Site update news

16th November 10

Image Image
There are new Malk pets available for adoption now :).

11th November 10

The music players now fit both lions and lionesses, and there are some music notes available in the store :D

9th November 10


There are some new music player/headphone sets in the store! Made by Vampiric, and compatible with both adult dogs and puppies :)

7th November 10

The Halloween candy store is now closed, thanks for playing!
You guys fetched Totoro quite a hefty mountain of candy:
Imagex 290,710 Imagex 286,047 Imagex 81,666

6th November 10

Only a few hours left to trade in your Halloween candy! Don't miss out!

5th November 10

There are some new fireworks in the 'specials page' of the store (FREEBIES!) and a new rat on the adopt page to celebrate the British holiday Guy Fawkes :) get em quickly, they're only available for a few days!

2nd November 10

The monster eyes in the store will become unavailable very soon, so make sure you get some while you still can! :)

31st October 10

The Halloween Hunt is now over! Thanks for helping out Totoro this Halloween. You'll still be able to trade in the candy that you collected for another week after the hunt ends :).