Chicken Smoothie's privacy policy

This privacy policy describes the kinds of information we collect about users of our website, what uses that information is put to, who has access to the information, and how you can control the use of the information.

This policy may be updated from time to time so please ensure that you check it regularly. The latest version of the permission slip is visible at, or by clicking the "privacy policy" link in the footer of our website.

What information do we collect?

This section describes the kinds of information that we collect about users of our website.

Browser information
  1. The "User-Agent" information which your web browser uses to identify itself, which usually includes the name and version number of the web browser being used.
  2. Your IP (Internet Protocol) address.
  1. A cookie is used to store your login information. If your web browser has cookies disabled, a session-identifier will be added to the end of links within our website for you instead.
  2. A tracking cookie is used by our advertisers, Google. Please see their website for more details.
Account information
  1. The nickname that you choose for your account.
  2. The email address that you nominate for your account.
  3. If you choose one, an avatar to represent your account.
  4. If you choose to provide it, a description of your interests and a signature to be displayed on your posts.
  5. Recorded login attempts.
  1. The names chosen for your pets.
  2. The names chosen for your pet groups.
  3. Your trading history.
  1. Posts and topics created on the forum by your account.
  2. Private messages sent from your account.

What is the information used for?

Browser information

Details on your browser and IP address are used to help us identify the most popular browser versions and regions of the world, so that we can design our service to work properly with those browsers and identify incompatible browsers.

IP addresses are used to help us in preventing cheating.


Your login details cookie (or link session identifier if you have cookies disabled) is transmitted to our server whenever you view one of our pages so that our server can display the right account for you.

Please see the page at Google to learn how they use their advertising cookie.

Account information

Your account information is used to secure access to your account and to allow your password to be reset if you ever forget it.

If you provide them, your interests, signature and avatar are displayed in your public profile.

Login attempts are recorded in order to allow us to secure access to your account and assist you in recovering it should you forget your password.


Your pet collection is public to allow you to show your pet collection to your friends.

Your trading history is used to help detect cheating and resolve trading disputes between members.


Posts and topics made on the forum allow you to communicate with other users.

Private messages are recorded to allow disputes between members to be settled by administrators and to prevent verbal attacks between members.

Who has access to the information?

Browser information

Browser information is only visible to administrators.

IP addresses which are recorded for public forum actions are visible to both administrators and moderators.

IP addresses recorded for other actions are only visible to administrators.

Account information

Your email address is only visible to administrators.

Login attempts are only visible to administrators.

If you provide them, your interests, signature and avatar are publicly visible.


Your pet collection is public.

Your trading history is only visible to your account and to administrators.


Posts and topics made on the forum are public.

Private messages are visible to your account, accounts that you send messages to, and to administrators. They are also visible to moderators if a person that you send a private message to makes a complaint about that specific message.

We may additionally disclose information (including personal information) to prevent against misuse of our website, to enforce our site rules, to protect or defend our rights and property or protect the safety and security of our visitors or others, or if we are legally required to do so by the appropriate authorities.

Where is the information stored?

The information is stored in Amazon's United States datacenters. Our website backups are stored there and also mirrored offsite.

How is the information protected?

Our database is protected by firewalls and Amazon's secure access controls. Offsite backups are encrypted and protected by firewalls and antivirus.

How can I control the use of my information?

Your account, nickname, public profile, pet collection, browser information, email address, posts and forum topics can be deleted from our database on request. In the case of forum posts and topics, please contact a moderator. Otherwise, please contact an administrator at

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please contact us using these details:

Privacy Manager,
2 Gresham Street
Tainui 9013
New Zealand