Site update news

18th July 16

What's happening on the Moon??

Looks like something went wrong with the tele-communications tower!

18th July 16

Grab a jetpack from the Resort Lobby and jet up into space!

17th July 16

Good news, Az'it now has enough machine parts available to start repairing the communications tower!

Head to the tower to help repair it!

17th July 16

Whoops! There was a small bug with this release for people who adopted in the first minute. Please make sure you have received an orange spacesuit and a space background item, if you don't have them them try adopting the giveaway again (from the Lunar Resort Lobby)
The space-suit will fit cats or dogs :)

16th July 16

It's day two of our Summer Vacation!
Be sure to explore the Event Pages every day to find new gifts and quests!

15th July 16

One small step for a dog, one giant leap for animalkind!

Click here to join Avian and Totoro on their trip to the Moon!

Click here to enter your pets in our Summer Vacation Dress-up Challenge!

We've switched over to a cool new "CSSpace" site theme for this event, but if you'd prefer our regular green theme, you can change back to the "CSDullGreen" board style from your Board Preferences page.

14th July 16

Avian and Totoro are doing some last-minute packing for their upcoming vacation :)

Have you packed your suitcase too? Better hurry up, it's nearly time to go!

1st July 16

Image Image

It's now July on CS!
Hit the Adopt pages for a fresh set of monthly pets!

And guess what else will be happening this July?

Avian and Totoro's Summer Vacation!
Our site mascots Avian and Totoro will be taking their annual vacation trip later this month, and as usual we will all be going along for the ride! :) Last year they followed their sweet tooth to Sucrose City. Any guesses where they're headed this year?

Avian and Totoro's Summer Vacation is a major CS event which usually lasts around 1-2 weeks. We'll get to explore their (often strange) vacation spot, and have the opportunity to collect lots of cool pets and items while we're there! When the event is ready to begin we will put some more information in the news. Don't miss it!