Dressup challenge

We know how much your pets love getting all dressed up, so we've created the Dress-Ups Challenge to give you a chance to showcase your best-dressed pets!

You can comment and vote on entries in the Dress-Up Challenges, so make sure to be supportive and tell people what you loved about their designs!

The pets you submit to a Dress-Up Challenge will automatically be added to the Challenge Galleries, and they'll also be saved to your very own Dress-ups Gallery! Even if you later change or remove the items your pet is wearing, the image seen in the Dress-Up Galleries will stay the same as the moment you first submitted it. So make sure everything is in the perfect place before you submit your design! If you make a mistake, you can delete an entry to replace it with a new one - but this will also remove any comments or votes you have collected on your entry. If you remove a post from your Dress-Ups Gallery it will be removed from the Challenge too.

So that everyone has a chance to be seen in the galleries, there is a limit on the number of entries per person, per challenge. You can of course still create as many dress-ups as you want in your own pet groups and continue to share these dress-ups in the forum! If you delete one of your entries from a Dress-Ups Challenge then you will be able to replace it with a new entry. Your limit will reset for every new Challenge, so there's no harm in submitting as many as possible every time!

Current themes

Dressed pet Newest entry
"stormy skies and cloudy thoughts" by BlackenedShadow

How's the weather?

While CS members from the northern hemisphere make snowmen and put on heavy jackets to brave the cold Winter wind, those from the southern hemisphere are relaxing in the Summer sun.

Wherever you are in the world, get your pets dressed up appropriately to brave the local weather! :) Browse the gallery, or enter one of your pets!
There are 24 days left in this challenge
Dressed pet Newest entry
"Baby Zebra again" by 'Possum

Show us your Dec 18th pets! Take some lasting baby photos of these old souls :)

Most of us are familiar with the look of grown-up pets on CS, even the old rare pets from years past. But we hardly ever get to see what they looked like when they were first 'born'.

Since many old pets have just been born again as Dec 18th pets, now's your chance to take a snapshot of these babies!

Show us some dress-ups of your Dec 18th pets while they're still growing, or just show off your lucky finds from Dec 18th! :) Browse the gallery, or enter one of your pets!
There are 8 days left in this challenge