Site update news

29th October 10

There is now a shiny new silver rapier as part of the Musketeer costume set :D If you adopted the costume earlier, you will now find it in your items. If you are yet to adopt the costume - the sword will come with the set even though it's not in the image on Totoro's trade-in store :)

26th October 10

There are some new bat plushies in the store! :)

22nd October 10

Image Image
It is now possible to buy Chicken Dollars using cash at 7-Elevens throughout the United States with PayNearMe! Check it out on the topup page.

19th October 10

Totoro needs help! Help her collect hidden candy to trade for prizes! She says she is uncovering new prizes every day, so check back often to see what's on offer :)

There is also some cool new costumes in the store to help get your pets prepared for Halloween, go check it out!

16th October 10

Wow, the site is all dressed up for Halloween! We will begin the Halloween hunt in another couple of days (just check the the front page for updates).

9th October 10

Malk pets have arrived!

1st October 10

There are a few new pets out for October, but if you think there are not enough, don't panic! There will be MORE pets... you just need to wait for our Halloween event which is coming later in the month :)


There's also a couple of new pets in the store this month, and they will be available until the end of November :)

We usually begin the Halloween event around the 20th of October, but I haven't set an exact date for this year's event yet so you'll just need to stay tuned.

We have heaps of goodies planned, so your patience will be rewarded! :D

23rd September 10

Free new dog collars available in the accessories page of the store, made by Ricorn :)