Makoatl Customs + Semi-customs by -TheBigBlueBear-

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Makoatl Customs + Semi-customs

Postby -TheBigBlueBear- » Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:06 pm

Welcome to The Makoatl Adoptables!

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What is a Makoatl?
A Makoatl is a terrestrial shark-dragon hybrid recently discovered
off the coast of the Greenland sea. They have the powerful tail
and jaws of a shark, with the body and (occasional) horns of a dragon.
They usually have manes, and are covered in thick coats of fur-
adapted to keeping out the cold in their native habitat.
They live on a diet of mainly meat and fish, and are known to be vicious
hunters! Despite this attitude toward their prey, however, they
are very protective and mothering to their offspring,
as well as to each other the majority of the time.

This is for Customs/Semi-customs only.
To go to the main adopt thread please use the above set of links to get where you'd like

Semicustom artists include

-Cole Stargazer-
~Juliette Stargazer~

IF you'd like to purchase a semi-custom/custom slot please go to the Makoatl Super Market to purchase
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