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8th December 15

Pet's name: Sugar Jinglesnaps

I hope you guys are enjoying the Seasonal Name Generator as much as I am :)

7th December 15

There's one day left to submit your entry in the Seven item challenge!

7th December 15

It's now the 7th of December here! Can you believe we're already at the end of week 1? Christmas is coming up fast! Today's gift is from sketchi :)

Check out your Hanukkah gift boxes to see if you've got another daily candle! There is another Hanukkah gift coming in a few days :)

6th December 15

Image Image
It's now the 6th of December on CS, so we're starting our Hanukkah celebrations!

We also have a new Advent gift today too, of course :)

5th December 15

It's day 5 of the Advent!

Tomorrow we will also begin our Hanukkah celebrations!

4th December 15


Check out today's advent gift! Where'd these pets come from? I feel like I've seen them before... see if you can figure out why they're so familiar!

Some of our older members may remember that every year we have a special group of pets kinda like these, and we would traditionally repeat this type of gift multiple times in the advent calendar to make sure people managed to collect them all. This year we're doing it a bit differently and splitting them into smaller groups - so there are more of this type to be gifted later, but you won't adopt the same ones again.

If you didn't understand any of that - don't worry, just keep visiting the calendar every day to make sure you don't miss anything :)

3rd December 15


Another day, another gift!

2nd December 15

It's the second day of the Advent! Make sure to pick up the new gift!

Yesterday we collected your name suggestions for a Seasonal Name Generator, and now they're ready to use! Check it out when you go to name your new advent pets :)