kalon #1413 - utopiosphere [winner pg 16] by riddlestyx

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by Marsh

kalon #1413 - utopiosphere [winner pg 16]

Postby riddlestyx » Tue May 29, 2018 6:12 am

note: this kalon does not have glowing markings!! if you want their markings to actually emit a glow, you'd have to apply a rare edit to them.


this is gonna be an unlimited impress me comp
unlimited extras, prettying up is encouraged, etc. etc.

there's one prompt that must be included in your form, however:
tell me about a time when this kalon was sad and how they coped/dealt with it

ye that's pretty much it

skeleton form:
Code: Select all
kalon name:
[impress me]

[edits list]
[nr] weight edit (skinny)
[s] custom shine, claws
[c] hair edit, longer fur, custom tail
[uc] custom ears, custom pupils, custom tongue, shorter fur

ends june 25th, 23:59 EST
ends june 30th, 23:59 EST
ends july 7th, 23:59 EST
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Re: kalon #1413 - utopiosphere

Postby trans » Tue May 29, 2018 6:15 am

      OWO big res
august + they/them + lesbian
pms are ok, im jst shy/quiet ♡
if no reply, u can pm me again!
not interested in hcs/rps/etc,,,

icon pixel kalons komos
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[ truths told by instruments ]

Postby Marsh » Tue May 29, 2018 6:16 am

𝙽𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚜 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚠𝚊𝚢

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Re: kalon #1413 - utopiosphere

Postby Discter » Tue May 29, 2018 6:18 am

1,000 words for making the deal
2,000 words for raising him (Holding him, feeding him, reading him a bed time story, and taking him for a walk + realizing she loves him + the maid)
1,000 words with the fallout
1,000 words with the makeup
an art piece for holding the baby
an art piece of dealing with the fallout
an art piece for intro
an art piece for outro
extra 500 words for backstory
another extra 500 words for something else (optional)

𝔘𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔞𝔪𝔢: Discter
𝔑𝔞𝔪𝔢: Aradia
𝔊𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯: Female


𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔩

Her feet were silent, little padded ghosts kissing cold, stone pavement of the bridge underneath. A wrinkling of her nose at the damp bricks beneath, seeping into her fur, uncomfortable and squishy. She should have brought boots, but that wasn't an acceptable course of action for something this... more illicit. Being found this close to the capital, and with a reputation such as her own, was surely a way to become friendly with death. Flirting this way with her own demise wasn't intelligent, but revenge on the king was tempting enough to take such a risk. Guess it's an occupational hazard, Aradia thought. Thick, foggy, and inky woods soon replaced the bridge and swampy creek. Blowing out the lantern after a good half mile, a spell for seeing came out and into play, a cat's eye replacing her own.

She looked around once she came to a twisting, curving stone, her client supposedly meeting her there. Ah, a soft light swaying in the distance told her all she needed to know. Casting forth, her mind drifted out, and gently explored the figure hurriedly heading toward her. No... Figures. A distressed woman, and a sickly, tiny child. She retreated back into her own head-space, after taking in the waves of fear, stress, and sadness. And... The faint scent of death. Now, the woman came into the clearing. Stout, slightly overweight, and panting, the woman looked like an utter mess.

Hair frayed, makeup smeared, dress torn and patches of dirt displayed on it, and a baby that smelled of sick. A perfect opportunity. "I'm sorry I'm late... It took longer than I thought to get here. You're the witch called Bones, yes?" Aradia smiled, all teeth and reminiscent of a shark that had smelled blood. "That's right. So tell me... What did you need, that promised me a good deal?" The woman softened a little, and gestured to the baby in her arms. No, it wasn't really a baby, but a toddler that was smaller than normal. "Well, the child I have with me, Alexander, is sick, and seems to be getting worse. I've tried everything, doctors, wizards, mages. The king has gone mad, and has almost completely given up on ruling the country. I need your help, please, save this child, there is nobody I can turn to now. I'll do anything!" "Anything?" "Anything!" "Would you sacrifice the health of your beloved king, then?"

The woman looked shock, blinking a few times, before coming to a sad, but resolved face. "Yes." Such a quiet response. "Good. Did you bring a hair of the king then?" “Yes." Another shaken but sturdy answer. "Then hand it over. And a hair from the babe." The woman complied, and with that, Aradia rustled into the bag she had brought along with her cloak. Quickly, she began to murmur, bringing the two hairs together over an intricate weaving of symbols made up of stones, sticks, and other things best not be mentioned. The magic within the symbol glowed, burning and igniting under the waterfall of magic tumbling from her mouth. The hairs began to fuse under the soft light, and the baby began to cry as Aradia’s hair lifted slightly. A breeze flowed through the forest, rustling clothes, leaves, bushes, and startling nighttime creatures.

Dark magic was at work, and anything with half a brain knew to get out of the way. Aradia smiled, the pulsing of her veins rushing and swelling, magic a tremendous force rising up and crashing down like waves on a cliff. She uttered the last words, and grinned like a Cheshire as the magic began to fade. "The deal is done. I've traded and gotten my revenge, and now, I'll tell you about the deal and it's terms. The baby will live, and will begin to grow stronger, healthier. But in return for the babe's health, the king will grow madder. But, this madness will be controlled by you. Every time you want Alexander to get better, the king's sanity shall drift. Every time you want the king to heal, Alexander will grow weaker. Until the boy finds out about this deal, you will be the one to control this flow of magic and health. After all, there must be an exchange."

The woman looked sicker, paler than before, and Aradia would be alarmed had she not been expecting it. The woman looks down, and Aradia can see the tears swimming, fighting their way to the surface. But she can also see that determination and resolve still burning... How interesting. She looks up, and a grim but serious face stares daggers of conviction into Aradia's soul, and Aradia can't help but smile. "Alright. But, I've got another request, which I can pay you with some of my earnings and whatever you wish that I can acquire. I want you to stick around for some time, to make sure this spell doesn't go wrong, and that Alexander will not start to wither again." Stay around, and potentially receive things she could never normally have? And... Potential access to the king's son, and the corrupted magic she felt inside the babe. This is going to be good.

"I accept. Some of your salary for my time and care of the child, and access to whatever I can't buy or normally get in town due to my... Reputation with the law. You know how it is." The woman nods, "okay. I'll be having him in my cottage, which is nearby here. My name is Camellia, and whatever you wish, I'll try to grant of you." Aradia's smile morphs into a dangerous grin, and she can't help but let loose a laugh in the dark, eerie night that is now ghostly silent. "I'll be seeing you around, then." And with that, Aradia turns, slinking off into the night, a fearsome predator on the prowl for her newest catch. This... Is more than I could ever have hoped for.

ℑ𝔱 𝔗𝔞𝔨𝔢𝔰 𝔞 𝔙𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔞𝔤𝔢

Aradia swayed, rocking the child in her arms back to sleep after his midnight coughing fit. Alexander was getting better, but that didn't mean he was completely healthy. Apparently, Camellia said this was a good thing, even though Alexander had coughed a row each night during her fortnight stay. Camellia needed to stay with the deranged monarch for at least a month, until the lunatic would be stable and able to function like a rational person. Aradia looked out the window, up at the radiance cast down by the twilight sun. A flood of stars covered the sky like a soft carpet, tree-branches hungry stains, bent on devouring that soft light. Her attention returned to Alexander when tremors racked his petite form, and as magic spilled forth to soothe an old ache. Once he was calm again, he smiled up at her, happy and content and let it be known by his newfound voice. She only had one thought. Cute.


Aradia had never fed someone before, let alone a baby. Sure, she had entertained guests and clients, but she had never... Spoon fed someone. Holding the jar containing mashed potatoes and carrots, she stared down her opponent, not letting apprehension overtake her even as her hand shook. The fearsome beast glared at her, mimicking a vicious dragon getting vengeance at a petty thief. Stop that! Shaking her head, Alexander gurgled and squirmed in his baby seat, wondering what the problem was. At least her hair was very pretty to watch as it swayed back and forth, to him at least. Aradia steeled her nerves, as a scowl overtook her face and laid claim, and scooped some of the paste onto the spoon. You can do this! He's just a child! She tried to make noises, as Camellia had suggested that, directing the spoon to Alexander. Luckily for her, Alexander was a hungry child, and accepted the helping readily. Phew. One bite down, a hundred more to go.
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Postby zhoelaces » Tue May 29, 2018 6:19 am

      !! form !!
      username: inkliinqs

      "she's mad." "she's crazy." "she's clarise."
      voices whispered all around her. how did
      it even come to this? that's a question th
      at clarise had pondered every day. she he
      rself didn't know the answer.
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Re: kalon #1413 - utopiosphere

Postby Ohpossums » Tue May 29, 2018 6:22 am

Username;; RoyalDandelion
Kalon name;; Carmen
Gender;; Female
Age;; 17


''You don't wanna be like me.''
Carmen, with her alarmingly calm and agitated voice noted,
she lay so vainly preening herself of any flaws,
''Your lying Carmen.''
This strictly troubled voice came from her favorite confrère,
Meredith, who doesn't hide her jealousy of Carmen,
she stood over Carmen looking down upon her physhically.
Carmen stood suddenly, discerningly flushed looking her familiar in the eyes
''Je sais que tu m'aimes aussi''
Carmen spoke beautifully with the smoothest French accent,
her footfall isolated from Meredith, as she began to walk away.
Meredith studied her every move until she was out of her field of vision.
Carmen's head tilted upwards purposely, she had a faint desire for attention today,
reasoning with the recent situation between her and Meredith, her sole egocentric persona
believes she wasn't at fault. Victimizing herself gave her a specific pleasure.
Prior her drunken walk back to her father's mansion he was slightly disarmed by her late appearance
but took no notice, she walked in with a sense of tire.
''Carmen, my, baby girl''
Her mother uttered with great concern, welcoming her daughter looking Carmen up and down at a great deal.
''Hello mom''
She said, aware of her sudden forecoming lecture, batting her eyes.
''Darling, your demeanour is grim, your posture is nauseating,
your Mascara is virtually drowning your face, not enough conjuration today I suppose?.''
Carmen's mother looked at her with a great deal of confusion and disappointment in her daughter.
Carmen looked to the side and commented on the topic, though unable to look her mother in the eye
''Plenty of Magic mother, no one is here to see, why does it matter.''
Carmen never was one to confront her strict enchantress of a mother, she pulled her neck
up staring at anything but her.
''To be a beauty queen, its an act you have to breathe all the time. Not something you'd understand Carmen,
shoo, off to bed.'' She uttered out with grave composure.
Carmen ambled past her matriarch up the velvet covered marble stairs with great sympathy for herself
her nails gripping the fabric that echoed around the mansion.
She got to her richly decorated room and collapsed onto the lit vanity's seat. She quitely vocalized a malediction,
her glowing mix of hued greens and yellows fell from her body, melting into a puddle,
Her hair sunk to a platinum grey, her pupils changed to a cat like shape. She examined her for now,
normal almost ugly, appearance, dreading it fearfully. Her beauty wasn't reality. The sight was
stomach churning,her own looks it sickened her, it was her one desire that no one was too know of
her veiled appearance. it would ruin the high pedestal she gets put on compared to the other Kalons,
the boys the girls, they all love Carmen, it's a hard act for her to keep up with, she starved today,
her skinny aspect is a great deal of pain, but she requisites for perfection.
She lay in bed it was close around 3AM, her tears continuing to flow without promise of stopping as she
pondered her revelations, before she fell from grace to a forceful sleep.
''Carmen Dear,, Breakfast's ready''
A sudden burst of sound hits the silence like a bullet, she opens her eyes weakly, rubbing them with her
paws, she grips the bed and lunges off it with a great sense of laziness, looking into her mirror, she
bats her eyes, and voices out a imprecation, her hair turns back to a hazy black, her body lights up
with the glowing hues she lost. She rushed out her room with grave urgency, and walked down the stairs
with tasteful posture today.
She sat at the table, looking down alarmingly at her food, it wasn't that it didn't look appealing, it was
the sense that if she ate it, she'd blow up. A flaw to her almost perfect existence.
She grazed on the eggs and bacon she was presented with, and left immediately after,
to the bathroom she stood and regurgitated her food into the sink, it didn't bother her anymore,
she did it alot. And she wasn't aware of any risks she was taking as an effect of it.
She whisked out the door running hastily in order to be in time for school. And
as she arrives, no one dare approach Carmen,
but the continuous adoration just made her feel more lonely than ever.
A high voice out of the silence.
A recognizable voice, Meredith it must be, carmen pondered to herself
Meredith most filled with anger, she's not afraid to approach Carmen,
but shes immensely scared of her .
''salut mon chéri''
very pretty today Mer,
Carmen sarcastically and sweetly put it.
''And please be patient with me today Mer. Will you do that for me?''
She smirked.
''No one is ever patient with you Carmen, you of all people should be aware of that.''
Meredith patronizingly raised her eyebrows.
''Aah.'' Carmen said.
She was uneasy today, much like yesterday, and for a unknown reason, she felt mocked.
Which was new to her usually dominant manner.
''She's pretty out of it today Meredith,''
Claire, a former best friend of Carmen's said concerningly
''Drunk?'' Meredith smirked.
Claire shook her head, not taking lightly to the joke.
Back to Claire and Carmen's past relationship, they were inseparable, this was before Carmen's
lust for perfection that struck her like a bullet freshman year, they drifted apart from then,
they still talk but not as often, and not as deeply as they used to.
Carmen fell

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Re: kalon #1413 - utopiosphere

Postby annie15970 » Tue May 29, 2018 6:22 am

username: Annie15970
kalon name: Przemysaw
gender: Male
prompt: I'm still here.
Prezemysaw is diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety Disorder. He routinely goes to the therapist every Wednesday and takes medication daily that helps him cope with it. Usually he can rise above the feelings that threaten to swallow him up and have a genuinely nice day with friends. Friends and family make up a support system that makes sure he doesn't wallow in the dark alone, and even when the support system fails he has a therapist to guide him through it. Because sometimes feelings are so complicated that his family can't understand and professional help is the best option. However today, is a bad day. He doesn't want to get up, there is this rough, heavy, all consuming weight on his chest. The phone buzzes an alert through the heavy haze swirling around his head. It's the daily check in from his best friend Jamie, he knows this and yet. It seems so far away from his body and he just wants to cry.
So he curls into a ball and cries for what feels like hours, but is probably only minutes. Another buzz sounds, its another check in. Just in case he was asleep, he knows. He doesn't answer just yet, because he feels so lost and that light is too far away to see. He pounds his paw against the wall, but all the strength seems to have left him during the night and it falls flat before it even reaches it. Its an empty sort of realization that his phone has been buzzing for who knows how long before he finally just picks it up so it will stop the ringing in his head. "...Hello" Its a hoarse and rasping whisper seeming to echo for miles in the quiet room. The voice on the other side of the phone call answers "Hey Mischief, you feeling alright?" He wants to break down there.
He wants to say something but the words are getting stuck behind the lump in his throat. "Breathe with me Mischief, ready in." He struggles to take in a breath, "And out, there you go nice and slow." They continue for a few minutes till the panic attack passes. He didn't even realize that he had it until Jamie was there to calm him down. "Alright, I'm going to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eli and I'll come pick you up. I'll wait outside until you're done and we'll head home afterwards. He makes a vague sort of hum as he grips the phone so tightly in his hand that the blood flow is cut from his hands. "I'll stay on the line with you, alright. I'm only 5 minutes away." By the time Jamie is there hugging him and in the upstairs apartment, he's not as dazed anymore.
Gripping tightly fur spilling through his fingertips, he squeezed Jamie as close to him as possible. It helped ground him just a little bit more. "Hey, I'm here and you're real. Let's go see the Doc and we'll both be feeling a bit better okay?" Jamie always knew what to say. The whole car ride there, they're holding hands and although he still feels like he's sinking, he's not alone. The smell of lavender incense fills his nostrils, he vaguely thinks that the Doc must have restocked since last week. They sit down in the cushioned chairs and the calming light blue wallpaper surrounds them. Jamie is rubbing his paws comfortingly over his. The receptionist calls his name and he stands up quickly, swaying a little. Jamie sends him a soft smile. He sends a small but real smile back.
Stepping into the space where he knows he'll be okay is so relieving he almost collapses, instead he just breathes a sigh of relief. The Doc is tending some plants by the window, the slightly dimmed lights are like a blanket of comfort. Settling into the nest of pillows and blankets, he starts talking to Doc. He relaxes and spills all the feelings that had bubbled up in him and he'll know he'll be okay. Because after this session with Doc, Jamie will take him to buy ice cream and they'll sit near the window in the upstairs apartment. Jamie will store all his potions away downstairs and he'll tidy up all the ingredients making sure to put them in the right place. He'll start on dinner with the meager ingredients in his fridge and they'll eat while watching a funny movie. They'll go to sleep even though it's barely 8pm yet and they'll cuddle together in bed listening to each other's heartbeats.

He has to remember that he's not floating out in space and that he's still here.
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Re: kalon #1413 - utopiosphere

Postby sobble » Tue May 29, 2018 6:22 am

you best be knowin we out here

maybe a scientist or an eccentric southern ghost gal

I’ll get writing soon.. probably
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` mourning in lavender

Postby solasta » Tue May 29, 2018 6:23 am

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ` username; solasta ` kalon name; rosemary ` gender; female

theme song; lavender town "mother's lullaby"
some don't understand how precious the love
of a mother is to a child. a mother's voice can
sooth the mere cries of her child. -- rosemary
a very bright female, lives in a town that held
misfits to the kalon species. some may be ugly
yet have beautiful personas or beautiful with
ugly personas. on the outside rosemary may
be seen as scary or quite horrid. her persona
makes up for it. she is determined and kind.
rosemary always put others before her. she
learned her values from her mother. beautiful



inside and out. quite a rare trait amongst the townsfolk. her mother was an alchemist and healer who put her child first. rosemary was
a treasure to her mother. although rosemary was not made like other kalons, she was still alive and raise like any other. her mother
made her. rosemary was made with simply love and irrelevant ingredients that did not matter. the only thing that matter was that the
two were made for one another. the moment rosemary emerged from the cauldron, the voice of the women soothed her. the voice
belonged to her mother. lullabies in her mothers lap was heaven. such a connection could only be cherished and loved. rosemary grew
to be just like her mother. an aspiring alchemist and healer. what lied close was rosemary's birthday. her 20th birthday. rosemary's
mother always told her about how lavender was special to her alchemy and mixtures. it was hard to comeby. it grew in the most
darkest of lands. rosemary wished for some. so for her birthday her mother promised she would venture out and gather some for her
child. she did so. her mother mentioned the journey would be long, but she would be back in a week tops. patiently waiting like a
puppy waits for it's owner at the door, her mother has returned. a painful yet solemn smile on her face. lavender at hand, yet
something was odd. her mother looked weak. shadowy pitch black markings engraved her mother. rosemary panicked. she pushed the
lavender aside and grabbed her mothers arms. tears streaming down her face. it was all her fault. rosemary felt that way. her heart
was broken. her mother smiled with tears forming under her aged eyes. "i promised you lavender and i fullfilled it. my child always
comes first. your life comes first and you know that. so don't feel guilty. it brings me joy that i kept my promise. i want you to be the
best alchemist in the world. i love you my child. it is my time to return to the heavens. i gave you my heart and you returned it with
love. love that was worth it. that explained the shadows. i lived 20 years without my heart in my body, because i gave you life. a life
you deserved and you brought me happiness and love that i never felt. you are my heart. i will forever be apart of you dear and don't
forget that." her mother then disappeared. rosemary collapsed. crying. wanting her mother back. she wanted to hear her voice. she
wanted her mothers touch. looking over to the lavender her mother gathered; she picked them up and headed towards the alchemy
table. placing the lavender down, rosemary lit the flames under the cauldron. determined to bring the one she loved back, she began
brewing. rosemary spends weeks upon weeks to try to bring her mother back. she will spend her entire life to bring the one she loved
home. it was the only way that she could end her suffering. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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