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Site news

1st July 24

July 2024

Image Image

As always, there are new pets to Adopt!


We have a new limited edition Eco-dystopia Item Set made by Codex! These will be available until the end of August!


We also have the July Birthstone set for purchase, this birthstone pack is only available once a year every July!

And last but not least, don't forget to check out our Dressup Challenges for this month!

19th June 24

Mid Month Update - June 2024

Site Updates:

- Rarities are updated!
- We made a small update to our rules to clarify some grey areas regarding CS linked Discords. You can read more about this HERE.

What's coming up:

- We are still in summer event prep mode!
- Our staff litter color pallet has been picked!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

June 2024 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"rainbow falls" by Shooting Stars


1st June 24

June 2024

Oh my it's June already! Make sure to Adopt this month's new batch!


Happy Pride Month! To celebrate, we have a bunch of giveaways on our Special Event page! These will be up all month.


We also have new Feline Dragon Store Set available for purchase made by Lilian Nightshade!


Our General Helpers teamed up to put together a Special Litter! Contributors are Ashki, Aurora Storm, axelandria, Eagle's Eye, Lennie, & Swishy & Broken!


The Birthstone Set for June is now available! These wont be back in stock until next June!

Last but not least, we have new Dressup Challenges today! Don't forget to check them out and enter for chance to be featured in our next Mid Month Update!

17th May 24

Mid Month Update - May 2024

Site Updates:

- Rarities are updated!
- We updated the pound so that "already taken!" messages appear on them live as pets are adopted, so we can waste less time clicking on pets that someone has already taken!
- You may have noticed that we've been tweaking the rarity distributions in recent pound openings, we're done testing this out now and we've switched backed to the original rarity distribution! Thanks for your patience during all of these pound updates and tweaks!

What's coming up:

- Our summer event theme was chosen!! We can't wait to share what we are working on with you later this summer.

Community Spotlights:

-Check out Gear Dear owned by Savor, "Gear Dear are automatous cervine who keep companions for the magical properties they possess. The world they live in is a fantastical steampunk wilderness"

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

May 2024 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"boss fight: candy king" by remy!


1st May 24

May 2024!!


First things first, don't forget to Adopt our monthly pets from our amazing artists/staff!


We have a limited Midnight Swamp store item set from Codex available for purchase with C$! Don't miss out! We also have the May/Emerald Birthstone set for purchase, this birthstone pack is only available once a year!


And finally, check out our Dressup Challenges for this month!