hi i'm in Love by Knickknacks

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Artist Knickknacks [gallery]
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hi i'm in Love

Postby Knickknacks » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:03 am

these kids,,, too precious.

Mellie <3
modern AU, classmate of Firren's. City galll
Loves music; can be shy on stage but offstage?
Loud and sweet and bubbly, loves blasting pop
music and splashing in all the puddles on rainy
days. Never walk next to her if you want to
stay dry. You've been warned.

Lysander?? Fantasy AU, works as a courier.
You Know the storyline I'm thinking of
sweet boyo, loves nature, but he's also
Quite physically fit and kind of stubbornly
noble. Neutral good kinda guy bc he doesn't
mind breaking the rules for a good cause.
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