll of course help out too.
Answering all daily tickets usually takes me around half an hour. There are lots of numbers and some simple calculations involved, so you should be okay to work with numbers!
You will receive payment in the form of marshmallows, custom tickets and wl pets + C$.

Fill out this from to apply:

Code: Select all
[b]Why you'd like to be a mod?[/b]
[b]How active are you on CS (are you active daily, etc)[/b]


Anouki @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:26 pm



Marshmallows are the currency used in the world of Seamallows.
To fill up your marshmallow count send a trade to me, I'll then add your marshmallow balance.

Following pets give these amounts of marshmallows:


NEW: Wishlist pets will get you the DOUBLE amount of marshmallows!

Marshmallow Balance

lordbunnir - 443 marshmallows
sad magic - 4 marshmallows
meodencon01 - 63 marshmallows
rosy, - 12 marshmallows
Sin Tsukino - 276 marshmallows
FadeV - 675 marshmallows
Vinbeee - 50 marshmallows
♡Beach♡ - 4 marshmallows
Vertu - 8 marshmallows
certified - 319 marshmallows
Panda-Love-100 - 221 marshmallows
glitchedpoison - 50 marshmallows
sleepyspaniel - 168 marshmallows
honeycreeper - 308 marshmallows
Belphie - 18 marshmallows
₊˚ʚ꒷ ₊˚Mallow₊˚ ‧₊ - 46 marshmallows
Saeli - 156 marshmallows
credit - 76 marshmallows
Desmond - 200 marshmallows
BadgerBuddies - 147 marshmallows
nome senpai - 793 marshmallows
quirky; - 30 marshmallows
WilsonHiggsbury - 166 marshmallows
~aSilentMirage~ - 147 marshmallows
~Wisher349~ - 141 marshmallows
TacoTabby - 528 marshmallows
Southern sweetie - 105 marshmallows
ԏєѧѻӆғוѓԑ - 17 marshmallows
KestrelTheFirecat - 130 marshmallows
Niragi - 486 marshmallows
blek - 804 marshmallows
- alice - - 1829 marshmallows
lady gaga - 597 marshmallows
Phyris - 113 marshmallows

bunnii.x - 203 marshmallows
endermiss - 510 marshmallows
Frisco - 307 marshmallows
starpups16 - 646 marshmallows
Chipp - 15 marshmallows
JayyVonValentine - 142 marshmallow
ポンポン - 206 marshmallows
Pufferheart - 202 marshmallows
AestheticNature - 39 marshmallows
Young and Beautiful - 248 marshmallows
Whale725 - 422 marshmallows
ayato - 705 marshmallows
obsidian - 445 marshmallows
windsor - 26 marshmallows
DrMoneyBags - 655 marshmallows
s-smolbean - 295 marshmallows
GalaxySav - 380 marshmallows
brooding tulip. - 100 marshmallows
delph / smelly - 1141 marshmallows
HypeFilms - 18 marshmallows
This random person - 103 marshmallows
Blackiie - 209 marshmallows
egg. - 393 marshmallows
Lieat - 309 marshmallows
Not Wright - 221 marshmallows
Winchesters & Co. - 432 marshmallows
birb. - 102 marshmallows
Beathedummy - 183 marshmallos
savor_the_moment - 92 marshmallows
RainbowUnicornGirl - 51 marshmallows
Junée - 94 marshmallows
Chortanator - 105 marshmallows.

Please let me know if your username changed!

item inventory (can be transformed into marshmallows)


Frisco - 1x Autumn Scenery, 1x Black Butterfly Wings, 1x Honeydrip, 1x Teal Butterfly Wings
starpups16 - 1x Teal Butterfly Wings
JayyVonValentine - 1x Purple Butterfly Wings
Young and Beautiful - 1x Honeydrip, 1x black witch hat, 1x Purple Butterfly Wings
Pufferheart - 1x Autumn Scenery, 1x Butterfly Wings Black, 1x Red Moon Antlers
obsidian - 1x Autumn Scenery, 1x Spooky Gentleman Set, 1x Honeydrip
DrMoneyBags - 1x Autumn Scenery
Whale725 - 1x Autumn Scenery, 1x Black Witch Hat, 1x Honeydrip
blek - 1x Honeydrip
GalaxySav - 1x Spooky Gentleman Set
DrMoneybags - 1x Spooky Gentleman Set
endermiss - 1x black witch hat, 1x Red Moon Antlers
smelly / delph - 1x Spooky Gentleman Set, 1x Red Moon Antlers, 1x Black Witch Hat
egg. - 1x Red Moon Antlers
This random person - 1x Black witch hat
lady gaga - 1x black witch hat
bloodluna785 - 1x big red mushroom hat
s-smolbean - 1x Honeydrip
Lieat - 1x Butterfly Wings Black


Anouki @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:26 pm




Welcome to the Gachapon Gamecenter!
Here you can get yourself more marshmallows,
special Seamallows and even a custom Seamallow
You may play once every 24 hours.

Playing the Gachapon once costs 50 marshmallows.


Marshmallows: 87%
Random special Seamallow: 10%
Custom Seamallow: 3%

To play the Gachapon, fill out this form:

Code: Select all
I want to play the Gachapon!


Anouki @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:26 pm



Would you like to get a custom Seamallow?

Customs: closed

Custom slots
1 - done
2 - done
3 - done
4 - Desmond ticket
5 - nome senpai ticket
6 - Beach ticket


one common, regular Seamallow (base colored in, no line edits) - 50 marshmallows

one edited Seamallow (base colored in, with line edits) - 100 marshmallows

one complete custom Seamallow (no base used, custom drawing) - 400 marshmallows

To order a custom, please fill out this form:

Code: Select all
Which type of custom?
Colors you want me to use - leave blank for a surprise
Theme (for example: galaxy or nature) - leave blank for a surprise

To do list

- special gacha seamallow for FadeV
- special gacha seamallow for Niragi
- special gacha seamallow for meodencon01
- custom gacha seamallow for BadgerBuddies
- special gacha seamallow for Sin Tsukino
- special gacha seamallow for Desmond
- special gacha seamallow for TacoTabby


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String cats based on this drawing by blood-moon
by blood-moon @ Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:42 pm [Reply]


what are string cats?
string cats are a kind of living puppet. they have taken the shape of cats in attempt to brake away from there strings. All strong cats jump at the chance of family making this species a raffle.

lines where made by SorakaHeals

blood-moon @ Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:43 pm


the only rules right now are not removing SorakaHeals's signature

blood-moon @ Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:43 pm


i am looking for artists

the staff are myself, SorakaHeals, Pastel Flygon

blood-moon @ Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:43 pm


common: no edits, less fluff
uncommon: string beads, no claws.
rare: second tail. ripped string.
very rare: wings (not added to the lines) no stitches on mouth

Most string cats do not have natural colors. The colors are from their original forms. Very few have changed color to be more realist

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      see, before i started putting sm energy into fisunds i worked on these guys
      n i mean i put too much work into em to not do something w them.. soooo
      here we go 🤡

      wip please do not post

[ Main ThreadArchiveFrequently Asked QuestionsNursery • Explore • Artist SearchStaff ]

Welcome to the world! This is where you can explore, interact with predators, get
in border skirmishes, catch prey, and even discover rare items. All you have to do
to gain experience, level up, and develop your clan is use the form provided below.
If you have any questions, please refer to the main thread where it has laid out all
the information you might need. You will be assigned a writer upon making your first
explore post and they will reply to you from then on! To apply to be a writer, pm me
or frostea.

1. no begging, outcomes are random based off a random number generator.
2. please wait to post another explore form until your the one before it has
been answered
3. if you have an problems/questions, please contact the owners
Code: Select all
[left][url=ArchiveLink][size=150]Clan Name[/size][/url]
[size=85]It is not necessary to write to be responded to. However, the more you write, the more experience you earn. You may also pretty this up if you'd like, or change the coding, however, make sure everything that is originally on here remains on here c:
[center][ # words ][/center]

[left][quote][size=90][b]--cats on patrol[/b][/size]
[size=80][url=AdoptPg]Name[/url] | HP 100% | HUP 0% | Sick: Y/N[/size][/quote][/left][left][quote][size=90][b]--level 0[/b][/size]
[size=80]experience: 0[/size][/quote][/left]

[size=80]prey | 1 FP | x0
prey | 2 FP | x0
prey | 2 FP | x0
prey | 3 FP | x0
prey | 3 FP | x0
prey | 4 FP | x0

herb | usage | x0
herb | usage | x0
herb | usage | x0[/size][/quote][/left][left][quote][size=90][b]--items in inventory used[/b][/size]
[size=80] Any items used this post (or eaten)
ex. food, herbs, explore items[/size][/quote][quote][size=90][b]--predators:[/b]
predator #1
predator #2
predator #3
predator #4[/size][/quote][/left]

Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 2:10 pm


Cinxer wrote:This is a reminder for all! Please read
It has come to the attention of us writers that there may be some confusion about how hunger works and i may have attributed to this confusion so i apologize. 10%hunger points are supposed to be given to each cat on the patrol. It may not be split up between cats to equal 10% for example is 2 cats are sent out their hunger should each gain 10% not 5% between the two cats.

Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 2:12 pm

    Thank you, again, to clarke, for the coding!
    Feel free to begin posting <3

Joke's On You @ Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:49 am

Court of the Orchid

+20XP for 278 words written.
+10XP for patrol sent.
+0% hunger gained (1 more free post).

No food was discovered as Kiri progressed through his journey. Darn...

With Kiri fresh on the scent of the rogue, he hoped he would be able to handle what was lying ahead of him. His heart was racing as the rogue was right there in his sights. Then suddenly, the rogue perked up its ears, looked around for a second, then dashed off. Kiri attempted to chase after him but was not successful. He lost the rogue and its scent.

With disappointment lingering in the air with the lack of food besides the scraps from earlier and the rogue running off, Kiri didn't expect to find anything else. However, as he walked on, he found some herbs! Maybe things were starting to turn around after all! +1 Catmint, +1 Catchweed, +1 Feverfew, +1 Hawkweed, +4XP


+34 XP | +0% HUP | +1 Catmint, +1 Catchweed, +1 Feverfew, +1 Hawkweed | Level 0 (73/100)


+5XP for 0 words written.
+10XP for patrol sent.
+10% hunger gained each.

Even with there being three cats, none of them were able to find any signs of food.

The three cats managed to catch sight of a weird item in the snow. As they dug it up, they realized that it must be a gift from Starclan! They took the item, deciding to figure out what its use is at a later time. +1 Forever young (apprentice lineart forever), +1XP

Working together, the three cats were able to find some herbs to take with them as well! +1 Hawkweed, +1 Mint, +1 Willow Bark, +3XP


+19XP | +10% HUP | +1 Forever young (apprentice lineart forever) | +1 Hawkweed, +1 Mint, +1 Willow Bark | Level 3 (63/100)

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    Technicats are the next step in pet ownership; both a biological and technological marvel, these pets are quickly stealing the hearts of the nation and becoming one of the most popular pets of all time. Their body looks like that of a standard household cat, while their head is a screen. All of the wiring and machine parts are hidden from view, and they're so lifelike you won't believe that they're not a real cat. Still soft, warm, and eager for a cuddle, while being so much more durable and lasting for years - what's not to love?

    We've included a list of a Technicat's best and unique features, which include;

    • Screen Head: easily their most identifiable feature, Technicat's do not posses the head of a regular cat, but instead a hardy screen. Most come in a standard shape and size, though a rare few do come with a customized screen head shape. These screens come in three types; blank, simple, and expressive. Blank screens are exactly as told; blank. Simple screens have some sort of icon or symbol. Expressive screens are a little harder to come by, but they do give your Technicat a bit more personality. With an expressive screen a Technicat can, as you'd expect, show different kinds of expression depending on their emotions. This makes it much easier to know how they're feeling. The screens themselves either have a glossy finish or a static overlay, the latter of which is also shown on their paw pads.

    • Static Whiskers: surely you know we couldn't make a cat without whiskers - and these ones are a lot more fun! they're made of static energy, which manifests itself into the shape of feline whiskers of many different shapes and lengths. most of the time these are harmless, and tickle if you brush against them. be warned; an aggravated Technicat may just use them to give you a shock.

    • Two Tail Variations: both have their pros and cons, so choose wisely! Technicat's who have 'biological' cat tails - that is, to say, a tail that resembles that of an actual cat - are solar powered, and soak up the sun through their fur. They cannot, however, be plugged in to charge, so may be more sleepy on cloudy days to conserve energy. Technicat's with socket tails can be plugged in to charge up - plug them in, and after a good sleep, they'll be ready to go! They are not, however, solar powered. This means that if your power goes out and your Technicat runs out of charge, they will fall asleep until you are able to plug them in again.

    More information on traits and their rarities can be found further below.

SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:22 pm

    Well now, you can't own a Technicat without reading the user manual, can you? Make sure you have a good look at the rules below so that we can be sure that you're ready to become a Technicat owner. Careful - we don't take to rule breakers too kindly!

    • Technicats are a closed species, and you cannot make your own without permission

    • You can own a limitless amount of Technicats

    • Do not remove the sig; you must give appropriate credit, and link back to here if taken offsite

    • Please do not bump adopt pages (unless you are the artist)

    • Some Technicats will be free (raffles, prompts,etc) and some will also be available for payment (c$, pets, da points, money) as auctions or with set prices. Offsite currency payments will be discussed offsite (da, th, or discord)

    • You cannot resell your Technicats (for any kind of currency, no matter what currency you paid); there will also be no refunds. You can trade within the species using the appropriate forms. If you wish to leave the species but keep the characters you own, you are free to transfer them out of the species to different lines as long as you still give appropriate credit for the original design (but keep no lore from the species)

    • Do not bid / AB if you cannot pay/afford the price; you will have 24 hours to pay (contact the artist if you need another day to pay, but 48 hours is the max amount of time to send payment)

    • No mini-modding

    • No whining, begging, bullying, or intolerance of any kind; you get three strikes before being banned (or an instant ban will be dealt out in extreme cases)

    • If you are banned, any Technicats you own will no longer be counted within this species. You have the option to; move them off of these lines, or relinquish ownership (they will readopted out into the species community). You must still credit the artist for the original design of the character if you keep them, but other than that, they must have no ties to this species

    • You cannot edit your form once its been posted (excluding prompt posts); any edited forms won't be counted

    • You cannot edit your Technicat in any way without an item (and getting approval)

    • Technicats cannot be based on already-made characters (oc's, franchise characters, etc)

SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:22 pm

    If you're looking into becoming a Technicat creator, be sure to read over these guidelines before applying to the artist search!

    • Do not create your own separate adoptions/species with this design

    • Guest artists will need to create at least 3 Technicats adopts a month, and will be granted with one Rare MYO

    • If you become a permanent artist you will need to continue making 3 adopts a month, and will be rewarded monthly with one Rare MYO

    • You may be removed as an artist if you fail to comply with these rules, or if you break any of the above

    • Following CS rules, if you sell a Technicat for offsite currency, please discuss payment offsite

    • Static must be at least 15% opacity

SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:23 pm

    • whisker shape
    • accessories
    • weight
    • claws (short)

    • no edits
    • blank screen

    • simple screen
    • minor fur edit
    • tail edit (biological or plug)

    • expressive screen
    • major fur edit
    • ear edit

    • customized screen shape
    • extra limbs (max 6)
    • missing limbs (max 2)
    • extra tails (max 3, biological and/or plug)

    • wings (either non-functional or only capable of short-distance flight/gliding)
    • exposed mechanical parts (up to 50% of the body)
    • glowing markings

    Below you'll find a few handy diagrams, to help further clarify some traits.



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Lines by Emberwolf

Species: Open!
Breedings are Open

Our Discord:

Off Thread Navigation:

Game Navigation:

Competition | Adventure | Taming | Riding Lessons

Main Thread Navigation:


- opened! A new Beginning moving to Oekaki officially now ^^
- Everything stays the same, just that adopts will now be made on oekaki ^^
- Khimaira color chart:
I don't know how, but I lost the updated color chart... I spended hours to redo it, so I don't think I will redo it again... u.û sorry
* Difference for Khimaira Friesians:
- Khimaira Friesians have dominant Pearl: PrlPrl/Prlprl
- Khimaira Friesians don't have Kit genetic: Tt, Sbsb, Ww, Rr
- Manchado and Mushroom are mutations (% passing)
- They use the old leopard complex knowledge (Pattern 2 for small and Pattern 1 for large pattern)


None so far


None so far

What are Khimaira Friesians?:

Khimaira Friesians are a "normal" friesian breed with all characteristics of a friesian and a average height from 15 to 17 hands, but even 18 hands can occur. The first born Khimaira was mistaked for a chimera horse. But a genetic test showed otherwise, there wasn't a second DNA but a complete new and unknown gen. Because this gen makes the friesian look like a chimera it was named khimaira. khimaira doesn't produce a complete new dna coat and therefor it can only lighten or darken the base coat of the horse. Till now only the paint khimaira is known that makes the khimaira coloration looks like tobiano, overo, sabino or splash. But we believe that there will be more khimaira variations out there and we still try to breed them. Appaloosas are not known till now, but we have some great friesian mixed horses with appaloosa patterns, so we are sure to deliver them to you in a short amount of time.

Changes in A new Beginning:

Khimaira-Friesians - A new Beginning is more like a rpg, simulator game. The focus is on playing the game, getting better horses, better foals, bigger barns and more. So that you can win and archive unique horses, rare species and even more to come.
Because it has a different set-up than other adoptables, most of the markings you see are pre-made and not unique, but you can still get more individual horses when you combine markings.


For Customer:

- Taking actions over my head without contacting me or my future mods in any possible way will end in an instant strike and 1 week ban from the adopt. complaints from a striked person will end in instant permanent ban and all your horses will be taken away and you can never come back again
- No Begging
- No Spamming
- No Stealing
- All Tess and Ember Rules
- Adoption Limit: unlimited
- How to move around on AnB: Go to: How to start!
- To adopt a Friesian you only need to fill out the form under each horse
- Horses you want to sell or buy: Adoptables and Horse Shop
- How can I activare an Horse from the 1.0 Khimaira? Go to this place: Old Khimaira Activation Center
- If you want to breed your horses, go there: Breeding Center
- Barns and Horses will be managed through you, but the Main Page of those will be overlooked from me
- Please follow the Rules of the different Threads when you play in them!
- all artists beside myself are only helping out, so they aren't forced to do a fixed amount of adoptables in a week or such things, so you are not allowed to rush them in any way! if an artist is slow on a breeding you are free to pm them if they still want to do it (but only after at least 2 weeks)
- i don't want to see rushing or impatience in overall!
- Customs will be made with horse certificates
- i judge fair and square! as long as i don't have a non friesian owner adopt, all participants will still have the same chance in winning, no matter how many horses they already got or how many they already won!
- there will be no finals anymore in the judgment, but you still need to make forms with high quality
- These points raise your chance to be choosed as winner in picture searchs:
    big picture in good quality
    ☯ rare or beautiful designs of the task
    ☯ unique position or movement
    ☯ Pictures with feelings or charisma, that touchs you in some way
    ☯ Picture with focus on the task

For Artists:

Currently not looking for Artists on the New Beginning, but all Artists on the 1.0 Khims can still do those

Friesian coloration and rarity:

Friesian coloration

Khimaira friesians are not restricted to the black base coat, they can have all base coat colorations, but some have a higher rarity then others. but all colors have one in common, they often show a darker dilution. so if you see a friesian with a lighter dilution it often seems to have at least 1 pearl gen. Friesians don't have facial or leg markings, the same goes for khimaira friesians.

Coat Randomizer

Rarity Order:
Wild Horses will often have a lower Rarity of Very common - Uncommon
Shop horses often have higher rarity Common - Very Rare
Very Rare horses can be Wild Horses, Winning prices or Shop Horses

NeriHyuga @ Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:08 am

Color Chart:


Coat Color Chart:

Base Color:
- Very common
Chestnut (ee/Aa)| Black (Ee/aa) | Bay (Ee/Aa)| Brown (Ee/Ata)
dominant Pearl Gen: (Prlprl)
- very common
Chestnut Pearl | Black Pearl | Bay Pearl | Brown Pearl
double dominant Pearl gen: (PrlPrl)
- Common
Chestnut double Pearl | Black double pearl | Bay double pearl |Brown double pearl
Cream Gen: (Crcr)
- Common
Palomino | Smoky Black | Buckskin | Seal brown Buckskin
Double Cream Gen: (CrCr)
- Common
Cremello | Smoky Cream | Perlino | Brown Perlino
Dun Gen: (Dd)
- Common
Red dun | grullo | Bay dun | grulla
Silver Gen: (Zz)
- Common
chestnut silver carrier (not shown on horse but can pass the silver gen to foals) | Classic silver | Red Silver | Blue Silver
Champagne Gen: (Chch)
- Common
Golden Champagne | Classic Champagne | Amber Champagne | Sable Champagne
Two mixed gens:
- common
Base color + 1 gen + 1 gen (example Black + dun + cream)
Three mixed gens:
- uncommon
Base color + 1 gen + 1 gen + 1 gen [example: Black + dun + cream + silver)


Very common (non genetic: 60%):
khimairaless | Khimaira tobiano (Ktkt) | khimaira claw markings (Kclkcl) | Khimaira Rabicano (%)
Common (non genetic: 50%):
Common paint: tobiano, splash, overo, sabino (Tt, Splspl, Oo, Sbsb) | Khimaira Overo (Koko) | Khimaira Splash (Ksplkspl)| Dark Dapples (%) | Light dapples (%) | paint claw markings (Clcl) | paint fire (Pfpf)
Uncommon (non genetic: 40%):
Roan (Rr) | Grey (Gg) | Rabicano (Rbrb) | Sooty (Stysty)| Pangare (Papa) | Flaxen (Ff, ff) | Khimaira Cloud (Kckc)| Spots (%) | Cobweb (%) | Any normal Appaloosa (Lplp + Patn1 or 2 or none)| Khimaira Sabino (Ksbksb)| Khimaira appaloosa patternless (Klpklp)| Khimaira appaloosa pattern 2 (Klpklp + Patn2) | Paint Cloud (Cc) | Mushroom (%) | khimaira fire (%) | Khimaira Cobweb (%) | Mutation (MuMu)
Rare (non genetic: 30%):
khimaira fog (Kfkf) | manchado (%) | brindle (%) | reverse/white brindle (%)| dominant white (Ww)| khimaira appaloosa patn1 (Klpklp + Patn1)
Very rare (non genetic: 20%):
chimera (%) | khimaira manchado (%) | paint fog (%)
Special Very rare (not passable unless you own an item for the foal):
all reverse markings (except reverse brindle) | colored Paint markings | Ghost and shadow markings, both paint and khim | Khimaira fantasy | Irregular markings
Demon and Unicorn:
- can't pass anymore, they are something special on the 2.0 khims
Kiruan Markings:
- all Kiruan markings on normal friesians have a 30% to pass and can pass on limitless

NeriHyuga @ Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:08 am







Main Artist:


Main Side Moderator:

Fanclub Moderator:

Archive Moderator:

Adoption Moderator:

Streaming Moderator:

NeriHyuga @ Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:09 am



Currently no Stamps for the New Beginning



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Edda Icelandics based on this drawing by Arkinhallow
by Arkinhallow @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:12 pm [Reply]

| adopts | artist search | archive | nursery | discord |

Edda Icelandics are an ancient variant of the modern icelandic breed. They have been bred secretively for thousands of years, knowledge of their existence carefully guarded against outsiders. They are thought to have originated some time in the 7th century. The breed is said to be the progeny of Hrímfaxi and Skinfaxi, the horses of night and day in norse mythology. Superstitions still exist among breeders of Edda Icelandics suggesting that these mythical horses still walk among us, and tales of foals being born with the mythical traits of their forebears are still told to this day.


Current News


    Be respectful to staff and community members.
    There is no limit to the amount of Eddas you may own.
    Eddas cannot be sold for real currency. They can be gifted or traded for other adoptable characters, virtual website currency, art, pets etc.
    If you are selling/gifting a horse, both the new and old owners must post on the horse's page confirming the transfer. Additionally, the new owner should contact the archivist to inform them of the change.
    Eddas are a closed species so you cannot create you own. Editing a design you own is also not permitted.
    Eddas cannot be taken off-site except for storage (e.g. on weebly or th)
    Banned users can transfer their adopts out of the breed to new lines or have their adopts readopted. Especially bad offenders may not have the choice to transfer their designs - this will be decided by staff consensus.
    An updated stable is required to breed. Offspring must be linked in your stable. The original adopt page should preferably also be linked.
    All Eddas have 5 slots. Mythical Eddas have 3.
    Inbreeding is not allowed. Accidental inbreeding will result in a sterile foal.
    Foals cannot be bred until 2 weeks from their post date.
    Breeding with another user's horse requires permission.
    There are no requirements for activity.
    Line edits are allowed; please refer to the trait rarities to judge how rare the edits are.
    There are no ratios for rarities (e.g 6 standard adopts to 3 uncommon adopts etc), but naturally most adopts should be standard rarity, and higher rarity adopts should be less frequently seen. Mythical adopts should be run by me (Arkinhallow) before making/posting, but you are free to make them whenever.
    Staff can make customs with standard, uncommon or rare traits every month, including the month of hiring. Staff can make one custom with mythical traits when a) three months have passed and b) minimum 10 adopts have been made. Rollover for customs is on the 1st of each month.
    Staff need to run their mythical customs by me before posting.


    ────Trait Rarities
    no line edits; scars; natural eye colours
    extensive feathering; beard; face shape edits; partial or full heterochromia; muted unnatural eye colours
    chimerism; brindle; somatic mut.; fluffy body; alternate mane/tail styles; unnatural marking shapes
    glowing eyes; horns or antlers; custom apparel; major body edits e.g. unicorn tail; neon/bright unnatural eye colours

    ────Colour Guide
    black; chestnut; agouti (bay, seal, wild); grey; cream; dun; roan; silver; champagne; sooty; pangare; roan; flaxen; pearl; mushroom; appaloosa and patn; tobiano; overo; splash; sabino; manchado; dominant white

    ────Breed Features
    12.0-15.0hh, average of 13.2hh
    Breeding slots
    Eddas have 5 breeding slots. Mythical rarity horses have 3.

Arkinhallow @ Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:14 pm





Arkinhallow @ Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:14 pm

────Form for Artists

Code: Select all
[b]Eye Colour:[/b]
[b]Rarity:[/b] Rarity here (edits here)

Comp info

[b]Halter Colour:[/b][/code]

[b]End date[/b][/size][/center]

Arkinhallow @ Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:15 pm

now open for posting c:

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GSD #7: Closed based on this drawing by . branded .
by Kryptidz @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:20 pm [Reply]

finally got another adopt out! Ive hopefully got a few others thatll be ready to adopt soon so keep an eye for those as well, Im hoping to be a bit more regular with getting them out (fingers crossed). Raffling off as usual so just post to enter

Fur edit, fungus edit
Common: Ear edit, tail edit

Now closed! Congrats cypheriius!

cypheriius @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:30 pm

Entering!! I love the mushroom edit omg

PixieStoryteller @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:33 pm

So cool! ^^ Definitely entering please! ^^

Prince Audric @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:06 pm


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Species by toy20243 - Lines by birdio - Banner by Chaotic_Affection
Main Page | Nursery | Artist Search | Discord

Welcome to the Tiny Tails Rattery,
a friendly place where we see through rats bad rep to the cuddle bugs they are!
Stick around to adopt and breed your own!

This is a closed species, but it's pretty open and easy. We only have a few rules to keep things running, so please be sure to check them out and follow them.


      Griffin Torrens
      Griffin Torrens
      Brain Dead
    Guest Artists
      100% A Cat

• Guest artists may make themselves a custom at the end of the month if they have met the required adopts!
• Artists may make themselves a custom every month if they make 4+ adopts

    • Open!
    • Discord Server Up!

Form for adopts;
Code: Select all


[b]Prompt:[/b] [/code]

[center][b]Ends: X[/b][/center]


By geck0

Griffin Torrens @ Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:00 am

Rules may be added/altered as we see fit.


    • All CS rules apply. No hate, harassment or other unkindness will be tolerated
    • It is a closed species! You know the drill.
    • To own multiple rats, you must have a storage thread! DM the link to rainbowspongefactory.
    • Please keep these guys on CS. For off-site storage, make sure proper credit is given/linked back.
    • TTRs cannot be sold for more than you got them for, and never for real currency.
    • To change ownership, you must both post on their adoption thread.
    • If we feel it's necessary, you may be ban from the species, but can keep your rats.
    • We withhold the right to reclaim rats in extreme cases (Unlikely)


Guest Artist Rules

    • You will be hired for a month, and are asked to make a minimum of 4 adopts
    • Use the form under the main page (above) for adopts!
    • Check the last adopt for what number yours will be!
    • Every 50 and 100 will be special. Stop when you get there, we will decide which staff is doing them.

    • Designs must be of a high, natural standard. It doesn't have to be genetically correct for rats, but must feel natural (eg. No pink ones with hearts all over it. DM me if you're not sure on a design)
    • Check with me if you are unsure of a design before posting
    • You may not do breedings or customs
    • In the last week, you may be asked if you would like to stay on as a full time artist.

Artist Rules

    • You're asked to make at least 2 adopts a month, but we understand if you're busy!
    • If you're inactive/silent for more than a month, you may be removed. (DM me if you need)
    • Check the last adopt for what number yours will be!
    • Use the form under the main page (above) for adopts! (Two under nursery page too)
    • Every 50 and 100 will be special. Stop when you get there, we will decide which staff is doing them.

    • Designs must be of a high, natural standard. It doesn't have to be genetically correct for rats, but must feel natural (eg. No pink ones with hearts all over it. DM me if you're not sure on a design)
    • You're welcome to make line edits, but please ask for approval first.
    • When accepting a breeding, please quickly check they aren't related
    • For a breeding, you must design the adult and pups at the same time. After a week, post the growths.

Griffin Torrens @ Sun Sep 27, 2020 3:00 am


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Valdiac Warmbloods based on this drawing by RangerTheCowPony
by Berenice. @ Mon Jan 25, 2021 1:59 am [Reply]

Main | Archive | Breeding | Fanclub & Discussion | Artist Search | Staff Corner | Sales Arena | Rehoming Barn | Imports | Studs & Broods

The Valdiac Warmbloods were first bred in England and there are 3 main breeds that can be traced that make up these
Warmbloods. These include the Oldenburg, Trakehner and the well known Dutch Warmblood. Originally, Valdiac Warmbloods were bred to show purely in Dressage and Show Jumping due to their powerful jumping ability and precise movements. In recent decades, these Warmbloods have been introduced to a number of different disciplines and riding styles, most notably areas of Western riding. Their numbers are still quite low as they are considered a relatively new breed and the distribution of them across the world is slowly increasing. However, the majority of these Warmbloods are primarily seen in



• Follow all CS rules.
• This is a closed species and must be kept onsite. They can be stored offsite, but must not be used for any other reasons across different websites.
• Users are not be added to their horse's official reference.
• You must have a fully updated storage in order to breed your Valdiac Warmbloods, as well as to request imports and adopt from the rehoming barn.
• You must not sell these warmbloods for real currency. They can only be sold for currencies across different games and websites.
• Line edits are not permitted. Add ons such as flowers, animals and extra tack are allowed.

New - 7/2/2021 The breeding limit has been moved up to 2. You can now request 2 breedings per month.
30/1/2021 - Stud and brood page added and breeding opened.

Lines by EmberWolf
Tack, clips, extra manes and tails by RebelAppy
Background by RangerTheCowPony
Thank you so much guys. You were all so kind and helpful <3

Berenice. @ Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:03 am


Colour rarity

Common: Chestnut, Black, Bay, Flaxen *Solid coats are much more common.
Uncommon: Grey, Champagne, Tobiano, Splash, Seal, Pearl, Single Cream, Silver, Gulastra Plume, Pangare
Rare: Double Cream, Appaloosa, Dun, Sooty, Dominant White, Birdcatcher Spots, Roan, Overo
Limited: Brindle, Tovero, Rabicano, Brindle
Not Seen (yet): Manchado, Lacing, Sabino,

*Vitiligo in Valdiac Warmbloods is extremely limited and there is a 5% chance it will pass onto offspring


16 - 18 hands. Some have been seen to be as short as 15.2 but this is not desired. These horses are not recommended to be used for breeding.

For a currently unknown reason, stallions are slightly harder to come by and produce from breeding. There is a 35% chance of a breeding resulting in a stallion.


- Head should be refined and expressive
- Neck should be muscular and arched
- Withers should be well defined
- Strong shoulders and well muscled forearms
- Medium length back
- Hind quarters should be powerful
- Legs should be long and strong
- Their paces should be full of impulsion and suspension. They should hold natural balance and should move freely.


Valdiac Warmbloods are honest and forgiving horses, well known for their free moving paces and powerful natural jump. Their trainability is notable as they are a highly intelligent breed and are very willing to please.

Mane & Tail Styles

Mane and tail styles can be mixed and matched.

-- Loose mane & loose tail --

-- Braided mane & braided tail --

-- Long mane & long tail --

-- Roached mane & short tail --

Berenice. @ Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:11 am


Show grounds are strict with what tack is allowed and what tack is prohibited. All leather should be either black, Havana (a dark brown) or Teak (a much lighter brown). Saddle pads must have limited patterns and designs to prevent distraction from the horse and rider. There are currently english and western tack sets available.

*Tack does not serve any purpose within these adoptables and is purely for aesthetics. Tack will be posted underneath your horse's original reference. Tack can be removed at any time, but cannot be continuously changed. You must message the artist to remove any tack. The form should be messaged to the artist who created your horse's original reference.

Code: Select all
Horse's adoption page:
Tack desired:
Leather colour:
Saddle pad:

-- English tack --

-- Western tack --


What is clipping?
Clipping involves shaving the horse's coat in order to keep them cool. It also minimises sweat, which prevents discomfort and loss of condition.

*Clipping does not serve any purpose within these adoptables and is purely for aesthetics. A clip can be removed at any time, but will directly alter your horse's reference. If removed, a new clip cannot be added for another month. You must wait 1 month between changing clips. Clips will be difficult to see on light coats (greys, cremello etc). The artist must be messaged directly to remove a clip. The form should be messaged to the artist who created your horse's original reference.

Code: Select all
Horse's adoption page:
Clip type:

-- Hunter clip --

-- Irish clip --

-- Blanket clip --

Berenice. @ Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:15 am


Breaking rules within this species will result in a strike depending on the severity. Strikes cannot be removed. Three strikes will result in a ban from the species. This can be appealed after two months.



You can support this species by using these stamps!

Code: Select all
Made by the lovely RangerTheCowPony <3

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| main topic | archive | fanclub | information | store | breeding thread |

lineart (c) gator vocals
foal lineart idea (c) Haze-L-Kitten
owned by - crumpled wings

      . all chrysaora have eight breeding slots and can be bred only two times a month.
      . each regular adopter may only have two customs/imports a month
      . please do not ask artists for customs, they will offer it through stream or post
      . you may own as many chrysaora as you can handle, please don't complain about this
      . foals grow to adulthood after about two weeks, do not constantly pester the artist
      . follow all site rules, no spam, arguing, or impoliteness, etc
      . artists can make themselves and others customs
      . owned chrysaora backgrounds become white and are no longer up for adoption
      . you may gift/readopt your chrysaora, but contact the artist and archivists so they can change the information
      . you may NOT sell your chrysaora for any currency
      . if you are banned from the species/quit cs without informing me I have permission to adopt out your chrysaora to a new owner
      . I have the power to rehome your chrysaora for any reason I feel might be necessary
      . I am the final word
      . be kind! this is a happy species page and I plan to keep it that way.


crumpled wings @ Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:05 am

| main staff |

        | crumpled wings |xxxxxxx| .Lone Wolf. |xxxxxxxxxx| Half Tree |xxxxxxxxxxx| m a r t y r . |
        xxowner & artistxxxxxxxxxmoderator & artistxxxxxxxxxxxxartistxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxartist

        xx| ShadyBro |xxxxxxxxxxx| ✧ 浮気者 ✧ |xxxxxxxxxxx| TeaParty |xxxxxxxxxxxx| Desmond |

        xx| Charboo |xxxxxxxxxxxx| .Lyrebird |xxxxxxxxxxx| aray17 |

    - Artists must make atleast four chrysaora a month - unless we have spoken about this.
    - It is required to put the Chrysaora's colour phenotype & genotype on its page.
    - limit of 3 coats for chimera, must have permission to do so. no permission needed for a 2 coat chim.
    - no line edits allowed at this time (edit: main line edits allowed/item edits allowed, but not mane & tail edits)
    - You are allowed to make 1 private custom for every twenty regular chrysaora, not counting your first private custom.
    - You may have as many Chrysaora up for adoption at one time as you can handle, be careful not to take on too much though.
    - If you do not judge a contest within a week of it ending I will be allowed to take over and judge for you.
    - After judging, remove the background of the adopt.

| Guest Artists |

none currently

    - Artists must make 10 chrysaora, then their future holding will be determined.
    - It is required to put the Chrysaora's genotype & phenotype on it's page.
    - You are allowed one custom after you finish your ten adopts/breedings.
    - You may have as many Chrysaora up at one time as you want, but it's recommended to spread them out a little.
    - You have one month to make at most 10 chry and one custom.
    - If you do not judge a contest within a week of it ending a I will be allowed to take over and judge for you.
    - After judging, remove the background of the adopt.


crumpled wings @ Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:29 am

Staff Information

    Artist Rules

      -Follow basic Chrysaora biology.
      -Do not make Chrysaora with special powers or genetic defects of any kind without my permission.
      -You must be willing and able to make changes to your adopts if I request them.
      -Do not accept bribes or tolerate begging from users. Report rule-breakers to me.
      -Chimeric chrysaora have a limit of three base coats, and can only pass two through breeding.

    Guest Artists

      Must follow all artist rules, you may make up to ten chrysaora in your month of employment. If you break any rules, biology, ect. you will get a warning. Repeat offenses will get you removed. After you have posted the 10 Chrysaora you are allowed to make 1 custom for yourself, you must make them to the same sort of standard as the adopts you made & they must be approved to be fair to others who don’t have the same opportunity for a custom.


      Moderators, or Mods, must follow the species rules, as well as make sure they are being followed by others. On the main page and fanclub you are charged with kindly keeping everyone following Chrysaora rules and such, and of course answering questions and keeping the peace.


      If you change your username/gift your chrysaora/etc. please message me with the change so I can keep the archive updated.


crumpled wings @ Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:31 am

Support us!
Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

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{main} ✫ {shop} ✫

common; hair edit, tail edit, ear edit, star patch edit
rare; solar flare, sunspots
non-rare; sparkly

to win our very first strella raffle, all you have to do is fill out the form bellow and post it. a winner will be drawn on the 26th <3

Code: Select all
✫anything else (can be anything! a picture, aesthetic, writing, a note, or just a thank you ^^);

eldritch horror @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 3:10 am

✫name; riot
✫gender; nb
✫anything else (can be anything! a picture, aesthetic, writing, a note, or just a thank you ^^);

dirty crime boy @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 3:12 am

✫name; nova
✫gender; male
✫anything else (can be anything! a picture, aesthetic, writing, a note, or just a thank you ^^);
im sorry

bakuraas. @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 3:49 am

✫name; TRES-2-B
✫gender; yes [ genderfluid, any pronouns ]
✫anything else (can be anything! a picture, aesthetic, writing, a note, or just a thank you ^^);

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Wip based on this drawing by rebel.appy
by RangerTheCowPony @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:58 am [Reply]

Coding coming soon <3

RangerTheCowPony @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:58 am


RangerTheCowPony @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:58 am


RangerTheCowPony @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:59 am

Last res, markings open!

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The Eroshippus, or commonly just referred to as "Eros" for short, is a sub species of equine that can trace its lineage to the Eohippus, an ancient ancestor to your common day horse. These animals are known to live in the mountain ranges and valleys of North America and are extremely hard to see, let alone capture. Luckily for you, a few breeders got their hands on some specimens, and are now offering them out to new owners to expand the breeds reach outside the small town they were founded in!

acronymm @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:05 am


Hooves: An Eros, unless mutated, will have a set of triple toed front hooves and a set of double toed back hooves, this lends the Eros the advantage of stability and the ability to exceed in both work and sport.

Fangs: Both males and females have been shown to exhibit long canine fangs set inside a rather predatory mouth for an equine. This allows the Eros to be omnivorous in nature, and consume food materials ranging from grains and grass, to fish or meat. The fangs themselves are used in fighting for territory or mates and play. If an Eros is inclined, they can secrete a venom through these fangs in a limited supply, once it has entered the victims bloodstream it creates a euphoric feeling to incapacitate and eventually render them unconscious. Thankfully, for a injured Eros, they can use saliva for its healing properties after a particularly nasty fight, its proven useful for medicines as well. Lastly, once a foal looses its baby teeth they only have one adult set of chompers, so make sure you take good care of your companions' teeth!

Horns: Both sexes of this equine have a single long horn on the forehead, unless mutated. This horn starts out as a small nub at birth and continuously grows with its owner, until maturity when it reaches its maximum length. The horn itself is made out of a strong cartilage material that is covered by a thin, soft covering of fur. They can be broken, or sadly removed, but to great pain to the owner due to its sensitive nerve endings found in its core. Its not been observed to have any uses except in play jousting or attracting a mate.

Height and Weight: The average height for an adult Eros at the withers is 16-17.3 hands for males, and 15-16 hands for females. They range in weight from 300–550 kg (660–1,210 lb), but variations in height and weight have been observed.

Temperament: The Eros has a very laid back attitude, lending them to be great farm animals for children due to their dog like nature, and their love to cuddle with their humans. When not being used for pleasure rides, these big, lumbering beasts are used for jousting, cart races, or in some cases, polo. These equines are not the smoothest rides out there due to their choppy, loping gait but are renowned for their short soft coat and fluffy mane that runs down their back. Its also important to note that a Eros is highly intelligent, some say they can communicate with each other, and have around the sense of self awareness that humans do. To our human ears Eros communicate by all your common horse sounds along with purrs, chirps, and guttural “growls”

Courtship: Jousting of horns is a common courtship ritual done between two males or even females vying for a special Eros’s attention. Additionally, fights with a Eros fangs have been shown as another way to win a mate. However, it's also been shown that suitors will cover themselves in colorful dust or materials to show off against other competitors in a more friendly approach to courtship. Eros are herd animals and prefer to have two or more individuals in a family herd and will possibly take up many different mates in their lifetime, although life mates are not unheard of. Curiously, it's been observed that same sex Eros have been bred to each other, and many touched owners have been working together to make offspring available to these couples.


- Natural colors/Patterns
- No edits

- Non natural colors/patterns
- Short hair edits (curly/wavy/different styles, etc.)
- Ear edits
- Tail edits (still just with tuft on end but can be longer/shorter)
- Weight edits

- Long hair edits, past withers
- Horn or fang edits (longer/shorter/broken/missing)
- Longer/thicker back mane
- Jewelry/Accessories
- Lineart edits (Minor)

- Horn edits (curved/double pointed but still one single horn stalk)
- Multiple fangs
- Hoof edits
- Horse tail edit
- Scars
- Pupil Edit
- Clothing

- Wings
- Multiple horns (Maximum of 4)
- Magic (elemental powers, powers in general, magical items/totems, familiars, etc. They can have glowing trails as well!)
- Extra limbs, Missing extremities
- Extra eyes (minimum; 1 & maximum; 6)
- Lineart edits (Major)

acronymm @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:09 am

FAQ and Staff


Owner: acronymm


Archivists: acronymm

Artists: acronymm, ElizaChikatta, GrimmKitty, RangerTheCowpony

Lineart, Banner, and information: Chromiium

NEWS wrote:Moderator and Artist positions are going to be open soon! Check back for more information once everything's sorted out.


You can own unlimited Eros at this time!

A Eros can be bred up to 5 times.

When bred, your Eros can produce up to two foals.

Same gender or no gender Eros can be bred.

There is a cooldown of 2 weeks before a eros can be bred again.

After 2 weeks, a foal can be aged up into an adult.

Contact acronymm by pm, or by discord, if your have any questions/concerns!

acronymm @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:21 am

Rules and Guidelines

General Rules

- CS rules always apply.
- Please try your best to participate in events or adopts.
- You may use Eros in roleplays.
- You may own unlimited Eros.
- You may transfer a design with a MYO ticket of the proper rarity and permission.
- You may use an artist entry as a legitimate Eros with use of a MYO ticket.
- You may gift your slots/Eros & put up for re-adoption (with permission) only.
- Customs, MYOS/Transfers (unless events or unless specified) will cost currency. Breeding may also, depending on the artist.

you may not:

- Sell or trade your Eros, myos, or items for ANY currency.
- Trade custom or premade designs for MYOS or items.
- Be rude to anyone in the community. Treat others with respect and kindness.

Failure to abide by these rules could risk you getting a strike or a ban.
Users will be given 2 strikes before a ban. If the offenses are major, it can
go straight to a ban.

MYOS, transfers, and items

- Transfering designs must provide proof of MYO and ownership.
- You may not transfer designs that have traits that do not fit our list of rarities.
- Fursonas may be transferred into the species with admin permission.
- Closed species characters may be transferred with explicit permission from the owner of the species.
- Transfers of items between users must have proof of both sides consent.

Staff Rules

- You are entitled to an any rarity artist custom every month.
- Additional items/promotions may be given for exceptional work, but are not guaranteed.
- Artists, please try to actively put out adopts.
- Moderators must be relatively active and be available to respond to questions.
- Archivists must be able to keep up to date with completed competitions.

Failure to keep up with these rules could risk your staff position unless you
communicate well with admins that you are unable to for whatever reason.

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Kija Cobs -- wip based on this drawing by KawaiiFudge
by acronymm @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 1:34 am [Reply]

please do not post!

do believe this is the last species that was hiding in my drafts <3

Crystal Pups -- wip based on this drawing by realkitty56
by acronymm @ Sun Feb 28, 2021 1:31 am [Reply]

please do not post!

Eurasian Wolfhound
by Temper @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:26 am [Reply]


Main Page | Trials | Archives | Breedings | Genetics | Artist Search

The Eurasian Wolfhound (EW) is a breed of sighthound that originated in Eastern Europe, starting as crossing Border Collies, Smooth Collies, and Borzoi to create high performing lurchers that could excel in hunting fast game, including wolves, foxes, and other threats to livestock and farms. The breed was later developed, and the gene pool mapped to create the EW as it is today. Although not typically used for hunting anymore, they’re common as sport dogs due to their natural speed and agility, as well as intelligence. The EW thrives in an environment where it can utilize it’s keen mind and strong body.

Eurasian Wolfhounds range from 51-63 cm (20-25 in) at the withers, with females being on the smaller end of the range.
In proportion, they are slightly rectangular.
Rose and prick ears are acceptable.
Coat types include short, and curly.
All coat colors are acceptable.
Tail maybe be straight or curled
Double merle and other impairments
Gay tail, docked tail
Hound/droopy ears
Aggressive or overly timid

Each EW receives a special kind of collar, a Martingale Collar, once adopted. This type of collar is typically used with sighthounds because it has the ability to tighten around their neck. Sighthounds have wider necks than they do heads, so this kind of collar is crucial to prevent them from slipping out and running away. Collars can be colored or designed however you want!

EWs can be entered in the following events at trials:
- Conformation
- FAST Coursing
- Lure Coursing

Trials are not available at this time.

Breedings are not available at this time.

- Follow all Chicken Smoothie rules. Harassment and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
- EWs may not be taken offsite, but they may be stored in offsite storage (like TH)
- EWs are a closed species, so only artists and those with permission may make adopts.
- All designs will be realistic only.
- There is no limit on the amount of EWs you can adopt!
- EWs may be gifted, traded for CS pets or other art, or sold for C$. They may not be sold for any other currency at this time.
- On this note, please PM me (Temper) about the change in ownership and post on their pages.
- EWs must be kept in a storage thread in order to participate in shows or breed them. They may be stored with other species.
- Gender cannot be changed once set, however names may be changed.

Temper @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:25 am

Owner: Temper

Temper @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 12:12 pm

Hi everyone! I am so excited to release these guys and I was just trying to gage some interest!
Should I open up an artist search? Let me know :)

The first adopt is up! ^^

acronymm @ Thu Feb 25, 2021 12:15 pm

mark!! gorgeous work <3

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Knittens! COMING SOON!
by Taxidea @ Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:44 pm [Reply]

Introducing: Knittens!

These cuddly felines are knit specially for you!


1. Do not claim my art as your own
2. Always credit me and any contributing artist(s) wherever you take your Knitten(s); my TH is Taxidea
3. Do not take/steal/claim Knittens that are not yours
4. You may not sell your Knitten(s) for more than you paid for it unless there is additional artwork
5. Knittens that you receive for free may not be sold, although they can be gifted
6. You may take your Knitten(s) anywhere (CS and other websites), but always follow Rule #2
7. This is my first closed species, so please be patient when ordering customs
8. Free Knittens will be adopted on a first come/first serve basis, but those who have not adopted a Knitten will be given adoption preference
9. PYOP Knittens will be awarded to those with the ideas that grab the attention of the artist; they are not first come/first serve
10. Have fun, be kind, and do not use Knittens to promote any hate-based ideologies! Knittens don't know what hate is!


Knittens are fantastical felids that are not born but made. Their fur is spun from Cattails that grow in the secluded waters of alpine lakes. It takes an average of 1000 Cattails to make one Knitten!

Knittens are constantly growing from their tails, so they carry with them their yarn balls and enchanted knitting needles. Knittens can have many personalities, but they are always playful. They spend their days rolling around with and chasing their yarn balls, the staccato sounds of their knitting needles changing tempo with their heart beats. When Knittens play together, they often end up with tangled yarn, which can result in hilarious scenes as they struggle to free themselves. The Knittens, of course, find this delightful!

When a Knitten's yarn ball runs out, the Knitten will wade into the waters of the lake from which its yarn originated. Once fully-submerged, it will swim to the bottom where the yarn of its body will dissolve, and new Cattails will spring up. If these Cattails are harvested, the Knitten that is made from their fiber can have magical mutations!

Open for marking!

Taxidea @ Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:44 pm


Taxidea @ Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:45 pm


Taxidea @ Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:45 pm


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Horses of Cimarron V.2 based on this drawing by canis,
by canis, @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:41 pm [Reply]

adoption • [url]artist hub[/url] • [url]RPG[/url] • artist contestgenetics/rarity guide • [url]archives[/url]
Cimarron: a place where the wild horses can run free. This paradise is home to some of the most beautiful horses to be seen by the human eye. Although with a history of human infringement upon the land, the horses have become quite wary of our presence. Will you be able to win over the trust of one of them?

Cimarron is a trademark of the DreamWork's movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
A huge thank you to TeaParty for these gorgeous lines!

canis, @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:41 pm

General Rules wrote:• Do not claim Horses of Cimarron adopts as your own
• Follow artists' rules when adopting
• Do not recreate the HoC adopts in any way
• Do not use/display an HoC that you do not own w/o the owner's consent
• Be respectful of staff and other community members

Breeding Rules wrote:• Each horse has 5 breeding slots
• One breeding will get you one foal
• If you do not own either of the parents, you must have a SCREENSHOT of the permission (be it from a PM, post, etc.);
quotes will not be accepted
• The player sending in the breeding may choose to keep, adopt out, or gift the foal
• Only send in forms to OPEN breeding artists
• Do not rush or complain to a breeding artist
• It is up to the artist as to whether or not to allow requests
• Follow each artist's rules as well as these

Custom Rules wrote:• Follow all artists' rules
• Use only the form provided to you by the artist
• Do not complain about prices, currency, etc.
• Do not complain about or rush the artist
• An artist may decline a request if they see fit
• Send payment when requested by the artist
• Each player may order one custom every three months; this will be checked by our artists

canis, @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:41 pm

Administrative Staff wrote:canis, - owner

Artist Team wrote:---

Moderators wrote:---

~Vivid_Dreams~ @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:43 pm

Mark! ^^ So excited! Eeee

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Main Page

The Beara Sport Horse and Ardmore both originate from an area in
England called Derbyshire. Within Derbyshire stands the Peak District National Park.
Whilst only being a small area, both breeds have thrived and become the face of
the National Park. The area is being overrun by these breeds and are now being
adopted out through the Horses of Haddon's organization.


- Discord Server
- Breed Information
- Main Archive
- Breeding Archive
- Event Archive
- Show Ring
- Imports
- Breeding
- Items & Tack
- Ticket Log

rebel.appy @ Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:03 am


• Follow all CS rules

• HoH's are a closed species, therefore no breedings with non HoH horses. If you so so, this will result in a ban. You may take off site with credit linked back to HoH.

• Before ordering a breeding, you must have a storage page for all your Hoh's with correct updated information and slots. You must link in some way back to your HoH's adoption page.

• No line edits will be allowed for any regular adoptables or customs. Line edits may occur in events or special numbered adopts.

• HoH's may not be sold for any type of currency. They may be traded for other HoH's, along with breeding slots.

• When trading HoH's, the former owner and new owner must both post stating you have traded HoH's. You both must also send me a message stating you have traded with correct links for the horses being traded.

• If you are banned, all HoH's you own will be re-adopted out. Bans will reset yearly, depending on how severe your ban is.


• Artists must create two adopts per month unless I have been notified as to why you can't complete your adopts for the month.

• Artists will be able to create one custom per month for themselves.

• When making adopts, try your best to complete more common and uncommon adopts then rare.

Code: Select all

[url=]Main Page[/url]

[size=85]The Beara Sport Horse and Ardmore both originate from an area in
England called Derbyshire. Within Derbyshire stands the Peak District National Park.
Whilst only being a small area, both breeds have thrived and become the face of
the National Park. The area is being overrun by these breeds and are now being
 adopted out through the Horses of Haddon's organization. [/size]

[size=85]info + comp
[b]End Date:[/b]

[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Barn Name:[/b]

[b]Eye Color:[/b]

[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Barn Name:[/b]
[b]Halter Color:[/b]

rebel.appy @ Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:04 am


Owner wrote: Image
Co-Owner wrote:Image
Artist wrote: Image
Guest Artist wrote: n/a
Ghost Artist wrote: n/a

rebel.appy @ Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:12 am


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Been a while, huh? Well, to celebrate the end of my hiatus, and with February almost over, I'm doing a free raffle/prompt Shadow Cat! Just fill out the prompt and form below.

The prompt is:
This Shadow Cat didn't have a valentine for Valentine's Day. How would you cheer them up?

Prettying up of the form is allowed. Please keep the prompt under 250 words.

Code: Select all
[b]Shadow Cat name:[/b]
[b]Raffle number:[/b]

This is open until March 1st at 1am EST.

Patterns in the eyes, tail edits

Hair on top of head/mane along back, fur tufts

Holes in body (heart shaped on chest)

Satamoru @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:02 pm

Username: Satamoru
Shadow Cat name: WIP
Raffle number: 1
Prompt: WIP

TheUnknown @ Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:18 am

Username: TheUnknown
Shadow Cat name: Azira
Raffle number: 2

Mastema-Rastus @ Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:03 am

Username: Mastema-Rastus
Shadow Cat name: Ceasar
Raffle number: 3
Prompt: I'd give them a spa day at home followed by Chinese takeout with movies of their choice! Help that broken heart with some rest and relaxation... and food of course. ♡

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announcements | fanclub | nursery | suggestion thread | growths + transfers | customs
archive | customs archive | archive update | item trade | transfers & off-oekaki
artist search | nursery artist search | tumblr | kalon shop | bank | faq

Welcome to the Kalon Nursery!

The nursery is where little kits are born.
When an artist posts that they have open slots you may request that Kalons become parents of their own kits!
Occasionally, you may even find orphaned kits in need of a home.

Previous Nursery Threads:
v.1, v.2, v.3


    ◤--- Image

    • Please do not mark this topic more than once or post anything other than your ticket as it is considered spam or bumping.

    • Kalons can be any romantic or sexual orientation and have as many relationships as they'd like.

    • Kalons can breed with one or two other Kalons, regardless of gender, so long as the other owner(s) condone the breeding.

    • Kalons may breed a maximum of three times during their lifespan. The mate does not have to be the same in every breeding.

    • One breeding will result in 1-4 kits (number randomly rolled).

    • Incestuous relationships and relationships involving kits with adults are not allowed. You may not look for breeding/adult romantic partners for your kit until they have been grown and approved by staff; this includes kits that are "ready to be grown" or have a "growth in progress."

    • Users may not PM artists about obtaining breeding slots. Breeding slots will remain public so everyone has a fair chance at obtaining the slot. Proof of user and/or artist sidestepping this rule will result in a strike.

    • Users may not switch nursery artists for two weeks after they send in their breeding ticket/reserve a slot, unless the artist cancels their open slots. If switching nursery artists after two weeks, users must provide proof that they gave a week's notice to the initial artist that they would be switching. If the artist replies to you before the week is up acknowledging the switch you may go ahead and repost the ticket, otherwise you must wait a week between sending the switch notice and reposting your ticket.

    • Batches involving Legendary traits must be rolled for via live stream or public rolling channel in the Kalon Discord.

    • All breeding based items must be on the ticket when posting.

    • Users must wait one week after obtaining a new Kalon before they can breed it.

    • Users must wait 1 month after breeding any of their Kalons before they can request another batch. This cooldown starts when the ticket was accepted by the artist, not when the batch was posted.

    • Kits can be grown one month after their batch was posted.

    • Editing will disqualify your ticket in raffles/first-come-first-served slots. By extent, double posting to edit your first incorrect form will also invalidate your ticket.

    • Your form may not specify more or less weight.

    • A Kalon can only have one batch in progress at a time. If you have a current, unfinished batch with a particular Kalon you may not apply for another until the first is done.

    • Any participation in a ticket will count toward your cooldown. Whether you only supply an item for a ticket or just one parent you must abide by all nursery rules prior to and after the ticket's acceptance.


    ◤--- Image

    Code: Select all
    Artist: (required, must have an open slot)

    Owner #1: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so)
    Owner #2: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)
    Owner #3: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)

    Parent #1: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
    Parent #1 Hex Codes:
    Parent #1 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
    Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

    Parent #2: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
    Parent #2 Hex Codes:
    Parent #2 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
    Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

    Parent #3: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
    Parent #3 Hex Codes: (if applicable)
    Parent #3 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
    Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

    Roll for Weight Edits: (yes/no)


Species banner art by PrismicPuppy @ DA

Rabbit @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:27 pm


CSMintCat @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:27 pm

Second is the best.

AboveAspen @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:28 pm

mark !

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Into The Wild - Main Page based on this drawing by nio
by Demonic.Canine. @ Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:57 pm [Reply]


About This ARPG!
This is a feline ARPG, gain cats and form a group! Venture out and make friends with fellow creators of clans! Participate in events to gain items that will grow and improve your group.

- chadlesbian
Quest Masters


Demonic.Canine. @ Sun Feb 14, 2021 5:26 pm


- Any and all Chickensmoothie rules apply.
- You may not spam or advertise in any of the Into The Wild threads. You may advertise in our discord in the appropriate channel.
- You must own a cat for 20 days before you can trade or gift them away.
- You may only claim one free founder, but you're welcome to use a myo or claim a premade adopt as your founder.
- Have a problem with another member? Contact staff please <3
- All cats can have any gender or pronouns. All torties must be born female, but are more than welcome to identify/transition to another gender!
- Colors must be 25%+ realistic/natural. Unnatural eye colors are welcome <3
- Wish to transfer a cat into or out of Into The Wild? Make sure you have the creator's permission and credit them accurately!
- Staff will always do rolls <3
- You get two warnings before you are suspended from Into The Wild. If suspended, your cats will be up for readoption and items will be redistributed throughout the community.
- Please be a kind human.

Staff Rules
-Please know all the above rules apply to you as well! <3
- All forms of staff must be in the discord. This is where most business will be conducted.
- Please be active and committed! It is a requirement that you make a minimal of 3 adopts a month. If something has come up, I understand and please just let me know! <3
- If you accept a form, please know you are responsible for completing it.
-If you accept a nursery form, you are responsible for both the kits and the growth of them unless discussed otherwise.
- You may charge for customs.
- You get 1 adopt a month where you can host a Auction or flat price of a cat! Please keep it reasonable. Any and all money payments must be off-site and you must show me proof of payment (receipt).

- You need to be honest with your logs, please do not try to slip yourself or another member free stuff. That is what giveaways are for <3
- Be active
- If you run into a mistake or problem; thats okay! were all human! Just let me know what the mistake was and we will fix it <3

Quest Masters
Quests are closed right now <3 come back later

Demonic.Canine. @ Sun Feb 14, 2021 5:36 pm

Founders waiting list
-Founders may have any NR/Common traits and up to one uncommon edit.
-Founders/All cats can have any gender or pronouns. All torties must be born female, but are more than welcome to identify/transition to another gender!
-Colors must be 25%+ realistic/natural.
-An artist will claim your founder.
-One founder per person
-You may also get a founder by making your own or winning an adopt and claim as your founder.
-Please tip your artist! <3

Code: Select all
[size=150][b[color=#00BF00]]I'd Like A Founder![/color][/b][/size]

Demonic.Canine. @ Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:30 pm


NR Traits
Scars - Normal Claws - Accessories - Whiskers Edit - Pupil Edits -

Common Traits
Expression Edits - Unnatural Eye Colors - Minimal Fur Edit

Uncommon Traits
Extended Claws - Medium Fur Edit - Ear Tufts - Heterochromia - Folded Ears - Leg Tufts - Curled Ears - Round Ears -Bobbed Tail -Shortened Tail - Muzzle Edits

Rare Traits
Maximum Fur Edit - Furless - Missing Limbs/Eyes - Unnatural pelt hues - Pointed Ears - Polydactylism - Curly Fur - Extended Tail - Long Fangs

Unique Traits
Genesplice (Felidae Only) - 2-3 Tails - Kiss Of Death (Skeleton Markings) - Munchkinism - Teacup-sized - Manx - Colossus (2x in size) - Mutations: Chimera, Vitiligo, Blue-Ginger, Somatic, Bimetallic, Roan, Karpati, Finnish, Moscow, Pseudo-Cinnamon

More to be added..

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Lambabies Nursery based on this drawing by kittiehh
by ketsup @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:10 am [Reply]




Ave wrote:
"What is dreamfusion, you ask? Well, essentially, two lambicorns can combine parts of their life force and create a new lambicorn. This is done through a ritual where both give up a small bit of their life force. Lambicorns first tap their horns on a special gem called a horizon gem."
She motions to a softly glowing and gently humming orb, "These gems are said to be crystalline shards of Aurorae’s power. Horizon gems are rare to come by, most often being accidentally discovered hiding in caves or tangled in the roots of trees. Within the horizon gem the two life forces combine and over the next few weeks the gem gets bigger. Then it bursts open revealing anywhere from one to four baby lambicorns. The gem’s shards fade into the ground and will grow new horizon gems eventually. While Lambicorns' life forces are able to return to full force, it takes a full four weeks for it to fully regenerate.

I am the gatherer and keeper of these precious gems—be sure to check in with me to see if we've found any lately."




Dreamfusions are a fabulous way to combine Lambicorn designs and come up with something even more unique! Here, the creativity is bubbling over and new lambies are waiting to be revealed. You can claim a slot or redeem a nursery ticket/horizon gem to dreamfuse your lambies. Or, occasionally you can even find an orphan lambaby to adopt!

Artists will post their availability in this thread, and you can submit a form to claim the slot (as long as below conditions are met).
Artists can decide whether to offer a free slot, a Horizon Gem (Image) slot, or a paid slot.
Horizon gems are basically nursery tickets. They may only be used for slots that are specifically Horizon Gem-only!

If you don't own 2 lambies yet, definitely check out our fanclub and make a post to find another user for dreamfusing!
Or, buy a token to make your own lambie!

Please read through our Nursery Info BEFORE you make your first fusion post!

All good and ready to make some magic? Post a form!


~◆~ Dreamfusing Quick Guide ~◆~

⇢ The amount of lambabies for each fusion is rolled! Rolls are as follows:
1-10 results in 1 lambaby
11-65 results in 2 lambabies
66-90 results in 3 lambabies
91-100 results in 4 lambabies

**One exception to this is that if two users dreamfuse their lambicorns, then it's always guaranteed to result in at least 2 lambabies!**

NO clothes or accessories will be considered in this fusion process.
If the artist wishes to make a small exception for certain items they may, but it is not required or rolled and will be entirely artist's discretion.

⇢ You must provide an itemless ref if your lambie has accessories that cover the design.

⇢ Accessories/clothes/outfits may be added later with shop items.

⇢ Manes, halos, magical doodads, sparkles, glows, etc, are OK and will be considered a trait/feature.
These will be rolled, wished, or left to chance. See below!


To pass on a trait or feature to your lambaby/lambabies, you may:

⇢ To automatically carry over a non-accessory trait/feature (ie, ears, tails, horns, wings, etc), you may use a wish!

⇢ You receive 3 wishes per batch. 1 wish comes from each lambie posted, and then 1 free bonus where you may make a wish for a new trait/feature (ex: neither lambie submitted has a mane, so wish is used for a mane on the lambaby)

⇢ All other traits are for roll or you can leave to chance = artist's choice! Rolls are done with 1-100.

Rolls for each trait/feature are as follows: 1-50 failed, 51-100 passed.
Leaving traits up to chance can sometimes result in unexpected yet very desirable combinations!
This can even include traits/features that neither Lambicorn involved had, or sometimes entirely custom features for the new fusion(s).

⇢ If a lambie involved is UNIque, they are rolled for their UNIqueness to pass. Roll for this is 1-20 = pass.
If BOTH lambicorns involved are UNIque—the chance is 50/50! Roll for this is 1-50 = pass.
The actual combination/extent of a UNIque blend is entirely artist discretion.
If UNIqueness does not pass, it will simply involve the pattern/design and rolled features of the UNIque.


ketsup @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:11 am

Dreamfusion form!
Must be 100% filled out, NO wip forms!!
Please delete items in (parentheses), this is only to explain what is needed!
We will not accept posts without hex codes.

Code: Select all
[center][b]For artist:[/b] (must be an open slot)
[b]User #1:[/b] (link)
[b]User #2:[/b] (put N/A if only you)
[b]Agreement Proof:[/b] (Direct link or image proof, put N/A if only you)

[b]Lambicorn #1:[/b] (link to oekaki, must be itemless if design is covered by items)
[b]Hex codes:[/b] (REQUIRED)
[b]#1's Wish:[/b] (1 trait from this lambicorn to pass on)
[b]Other Traits:[/b] (put CHANCE or ROLL. If Roll, list all traits!)
[b]Is it UNIque?[/b]

[b]Lambicorn #2:[/b] (link to oekaki, must be itemless if design is covered by items)
[b]Hex codes:[/b] (REQUIRED)
[b]#2's Wish:[/b] (1 trait from this lambicorn to pass on)
[b]Other Traits:[/b] (put CHANCE or ROLL. If Roll, list all traits!)
[b]Is it UNIque?[/b]

[b]Extra Wish:[/b] (wish for an existing trait OR a new one!)
[b]Is fusion OOC or IC?:[/b] (out-of-character or in-character?)
[b]Payment:[/b] (put N/A if claiming a free slot, or proof if nursery ticket)[/center]

Nursery Artists
Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image


What is OOC vs IC on the form?

IC = In character, OOC = out-of-character!
Basically, it tells us whether to consider the lambies in a ticket as parents, or just a design mashup. So, if you want some lambabies that are the actual children of the parents (like a regular breeding!) then you'd use IC to get colors/designs that are similar to the parents! On the flipside, if you just like putting the two designs together but they're not supposed to look like the real children of the lambies, then use OOC for designs that are "inspired by" the fusionees instead and won't look like the "parents"!

As a sidenote to this, you can also expand on a OOC/IC tag if the situation demands. For instance, if I dreamfused two of my lambies and I wanted babies that are without-a-doubt their children, I might note "IC: these will be their canon kids!"

Or, for an out-of-character pairing that you'd still like for a result in lambabies that 'appear' similar— "OOC: Babies can look similar to the fusionees though!"

plan(e)ts @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:16 am


Monorail2.0 @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:33 am


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