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answer 3

Postby edgy cat of DOOM » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:19 pm

mosparkle wrote:TOM, I dare you to force Binary to watch the WORST MOVIE EVER.

"I did a google search and everyone says that the Star Wars holiday special was terrible.
It wasn't really that bad, but there wasn't enough violence"

"Somebody wipe my memory drive, and reprogram my entire database." *zzt zzzzzzzt*
"I tagged along to see what Binary was.. um.. zzting about. I'm... traumatized."
looking for an owner of a viscet with the 'doll' trait that they're willing to use in an OOC breeding! hmu if you've got one! c:
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hey there!
I'm edgy cat! I love cats and edgy things! my favorite color is blue
and I'm a color palette freak! I've got anxiety, so please be gentle.
feel free to ask about art or design commissions!
I'm also on scratch and roblox! don't be scared to chat with me here!
previously xXEdgyCatXx, please don't use it
I'm an artist for Feather Tail Wolves! Contact me via PM if you need anything!
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Re: answer 3

Postby mosparkle » Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:59 am


i need to watch this now
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