Slotherflies Summer Event by Amelia

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Artist Amelia [gallery]
Time spent 2 hours, 32 minutes
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Slotherflies Summer Event

Postby Amelia » Sun May 20, 2018 11:48 am


Dive into the Slotherflies summer event!

It is almost summer! Lots of new Slotherflies are found each year around this time. There will be many new Summer Slotherflies to adopt during this time! Not only this, but there will be many litters of Slotherflies to adopt or purchase.

What's special about these Slotherflies?
These Slotherflies may show never-before-seen traits! For example, fins, tails, etc.

How do I get one?
Just like Slotherflies on the main page, these can be adopted many ways. They may be first-come-first-serve, or you can win via. a contest.

What are "litters"?
Litters are groups of Slotherflies with a similar theme! Every once in a while, Amelia will make a litter of 3+ Summer Slotherflies. These can either be purchased (with C$/pets), won via. a contest, or FCFS. With each litter, how to get them will be specified in the post.

Want to make a summer Slotherflie?
Artists, if you want to make a summer Slotherflie to be part of the event, PM Amelia!

I'm Amelia! I like Taylor Swift,
caterpillars, and sloths.
That's honestly all you need
to know about me.
Oh yeah, I'm also from


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Re: Slotherflies Summer Event

Postby poca, » Mon May 21, 2018 6:13 am

mark c:

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