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These always seem really fun! So I thought I'd make one!

Basically don't claim anything I make you as your own! You can trade/sell or revamp!
You can also make as many as you want <3
I will try and make a character for anyone who makes one for me, though if it's sloppy/messy, I might not be inspired to make one for you, I'm sorry! q v q

The palettes, inspiration and species section is for you to fill out so I can have a general idea of what to make you in return! You can also add more like what you like, gender preference, animal preference, etc! Don't be afraid to give me a lot to work with!

I'll give you some inspiration for a character to make!
(I'll add more if I think of any!)
v What I like v

- FemboysIndentIndentIndentIndentIndentIndentIndentIndentIndent
- Goop/slime
- Wings/tails/halos
- Demons/Angels
- Mythical creatures
- Freckles
- Royalty/crowns/princes
- Teeth
- Gods/Godesses
- Cute boys
- Accessories
- Gems/jewels
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Complex designs
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Bright/unusual colours
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Pastels
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Over-saturated colours
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Human/Humanoids
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Anthros/ferals
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- conflicting colours
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Extra limbs/eyes/etc.
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Multiple tails
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Animal Ears/Pointy ears
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Creepy/Horror
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Space
    IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent- Harajuku boys

Vagabond @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:48 am

    Soft bump

I saw a couple of these so I made one!
I was also quite inspired by scei’s version of this :>

How this works?

You make me a character by coloring in the drawing-
With filling out the palettes as well as a list of things that you like would be great.
Then if I like the character you’ve created I’ll make you a character for that character!

Basically a character design trade.

Rules? wrote:> my character design rules
> I WILL NOT do all :>
> I will be doing the ones where I like the character
> I will comment on your post if I like your character/ will make you a character ^^
> If I don't respond even after a week or so, feel free to keep your character
> once I make you a character in return, that character you've created is mine
> Please follow some of the things of what I like in characters :>
> feel free use, change up the given palettes or just make your own similiar to the palettes.
> If you don't make your design/ art neat, the given character will not be neat, etc.

List of what I like wrote:NOTICE: please don't merge all of these traits together - This is just a list of what I like.
> Horns
> Cool - blues, and warm - oranges, brown palettes
> Made up, monster-like species
> Feral Characers
> somewhat natural markings??
> big teeth
> alien like
> space themed
> plant themed (any theme is fine though!)
> big bulky or super slender characters (please don't merge those!)
> really big and mainly mammal like (prefer them more than reptiles)
> skeleton (faces, body parts, patterns etc)
> natural palettes are a okay ^^
> ocean themed

☼ Red Beanie ☼ @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:00 am

Open now!

peachyfae @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:55 am


ᴀᴛʜᴀᴢᴀɢᴏʀᴀᴩʜᴏʙɪᴀ @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:55 pm

My character for you: https://sta.sh/01pfwbebd6r2

What I'm interested in:
Species: Big cats, canines, bats, mixed/strange predator creatures *Please make them feral, no humans/anthros*
Color palettes: https://sta.sh/025mbhdnmrd8
Additional features:
- Horns/antlers
- Long canine teeth
- Fluffy fur
- Hats/scarves/collars
- Incorporating fire
- Clean looking creatures
- Shark tails

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Character design challenge!
by paoltergeist @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:12 am [Reply]

I saw these going around and I wanted to make one with a crazy bright palette
the gist of this is that you make a character design with the given colors and you can also use the images as inspiration.
These characters aren't for me, you get to do whatever with what you make. I might make gift art though

_Spinach_ @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:54 am

Mark! ;)

Celestia Ludenberg; @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:57 am

mark !

s i r e n . @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:30 am

mor keie

i love the inspo

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Text&Background done by amazing Armurie! Thank you so much! <3

Currently { OPEN }


Make-Me-A-Character Challange
But with a little twist!

This Make-a-character is dedicated to Unusual characters and has a point system for your submissions! You get payment depending on the points you earn!
Make me a character, calculate the points and get payment according to them! :D


-All submissions must follow ChickenSmoothie general rules, and Oekaki rules.-
-Art theft is not tolerated; you're not allowed to make copyrighted characters/copy someone else's character in your submission! It must be a unique character made for this challange specifically!-
-Entry must be on Oekaki and drawn as color-in to this challange!-
-NEW: Do not remove Armurie's sig from the background!-
-While I am flexible with art styles and quality, and will do my best to fairly reward everyone, please do make effort in your submissions!-
-Please make all entries with at least 75% of body visible.-
-When submitting finished entry, please post the calculated point value you think it is worth, and the payment kind you'd like to get!-
-I will post on your submissions confirming your entry's point value and send you over the payment.-
-Once you recieve the payment, I recieve rights to that character.-
-You may make as many entries as you wish; each will be calculated and paid for separately!-
-There is no set ending date; each entry will be calculated and paid as soon as it is finished! It might be closed for new entries at certain times however!-
-Please post on the main topic when you submit an entry, to let me know about it!-

[CLICK] Check 2nd post for Point Values and Exchange rate!

[CLICK] Check 3rd post for Likes and Dislikes listing!

[CLICK] Check 4th post to see Finished Entries List!

Nanorat @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:15 am

The Points:

Each entry starts with these points:
0 points for Beginner art quality (low detail, unrefined lines, inconsistent anatomy)
5 points for Medium art quality (medium detail, refined lines, consistent anatomy)
10 points for Advance art quality (highly detailed, detailed fine lines, consistent and realistic anatomy)

More points added to them based on the type of art:
(Points are SUMMED from the bottom up! Example: finished Detailed Lineart is worth 5 points, 1+1+3)

Sketch: +1 point
Lineart: +1 point
Detailed Lineart: +3 points

Rough Color: + 3 points
Clean Color: + 5 points
Detailed Color: +7 points

Extra points can be earned for:

Perfect anatomy: +5 points
Extra detailed: +5 points
Extra High Quality: +determined individually for each character!
So if you apply extra effort and TLC, you will get more points for it! :D

Exchange Rates:

x1 point = x1 Pet OR x1 C$!

I have 1000+ C$s as well as 2900+ Pets in my trades available to be chosen as prizes!

You can choose your type of payment, and combine them as you like! (aka if you submit a character for 12 points, you can choose to have 12 pets, 12 C$ or a combination of pets/C$s with total adding up to 12!)

Nanorat @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:16 am


Below is the list of likes/dislikes/ideas you can adress to when making the character!
This list is a rough example and you may deviate from it or completely ignore it, if you have ideas already. :)

I Like:

Randomness / Insanity / Madness
(Literally the more unusual and weird it is, the more Ill like it! Generator Land is a great help when looking up random - random generators can bring up awesome ideas! :D )
(You're very welcome to go wild)

Monsters / Ugly / Crazy Designs

Underappreaciated Species
(insects, like beetles, butterflies, nudibrances, rarer fish species like sturgeon, exotic animals like axolotls and mustelids etc)

Aliens / Demons / Faeries
(especially darker takes on their designs)

Humanoids / Furries / Ferals

Piebald / Chimeric / Multi-Colored Eyes
(adore vibrant colored skin on humanoids, like... human with skin colored after an animal)

Faceless / Limbless / Exotic Growths like on birds of paradise

I Dislike:

Too Simple Characters
(Do try to make unique characters; if it's a simple brown dog with no markings or accessories, it's on dislike list)

Overused Ideas
(If it's seen on a lot of characters around, high chance is I will find it not very exciting! Example: a whip tail with a tuft on equines, it's nice but just too much around)

Chibi Style
(Not much of a dislike but between realistic and chibi proportions I will always like realistic more!)

Nanorat @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:32 am

Finished Entries:

This post will hold thumbnails of all finished entries, for a full overview of the challange so far! :D
Click to check them out! :D



-Moved to a new topic, with amazing text and background from Armurie! :D -

VV Posting Open! VV
Feel free to mark/chat/ask questions etc! :D

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color a bell(s), get a python dog (open)
by Twig @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:57 am [Reply]

python dogs main page

This time around, python dogs will be having a simple color-in event, anyone may enter it and you have a chance to get a standard python dog if I chose to make one for you!

You may color this in twice, each time you can provide two different palettes/bells
Every bell won't be given a python dog, don't feel bad if your bell isn't chosen!
you must add me to your bell(s) if you want a chance for a python dog to be made
the species rules apply
Feel free to include accessories and specify preferences
If you receive a python dog you may draw them or write about them to gain additional edits
No more bells will be considered if posted after the 30th of December, however python dogs may still be made at/after the 30th
Don't color the python dog lines, only color the bell layers!

FloofPoofFoox @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:21 am


Deer and the cat @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:53 am


SilhouetteStation @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:12 am


Mine VS Yours with my raptor boi!
by LunarKin @ Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:32 pm Attachment(s) [Reply]

Whew! he's really difficult so i removed his winged arms for those of you who aren't welcomed with being good at wings but they are optional! And my new signature for my art is his floofy tail.

Edit: I'll soon make a full ref sheet of him for you guys so its easier!

Inculding the following:

- W.I.P sign!
- Your our layers for sketching, coloring and lining!
- Your space is larger than mine so you can fit yours in if doing a full body model
- Add your own signature if you really want to

LunarKin @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:22 pm


LunarKin @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:57 am

LunarKin wrote:Boop

LunarKin @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:42 pm

LunarKin wrote:
LunarKin wrote:Boop

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Oof im doing one of these, yeah just color an object per usual.

It'll be done when I feel like it, and if there's too many I won't get to them.

Also please don't all do the tail. Thank you.

Edit: You don't have to do all of them! If you don't use all of them please erase the other ones,

you can also tell me some guidelines or leave the whole thing to me! Thank you. ❤❤

Sweet and Salty @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:59 am


♥ ᴡ ɪ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s ♥ @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:20 am


♥ ᴡ ɪ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s ♥ @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:46 am


Mine vs Yours - humanoid
by Griffyn~ @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:11 pm [Reply]



I thought it would be fun to make a humanoid mine vs yours
I don't see those around too much so I made this for people who can draw humanoids better than animals
This is of my OC Rori.

I'm not too used to Oekaki and because I have hand tremors plus CS does not have a stabilizer I know of, my lines can be messy.
The eyes turned out weird but I told myself "screw it, its too late now" and went with it. I have a better reference picture of the drawing I did a redraw of.

This one was made on Medi-bang.


Rori is an alien humanoid. She has purple hair with an unnatural sheen and purple eyes that is much more reflective than human eyes (so if she stares at a blue sky, her eyes 'turn blue' completely). Her skin is a light blue and has constellation markings.

Sometimes she can be found wearing a transparent cloak.


I just thought this would be something fun to do. The drawings are still yours obviously but just don't claim the character.
If I really like the drawing I might buy it but that's a whole new story.

Griffyn~ @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:35 am


by jazzyyazi @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:05 am [Reply]


Welcome to my thread!!
I know these are around a lot, But I truly love giving pets
as well as owning characters!!



I hate that rules are needed but sadly they are
The rules are as follows-

-There must be at least a full-body drawing!

-Try and be creative!! I love seeing super unique and cute designs!

-Once you make the character, I can do what I like with them.
I can trade, edit, or sell it down the line if I choose!
(if you would really not like me to sell them let me know and I will respect that)

-I can pay what I feel is right based on the quality and creativity put into the character!
Regardless once the character is on this forum they are mine, please understand <3

-Please make sure you add me to the drawing!
As for what I'm looking for in the character-
I highly prefer Human(oid) character!!
They are really all I use as I am able to draw them myself
But I'm 100% fine with feral characters as long as they fall in the realm of what I like (design wise)

Please use stuff here to make characters!
I am constantly adding stuff to it so if you don't like anything
come back later and check!
(if you make a male human(oid) using This I will add even more to the payment!)

Onto what everyone wants B) Payment-
I have over 1500C$ I'll be using if you request payment in c$
with a minimum of 10c$ for a character and if I truly love a design I will do 50+c$!!
I have over 4000 pets including old rares and lists
the minimum amount of pets i'd send would be 10 (older) uncommons, but like with c$ if I love a design I will add loads more!
If you prefer Items over c$ or Pets, let me know and I'll figure something out!

Last but not least-
If you'd like to see some of my current characters I love to death
Here is my ToyHouse

★Hoshi★ @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:13 pm


★Hoshi★ @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:46 pm


Celestia Ludenberg; @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:04 pm


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Design Challenge #3
by mint_fox @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:18 am [Reply]


Here is another one for yall! The theme is Tropical! (even though it's the middle of winter) There are links to the past design challenges below ^^ Enjoy!

Design Challenge #1 --> Forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=3960647
Design Challenge #2 --> Forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=3975098

What is this?

- All you have to do is create a character inspired by the palette and theme!
- This is not a competition! I will not be keeping these designs! You are free to do whatever you like with the characters you make!
- Once there are a lot of them done, I would like to create a big portrait of all the designs! Kinda like a big family photo XD
- Let me know if you guys enjoy this, I may make another one down the road <3


- You must use the color pallet provided! (It is ok to add a couple colors if you like, just be sure they compliment the pallet)
- Do not edit the pallet boxes
- Your character can be any species/gender you like!
- Do not copy other peoples designs


Shadow~Wolf @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:19 am


emblossomopossum @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:28 am

    i love these colors

Toruumo @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:39 am


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m/y: Veera
by paoltergeist @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:47 am [Reply]

Veera's a Vespen, a race of wasp demons I made up
She's not wearing clothes, she has an armor-like exoskeleton
her mouth opens like wasp mandibles

s i r e n . @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:18 am

i love her so much wth

draw something get a dergon
by saraphena @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:43 pm [Reply]

      ello! i've been in the drawing spirit, and i can finally draw with (almost) no pain!
      so to celebrate and get back into the swing of things, i'm doing a "draw something get a ___" thing.

      now, i might not get to everybody, and since these are free characters they might take a bit.

      guide to dergon summoning;
      step 1; draw something! dergons love creative and unique objects!
      step 2; pick a gender! erase the male symbol for your dergon to be female, erase the female symbol to get a male dergon, or keep both for a random gender!
      step 3; choose and show an image that will represent this dergon or it's personality!

      ADD ME! if i can't color it in i can't make you a character.
      ↳ you may only draw 2 things, not on the same post though.
      ↳ i probably won't draw anything if you don't show me an image.
      ↳ don't draw a simple circle or shape. make it unique and color it. better quality drawing = better quality dergon.
      ↳ no selling characters. since this is for free, i don't want to make something that will just be sold. if you are going to sell it, gift it, or trade it at all PM ME.
      ↳ you can suggest things you want on your dergon, but some things may not be included.
      ↳ the image you pick to represent your dergon is to give me inspiration and give me an idea on what you're going for. picture of a crystal will probably lead to a crystal/gem dragon, fire will probably make a fire dragon, and so on.
      ↳ have fun with this! be creative and let your imagination run wild.

      please mark the thread if you are going to draw something~ (optional)

bucky?? @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:13 am

aa mark! your art is so cute oml <33

Queenie! @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:32 am

Mark. ;u;

saraphena @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:56 am

      i sadly won't have access to my computer or drawing stuff for a day or two, but feel free to make some still!

      i'll start working on these when i can.

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Hi! Before I begin, this idea takes inspiration from ☼ Red Beanie ☼'s version of this.

1) I will not accept everyone's character. I make more complex/thought out designs, and therefore if you draw a cat with like 2 spots and expect me to design you a high quality OC it will not happen. If your character is accept, I will say so on this thread. If I don't accept a character, the design will still remain yours. I will not take your design.
**I am not rejecting any designs as of right now.**
2) Please follow my "What I Want" section, as doing so will make me more likely to accept your OC.
3) Drawings/designs do not have to be an actual lined and clean colored image. I will match what you draw in terms of neatness.
4) Understand that I do not draw on Oekaki, I will link you the character I do for you from my DA sta.sh.
5) Please fill out the forum below and link a character (or just color in a version if that's easier for you) and I will consider your character as soon as I see it!

Thank you!

What I'm interested in:
Species: Big cats, canines, bats, mixed/strange predator creatures *Please make them feral, no humans/anthros*
Color palettes: https://sta.sh/025mbhdnmrd8
Additional features:
- Horns/antlers
- Long canine teeth
- Fluffy fur
- Hats/scarves/collars
- Incorporating fire
- Clean looking creatures
- Shark tails

Please post this when submitting a character:

Forum: wrote:Username:
OC you designed for me:
Species you're interested in:
Color palettes you're interested in:
Additional features you're interested in:

0Zero0 @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:52 am

Username: 0Zero0
OC you designed for me: Link
Species you're interested in: feral/anthro
mixed species or singular species
cat dog wolf fox dragon lizards birds rabbits... I love animals fantasy creatures
Color palettes you're interested in: oranges, reds, blues, monochrome pallets, natural colors/patterns, unnatural patterns
Additional features you're interested in: steampunk, victorian, japanese culture non gender obvious.
Other: what I don't want-
slimy creatures bugs arthropods
pinks bright colors, neon

ᴀᴛʜᴀᴢᴀɢᴏʀᴀᴩʜᴏʙɪᴀ @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:54 pm

0Zero0 wrote:Username: 0Zero0
OC you designed for me: Link
Species you're interested in: feral/anthro
mixed species or singular species
cat dog wolf fox dragon lizards birds rabbits... I love animals fantasy creatures
Color palettes you're interested in: oranges, reds, blues, monochrome pallets, natural colors/patterns, unnatural patterns
Additional features you're interested in: steampunk, victorian, japanese culture non gender obvious.
Other: what I don't want-
slimy creatures bugs arthropods
pinks bright colors, neon

Here's your baby!

0Zero0 @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:24 pm

thanks so much I love the floof!

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VV New topic is up! VV


If you havent started your entry yet, head over to the new topic!
If you already started on old topic you're welcome to submit it - just post to direct me to it and your submission will be counted and paid for! :D

Nanorat @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:16 am

Check New Topic Info! :D

Nanorat @ Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:17 am

Check New Topic Info! :D

Nanorat @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:04 pm

Check New Topic Info! :D

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yeah draw the character's normal form in the first box and then draw them as the others
if they're already one of those, it's a free space

jazzyyazi @ Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:05 am


Color the heart, get a horse based on this drawing by Neara
by #Friesian @ Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:19 pm [Reply]

please only color the heart
-If you want me to do something special with the
mane, you may color the heart lines, otherwise, just leave it
-Don't forget to add me to your drawing ^^

-You may make more than one, just don't completely
spam it
-Preferably bump, but you don't have to

Here are some options Neara has put into this that
you may choose ^^:

-Short hair
-Long hair
-Hunter hair
-Dressage hair
-Western hair
-War hair
-Wavy hair
-Bobbed hair
-Arabian hair
-No hair

-Lines by: Neara
actually tho, how'd I manage to spend 2 hours on a drawing that isn't even mine lol


#Friesian @ Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:24 am


CrazyB @ Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:10 pm

im in

#Friesian @ Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:01 am

bump ^^

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Draw me a character 4 a character
by 333lk22 @ Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:01 pm [Reply]


yeah ok so I saw these going around so why not.

so I need characters for my Companion Guild. I was originally gonna be a ninja guild but I kinda went all out with bright colors sooo
if you don't want me to use your character in a comic don't make one of these. of course if you do I will give full credit <3

so for this either make a human character/ can have humanoid attributes and minor powers./
an animal/cryptid/ mythical creature
both! feel free to suggest names and personalities too!

if your scared your art isn't good enough no worries! I will love anything you make as long as time and effort is put into it! and I have a few sketchy bases in different layers if you need them <3

unlike my DSFS editables this is guaranteed! I will draw you an oc with the same color pallet you use (you don't have to use my color pallets) just suggest something and I will draw you an oc based on what you asked for! it will be fully colored and lined ^^ please make sure to give me a little creative freedom. I will not use your character that you made until ive draw you your oc

ok so rules
put effort into your drawing!
im a Christian so please don't ask for a character specifically lgbt but feel free to do what ever you want once the character is yours ^^ this goes with demons and witches (for demons horns, tails and bat wings don't count as demonic for me)
if you don't plan on using the oc I make for you do not claim it, I will draw you a new oc. don't feel bad if you don't want the oc I know that sometimes ocs just don't click with people!

hope I didn't forget anything T~T

333lk22 @ Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:37 pm


333lk22 @ Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:11 pm

333lk22 wrote:bump

333lk22 @ Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:33 pm

333lk22 wrote:
333lk22 wrote:bump

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Mine vs yours- Aquacoral
by RainbowServal @ Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:53 am [Reply]

Has it been a while since I did one of these?
Well, here we have anger dude who can manipulate water at will
he would totally cause tsunamis when angered

Ref, rlly old but hh

RainbowServal @ Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:44 pm


RainbowServal @ Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:59 pm


RainbowServal @ Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:58 am


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note: these will take a while bc i cant be on a lot
I haven't seen any humanoid versions of this so
This is basically a character trade, you make me a character and if I choose to keep the design, I will make you one in return. If I don't claim your design within a week, you may keep it. And I won't use the character until I complete my part of the trade.
You can use the base if you want but you don't have to.

Once we have completed the trade, you can do whatever you want with your character, and I can do whatever I want with mine. includes revamping, trading/selling, or anything else (as long as it's legal lmao)

Don't forget to add me, and I advise that you put what kind of character you want in the description

Things I like:
-monsters/creepy designs
-animal/human mixes (unique mixes, not anthro or kemonomimi)
-contrasting colors
-bright colors
-weird traits
-diverse skintones, I don't need just white characters
-plant features
-colored sclera
-simple but unique designs
-really anything, my main source of pickiness is whether I connect or not

things I don't want:
-basic/normal humans (natural humans are fine if they're interesting)
-completely pastel
-extremely complex designs
-ripped jeans
-facial piercings

paoltergeist @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:21 pm


Scei @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:56 pm

Marking ^v^

s i r e n . @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:32 am

kelp me please kelp me

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To enter please make a cover for you entries and design as many reindeer as you want, each reindeer can get up to 10 points but they have to be different designs and each set is required to have a theme.

To achieve 10 points for your reindeer;

Line edits
Multiple colours
A cool, unique design


You have to colour all 6 reindeer
You must make a cover for your designs
No copying other designs

Extra points awarded for;

Every extra full set (10 pts)
Giving a list of your top 3 fav songs and who sings them (1-70 pts)
Line edits (2-11 pts)
A short paragraph of why you want to win (4-9 pts)



Make Me An Oc, Get An Oc!
by Celestia Ludenberg; @ Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:13 pm [Reply]

i see a lot of people doing this and i'm just curious of what i can get out of this, seems like a smart idea :00
even tho no one would do this lmao
I will say if I want the character that you made, I will say if i want them or not under your post!
Please don't get offended if I don't want your character! I don't want to get characters just to leave them to rot ;;
If I do accept your character, please give me some inspiration for me! (Horns, Feline, Scarf, etc.)
If you don't prefer a oc but you would like pets instead for your character, just tell me fam
Alrighty, here are some things I would prefer owu-
-Humanoid/Human or Anthro
-Vaporwave Aesthetic
-Multiple Eyes
-Stars / Space
-Simple but unique
-Cutesy designs (overalls with sweaters, etc.)


I need some new oc's, and rn I'm in a really bad art/design block. I'm kinda lazy so here we go^^
I'm going to make another post of inspiration and things I like, plus things I don't like in a character. This post will include rules, prizes, Q&A and other shizz.

(Note there may be more than one winner if I really like characters.)

1ST: c$60 (if theres two winners, c$50 each) (I get the character)
2nd: undetermined (I might get the character if I like it) (c$)
3rd: undetermined (I might get the character if I like it) (c$)

4th and lower: you get to keep the character. If I like the character, I can still ask for the character if I still really like it. Don't agree? Don't make a character.


When does this end?
Once I think it's gone on long enough and theres enough entries

Can I do this off-oekaki/off-topic?
You may do this off-oekaki, but if you are you may not use a base. If you're doing this off-topic ( e.g on tealea's base ) you MUST provide links!

ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ @ Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:34 am

res (likes and dislikes)


Species: Felines & Canines
Markings: Complex
Colors: Whatever correlates to the theme, all pinks, white, black, eye-bleed colors
Physical: Weird tails, big ears, anything that gives it originality, messy fur, b i g tails,
Age: 18+
Words for insp.: Vaporwave, glass, glow, lights, transparent, midnight partytown, 90's, aurora b. , crystals, water, elements, ferns, supernatural creatures as animals, seraph wings, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS BY BTS, Wings album by BTS, royalty, 90's anime, sailor moon, pixels, the wings trilogy, punks, fembois, gold jewellery, skellies, skulls, menhera, 'naughty' girls, pink, thicc thighs save lives (thick thigns), mouth-masks, satanic, crystal clear water, spiked collars, bad-boys, glasses, rock, BABYMETAL, metal(music), hardcore rock,

Male: Korean, bad-boys, BTS members inspired bois,
Female: Goddesses,


Species: Anything that isn't in the likes.
Markings: Roses, stripes, spots, swirls, anything that is simple
Colors: Whatever doesn't go well together
Physical: Really basic body structure, anything too extreme (really long legs, ears 10x their size, ect),
Age: 18 and under, 40+

Male: Soft, shy, rainbows,
Female: Long hair, Shy,

THEME 1: x

THEME 2: x

THEME 3: x

THEME 4: x

THEME 5: x

THEME 6: x

THEME 7: x

THEME 8: x

THEME 9: x

THEME 10: x

THEME 11: x

THEME 12: x

THEME 13: x

THEME 14: x

THEME 15: x

THEME 16: x x

THEME 17: x x

THEME 18: x

THEME 19: x x

THEME 20: x

THEME 21: x

THEME 22: x x x

THEME 23: x

THEME 24: x

THEME 25: x

THEME 26: x

THEME 27: x

THEME 28: x

THEME 29: x x

THEME 30: x

THEME 31: x x x

ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ @ Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:35 am

res (entries and scoreboards)

♛ = absolute favorites

wikapl67/x/cat/male + ♛
.Watson. /x/cat/male

This will get activated when there are enough entries

**Gets updated whenever a new entry is in the top 3**

Current 1st:
Current 2nd:
Current 3rd:

ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ @ Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:29 pm

Username: Please write down your username.
Character Number: Is this your (first, third, tenth, ect) entry..
Number: Give me a number between 1-10 so I can roll a number for your theme.
Toyhou.se Username: If you have an account, please tell me your user so I can credit you.

FORM (before character post/creation)

Code: Select all
Character number:
character species:
Toyhou.se Username:
extra info about character:

NOTE: Please add me to your piece, even if it's WIP. I would like to keep track on your progress!

Username: Please write down your username.
Theme: Which theme did you get at the start?
Character Name Suggestions: Not compulsory but I'd greatly appreciate.
Information about character: Age, gender, personality, backstory, quirks, anything else I should know?
Toyhou.se Username: If you have an account, please tell me your user so I can credit you.

FORM (after character creation)

Code: Select all
Theme you received:
Character name suggestions:
Information about character:
On a scale on 1-10, how well did you think you did?:
On a scale on 1-10, how much effort was put into this?:

31 replies not shown, show all

Warning!! My art style changes a lot!! PLEASE PLEASE post before you make/post your character!

I LOVE getting some cool new characters, and I love seeing your guys' interpretations on what I like uwu. I'll make 1-3 characters in return based on how much I like the character, time spent on it and how much effort was put into it.
If you make my character lazily, I'll make one in return. If you've read all of this say "Love Myself".
Give me multiple ideas (palettes, aesthetics, animals, ect) for what you want like I did please.
Make as many as you want, I'll make sure to justify what you like in a character! Please only one per post, and no spamming lazily drawn, plain characters.

What I WANT (NOTE, these are just individually what I want/like, please don't include them all.)
Species: Felines, Canines, Anthro, feral and Original species (check with me first on this).
Ages: 16+
Physical Traits: Interesting tails, mutations, hybrids, gore, crystals, super complex designs, odd designs
(If male): K-Pop idols, femboy, Korean, stylish, gods, demons, cute boyos, softies, rebels, spiked collars, sarcastic, dark/goth
(If female): Goddesses, rebels, spiked collars, powerful, serenity and z e n,

Aesthetics: Vaporwave, glass, glow, lights, transparent, midnight partytown, 90's, aurora b. , crystals, water, elements, ferns, supernatural creatures as animals, seraph wings, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS BY BTS, Wings album by BTS, royalty, 90's anime, sailor moon, pixels, the wings trilogy, punks, fembois, gold jewellery, skellies, skulls, menhera, 'naughty' girls, pink, thicc thighs save lives (thick thigns), mouth-masks, satanic, crystal clear water, spiked collars, bad-boys, glasses,

Age: 15 and under, 35+
Physical Traits: Roses, plain design, extremely minimal, overealistic, simple
Species: Everything that isn't in the "what I like"
(If male): Pastel,
(If female): Shy and OwO,
Other: Please no Gay/Lesbian characters, it makes me extremely uncomfortable and I'll block you if you make a character with any icons or symbols linked to it. If you are Gay/Lesbian/Bi, I'm not stopping you and I have nothing against you, just don't mention it. It's a serious trigger. You may make a character, but just.. Yeah.

Please don't make your character Gay/Lesbian. If you disagree, DO NOT MAKE A CHARACTER. I have rules for making me a character, and you'll have yours.

ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ @ Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:21 pm


ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ @ Sat Sep 29, 2018 5:58 am

[center][center]bump owoo

KarKat Vantas ♋ @ Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:34 am

Love Myself ;)
I'll give you a list of what I like when I post your character! ;v;-b

38 replies not shown, show all

Credit to:

all for the idea
All characters made under here automatically become mine unless I don't pay for them
I'll post under every character made here if I'm paying or not. If I haven't posted please wait for me to post!
I can't be here 24/7 to check!

If I don't pay for yours don't be offended! It's simply a system I've put in place to make sure I won't let any characters rot. If I don't pay for a character it simply means I don't connect with them, that's all!
ill most likely give a rare pet or a very old common or uncommon(multiple) :D
Any type of drawing/art
Any type of character is fine! let it be a real-life animal, a closed/open species of yours, etc
(To be Edited in future)

•Reaper• @ Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:45 am

can the character be human?

Shiny_Umbreon @ Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:47 am

It can be anything, ^^ so yes, it can be human.

•Reaper• @ Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:48 am

:) alright! I'm going to actually try this time.

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