Site update news

26th October 16

Have you submitted your monsters to the Halloween Dress-ups Challenge yet?

25th October 16

Totoro was a couple minutes late but she did have 2 gifts for you today, make sure you pick up the items!

For those of you who are over 18, we are now hiring Global and Roleplay Mods!
Click here for more information!

23rd October 16

Don't forget to enter this month's Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

22nd October 16


It's the second day of our Halloween Candy Hunt!
Be sure to check back every day for new gifts and prizes!

21st October 16


YES! The Halloween Candy Hunt has begun!
This is an annual tradition on Chicken Smoothie. On the leadup to Halloween we will have lots of free gifts and special prizes for you to collect every day! If this is your first time, we recommend you head to the CS Discussion board so you can get advice from seasoned players :)

Click here to go to the event page for free gifts and more information!

How do I hunt for Candy?
Check the bottom of every page as you browse around the site and forum. If you're very lucky you might find a prize banner! You might have to check quite a few pages before a banner appears, but don't give up! When you spot a prize banner, click it to collect your treat. You can bring your candy prizes to Totoro on the event page, and swap them for a reward.

Totoro is adding new rewards and new freebies to the Event page every day, so check back daily and see what's on offer!

Click here to enter your pets in our Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

1st October 16

It's now October on Chicken Smoothie!


That means new monthly pets and new Store pets for you to adopt!

It also means that later this month we'll be celebrating Halloween with a special candy hunt event! Keep an eye on the news for updates :).

Join our Halloween Dress-ups Challenge this month by getting your pets in costume!

We've now switched over to our spooky Halloween site theme! If you prefer our regular "CSDullGreen" theme, you can set that as your board style on your My Account page.

2nd September 16

There's a new Dress-ups Challenge this Month!
Click here for the Staff September dress-ups theme!

1st September 16

It's now September on CS, which means new pets on the Adopt Pages!

It is also the month for our annual All-Staff litter! This is an annual tradition where staff are invited to collaborate on a huge dog litter by adding one outcome each.
This year's contributing artists are:
Atwood, Bentley, Berkshire, Bernouli, Coalchaser, Dia., DoctorDraca, Ethulai, Fiery Gatoh, Jack, Jadeghost, Lacuna, Lilian Nightshade, Metallic Dragon, Nadine, Pandle, Pluma, raey, Rainpelt, Saikiyo, Schuyler, Siberian, sketchi, sláinte, Solarizing, Solloby, Swiftalu, Vampiric, Verdana, Yağmur

:shock: Good luck collecting all the outcomes!