Pokeventures Explore by astral.

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Pokeventures Explore

Postby astral. » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:21 am


Professor Astral wrote:Hi there and welcome to Explore!
Here you can make use of my many items to try to battle or catch many different types of pokemon!

How it works;
You can take a look at the pokemon available and choose whether you
would like to either attempt to capture or battle (but not both!)

Each day you will be granted 40 HP (to start out, but as your pokemon level up, so does your HP).
For each pokeball throw, you lose 10 HP.
For each pokemon battle, you lose 20 HP.

You may also choose to explore, which will use up all of your HP, and you will always come back with
something, from a new scarf for your pokemon, to a fancy pokeball.

Your fate will be decided based on a random number generator. Each pokeball has a different
strength and chance of capturing a pokemon on your first try. Most times it will take a few tries
before you can successfully capture a pokemon.

For normal pokeballs, you have a 3 in 10 chance of being able to catch a pokemon.
For example, the input in the number generator would be between 1 and 10 and you would need to roll
between 1 and 3 to catch it ^^

How it will work;

The artists will be able to post the pokemon, but you will have to play out the attempt to catch it in the roleplay.
The [url]roleplay for catching pokemon is here[/url].

In the official roleplay, you play as your trainer attempting to level up your pokemon, or can attempt to catch the pokemon but for the roleplay for catching pokemon.

I know this sounds a little complicated, but I am sure all of you amazing individuals will help us figure this all out <3
Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Note: You must own at least one pokemon and be a registered trainer to explore

For thee artists <3

For first post;
Code: Select all
[size=85][center]A wild xxx has appeared!

[b][u]xxx stats;[/u][/b]
xxx - xxx - xxx
Level x

Would you like to... ?

Throw a pokeball? ( - 10 HP)

[code][u]I would like to throw a pokeball![/u]
[b]Trainer name;[/b]
[b]Pokeball to be used;[/b][/code]

Battle the pokemon? ( - 20 HP + (1 or 2- you choose) level up)

[code][u]I would like to Battle![/u]
[b]Trainer name;[/b]
[b]Pokemon to be used;[/b][/code]

Explore? (uses up all HP)

[code][u]I would like to Explore![/u]
[b]Trainer name;[/b]
[b]Pokemon to be used;[/b][/code][/center][/size]

For battling;
First time:
Code: Select all
You are now down to 20 HP
Your xxx is now level x
You have gained + 2 experience!
Your HP rises to +2 HP

Would you like to (a) battle again? (b) Throw xx x normal pokeballs?

Second time
Code: Select all
You are now down to x HP
Your xxx is now Level x
You have gained + 2 experience!
Your HP rises to +1 HP
You can no longer battle/catch a pokemon for today

For Catching attempts;
Code: Select all
You rolled a xx - miss/catch!
You are now down to xx HP
You now have x (type) pokeballs left
You have gained +2 experience!
your HP rises by +1 HP!

Would you like to (a) battle again? (b) Throw xx x normal pokeballs?

For explore;
Code: Select all
You no longer have HP
You have gained +10 experience!
You have found a xxx (can be a pokeball x1, a dress up item, etc)
You no longer can battle or explore for today
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