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16th April 17

Happy Easter!
It's now Easter Sunday on Chicken Smoothie!
Totoro has put up the last of her Easter prizes today, along with some more gifts! If you've been saving your eggs during the event, now you can spend them knowing everything is revealed.

You can still hunt for eggs today and tomorrow, but after then the Easter hunt will end. :(

You'll have an extra few days to trade in all your eggs to Totoro once the hunt is finished, but don't leave it too late or you might miss out!

We hope you've enjoyed our Easter event this year! The next big event will be Avian and Totoro's Summer Vacation, which is just a few months away :)

14th April 17

Don't have to juggle all the eggs in your paws now with these trendy Easter bags!

13th April 17


We have new store pets available this month by Lilian Nightshade! You can buy them individually, or save by buying them in a combo pack!

11th April 17

Hope you're enjoying the Easter hunt!

Don't forget to enter your pets in our Easter Dress-ups Challenge!

10th April 17


9th April 17

Thanks everybody for participating in our Pound 99K giveaway event, this event is now over. We ended up adopting out just over 199,999 pets, wow! We hope you all found a special pet of your own!

9th April 17

Wow, it's a busy weekend on CS!
Totoro has some new gifts and prizes to offer on the Easter Event page

The Pound gave away 99,999 pets so quickly yesterday we've added another 100,000 to make sure nobody misses out! Later today when all those pets are gone the Pound will go back to it's normal adoption limits.

8th April 17

Today is Chicken Smoothie's 9th Birthday!

We released our first pets in April 2008, which makes us 9 years old this month! That's older than some of our members :shock:

It's OUR birthday, but the gifts are for YOU!
Click here to pick up some special birthday pets and items!
We're also opening the floodgates for the Pound so we can give away 99,999 pets at super speed!
Click here to join the Pound's 99K Birthday Special!

It's thanks to you all that we've reached our 9th anniversary. When I (Tess) first started this site it was just a hobby to keep me busy after class for a few months, and now look where we are! Just one more year til we hit double digits!

I wanna give a special shout-out to our oldest members, and our many staff and helpers who've helped shaped CS into the site we all know and love <3 remember to show your appreciation this month for the many generous people who make CS happen!

There are 2 new Dress-up Challenges!
CS Birthday and Precious Pound Pets

And in all the excitement, don't forget the Easter Hunt!

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