Site update news

18th May 13

There are some new long-sleeve shirts, sneakers, and pants in the store, made by Leurai!

Caution: Although new, some of these items may appear a few pages back in your items groups, so look deep among your older items to find your new purchases.

3rd May 13

As usual, a new month means a new set of pets, so make sure to adopt!
The eggs were a little late to the hatchery this month, but they're available now!

22nd April 13

Today is Earth Day, and to celebrate we have a bunch of cool nature items for you to dress up your pet scenes!
Grab a free pack on the "Specials" page of the store!

Remember to turn on "Rearrange Mode" when you're dressing so that you can place items behind your pet. That option is in the lower right of the dress-up screen.

18th April 13

The unicorn items from the Store now fit Draft Horses, thanks to Tyr!

15th April 13

There are new jackets, vests, and button-up shirts in the store, made by Atwood!
These items fit dogs, cats, puppies and kittens!

8th April 13

It is Chicken Smoothie's 5th Birthday today!

5 years ago in April 2008 the first CS adoptables were released.
Help us celebrate this special anniversary by adopting some free pets and items from the "Specials" page of the store!

2nd April 13


I hope everybody enjoyed our April Fools day silliness.. :). The site is back to normal now!

If you liked the derpy avatars, you can now choose those for your account. Just click "pick from our avatar gallery" and then visit the "derp" category:


The Easter Egg hunt is now over, but you'll be able to trade in the eggs you found for another 4 days.

Trade-ins are now over too!

1st April 13

Apri.l's pe.ts have just been released, so get adopting! There are also new store pe.t.s this month!

This is the last day that you will be able to hunt for Easter eggs, but after today there will still be 4 days for you to trad.e in your remaining tokens.