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Oekaki Rules and Information
by Tess @ Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:17 am [Reply]

All images made in the oekaki board must follow our general Art Rules - however, there are some extra rules specific to the Oekaki that you should be aware of;

Oekaki-specific Rules

What you should do:

  • Keep comments polite, helpful, and relevant to the artwork. Critique is allowed if requested by the artist - but bare insults are not welcome here.
  • Make an effort to post your drawing in the correct board. For example, if you color in an Editable drawing, post it into the 'Colored-in' board. If you are new to oekaki and your artwork isn't of a very high standard yet, post in the Beginners board until you've had more practice.
  • If using an editable, follow the artist's rules! This may include leaving a signature/watermark layer on the final image, or may prevent you from selling colored-in versions as adoptables.
What you shouldn't do:
  • Don't post excessively bloody/gory/violent images, nudity, or anything else which might be inappropriate for younger viewers.
  • Do not post blank canvases in the contests board. Contests may be posted there only if you provide a lineart or background for contestants to use in their entries. If you don't need people to edit something in particular, go to the Regular Art Competitions Board to create your topic. You can still make a rule that your contestants make their entries in the Oekaki boards if you prefer it that way.
  • Don't make Oekaki drawings with just words or puzzles written on them. The oekaki is for sharing artwork, not for displaying a message or playing a forum game.
  • Don't spam the oekaki with random 10 second scribbles or advertisements and trade requests.
  • Religious themes are allowed in most boards EXCEPT in the Editable or Adoptable boards. Please keep these images for the Beginners, Intermediate, or Sketches boards instead.
  • Don't post offensive images imposing your beliefs on others. You are free to express your beliefs in a peaceful way, but not by hating on or denouncing any other person or group of people.
  • Don't create Oekaki topics just to share art you've created elsewhere. Art drawn in another program should be posted in the appropriate board (for example: non-Oekaki adopts go in User-made Adoptables).

Selecting a different version of ChibiPaint
We have 2 versions of ChibiPaint to choose from. The newer version (ChibiPaint v2.0) allows you to use extra features like rotating your canvas.
You can choose "ChibiPaint v2.0" on your Oekaki settings page here:

If you don't know how to get started, go to the Beginner Oekaki. When you create a 'New Topic' it will load ChibiPaint for you.
You need Java to view it, and once you create and send a picture it will feature at the top of your new topic.

Try these guides before asking questions:
Basic Oekaki Help
Very detailed Oekaki guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does art get 'featured' for the front page?
Featured art is hand-picked by a staff member to make it appear on the front page. Only recent artwork can appear in the featured box. The lucky artists are chosen if we think their drawing is particularly beautiful or creative and deserving of special attention. Often some of the site's 'best' artwork doesn't get featured because we believe it will attract enough attention on it's own.

Will you feature my artwork please?
We don't take requests or recommendations. There are not many places available for featured art, so many people just miss out. Don't take it personally, if you haven't been featured then your drawing is just one among tens of thousands which didn't get featured that week. It doesn't mean we think you're unworthy, it just means you're not incredibly lucky.

How does art get into the "most popular" categories?
The "most popular" boards are sorted automatically based on the number of "likes" they have. They are set up to include the top images from a range of different boards so that even Beginners and Sketches have a chance of being displayed amongst the top Intermediate artwork.

Can COPPA users post in the oekaki?
Yes, but all of their posts require post approval from a moderator before they appear in the forum.

I'm a COPPA user. What happened to my post? When will it be approved?
If you don't see your recent post appearing in the oekaki boards then it is probably waiting for a staff member to approve it. This might take a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how many staff are available right now. Please be patient, staff have to read and approve nearly 1000 posts per day, sometimes it just takes a while for yours to be seen.

  • Gallery display:

mine/yours zack uwu
by Cøokii @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:56 am [Reply]

love this little boi <3 and im bored so i did this lmao, and i wanted to see how other people drew him :0 in their style <3
tysm if you do this <3! i would really appreciate it uwu
if you do this your agreeing to let me use the art so i could put it on my sta.sh <3 dont worry i will fully credit you <3!
also please don't steal him his design or him!!

Cøokii @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:23 am


Cøokii @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:50 am


Cøokii @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:05 am


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Hello!This is our seconded event and will last till march 20th~,Color the tail and get a spooder!You can ask for uncommon and common traits~
Code: Select all

if any of the artists or me asks to be added,please add them!

Cocoa wolfz @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:18 am

(i hope thats ok!)

dragonstars @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:37 am


dragonstars @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:03 am


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No longer taking requests for now!

My favorite characters so far: https://sta.sh/2281exglvowv

Hey Y'all! (regret was had)

I'm doing this thing because I need inspiration!!! Art block sucks so this is a fun thing I'm doing.


1)- Max of 5 colors, there can be less than five.

2)- I'm doing this for fun, so there's no deadline on this for me. I'm going to take as long as I want. I will do all of them though- I don't just pick and choose specific palettes. I'll try to go in order.

3)- if you want, you may request the species of character you get. This can be anything. (Also, I've really enjoyed getting song reccomendations to inspire me while drawing. If you have a song that you like, you can totally put it in the description also)

4)- it's free! This is not me getting commissions. - just inspiration. With this in mind, please do not get super specific with ideas/requests in your description. Any extra tidbits aside from what species should be very general. Anything too specific just gives me less room to work usually.

5)- If you made a palette previously, you may do one again. But please no more than one per person during each time when it opens.


1) -color this editable in

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! - please color in the tiger head within the editable. It doesn't even have to match the color palette you make. This is so all of the palettes that will inevitably spam the oekaki are at least not just dots on a blank background. It will make the mods and myself very happy :)

2) -put in description any special requests or say that you don't have any.

3) -Add me, and I will color in your colored in drawing

4) -I will PM you when I'm done

Comment any questions or Ideas you have! Even send me a quick PM if you want.
1) alohomora.'s - anthro
2) Uchuu hikou-shi's - human
3) Spiritstar3's - human
4) Trico_'s - dragon
5) ThatDragonAdara's - Tiger
6) Tate Langdon's - human
7) AislingNyht's - cat
8) Sharky's - human
9) thejokerkeepsmiling1's - human?
10) FoxtaiIs's - Cat
11) GalaxyWolf*'s - human?
12) Softea's - human
13) PaigeyTheCatLady's - wolf
14) Willows-Serenity's - owl
15) MimiBitz - Dog
16) ola232's - anthro
17) Wobbuffet's - human
18) Sugarspider's - human?
19) doxophobia's - human
20) weegeestar5's - human
21) Nero The Corgi King's - anthro
22) DrinaLestrange's - ???????
23) 333lk22's - dragon
24) Spottedleaf.'s - Cat
25) p a s t e l's - anthro
26) eggo's - human
27) Alphys.'s - anthro
28) alive.'s - human
29) Len~Chan's - human?
30) Felix Agreste's - human?
31) xofrnk's - human
32) florence box's - human
33) silverwolfahoo's - wolf
34) toshie's - anthro
35) Imaginary's - dragon
36) merry!'s - human
37) strawbee's - human
38) TwinDragon's - anthro
39) Fizzy Soda Pop's - human
40) ∞★∞'s - anthro
41) sicknasty's - human?
42) Misakiio's - anthro
43) KittyRock8's - doge
44) PoppyTina's - human
45) TheBrightestStar's - human
46) James Barnes's - human???
47) Phoenix Ash Fire's - Wolf
48) asada.'s - human? anthro?
49) Tombstone.frost's - Human
50) 8 of Spades's - dragon
51) exiide's - Cat
52) Enchanted.,'s - human
53) Ciel Phantomhive.'s - human?
54) Santana.'s - anthro
55) diamondfox's - dragon
56) .noir.'s - anthro
57) SnakeScales's - Leopard
58) space cactus - Human?
59) cswolf.'s - Ibex
60) pans's - otter
61) tiny awkward walrus's - human
62) Jelly_fish's - human
63) IceFlurry's - anthro
64) DevilsSpawn's - anthro
65) LeafyIsNotHere's - redpanda/cat
66) LoneWolf-Gage's - wolf
67) Mariala's - human
68) Evils's - human
69) BadgerBuddies's - tiger
70) Infinitile's - wolf
71) Pidge Gunderson's - Human
72) ~Nugget~'s - Robot
73) AnthroFoxi's - Anthro
74) happysparrow's - human?????
75) .:Infiniti:.'s - human
76) Staridae's - human
77) Shinjitaro's - human
78) mimona's - human..?
79) Credit's - Anthro?? I guess??
80) νυℓριχ's - Cat
81) hazel corazones's - human
82) D.J.D Vᴏs's - robot moth
83) BreakinBenjamin12234's - wolf
84) damsel~in~distress's - wolf
85) ☂ .'s - human
86) Warrdog's - baby goat
87) pepermint's - draggo
88) ~Zion~'s - husky doggo
89) PixelWolf's - Fox
90) xXshewolvXx's - wolf
91) Moonpaw and Icyheart's - anthro
92) Wolfy858's - anthro
93) ʟᴀɴᴄᴇ's - human
94) Red weasel's - cat
95) chrutchie_'s - human
96) Hamzee's - human?
97) ~(SkyLiarLee)~'s - human
98) MintyTeaLeaves's - human
99) MelonBreeze's - human
100) ni!'s - human
101) -Killian's - human
102) Ede's - cat? anthro?
103) chef-boyardee's - anthro
104) o'hare's - feline
105) EmberDemon's - human
106) Xhat's - human
107) She Wolf Warrior's - human
108) sundead's - human?
109) snart's - anthro
110) kamelgirl's - human
111) ForgottenxSoul's - human
112) emape's - draggo
113) ciiel ♥'s - human
114) Usha's - human
115) moonlight_girl's - fox
116) RebelliousWinter's - red panda
117) (ωнιѕρєя)'s - human
118) pugs. - dog
119) PumpkinFlower's - human
120) Autumn Ghost's - wolf?
121) Rainbow noivern - demon boyo
122) Wolfiedog3's - human
123) Shadowflight13's - wing guy
124) gynaboo's - cat
125) Amxen no.XV's - scarecrow
126) juice box.'s - human?
127) eonian's - human
128) Elline.'s - human?
129) corrosive_limes's - human?
130) PikachuTori25's - human
131) Rosiestar's - anthro
132) oneinthecold's - draggo
133) mammalia's - draggo
134) WanSham's - anthro
135) jensen ackles's - horse
136) WolfwithWings38's - anthro
137) Starlightlove's - cat
138) Arganineo's - human?
139) arlee.'s - anthro? human? idk
140) linbee's - fish cat
141) Skylion44's - anthro
142) Thechoosenblackwolf's - anthro
143) astrid.jpg's - human
144) ☁Lady Raincloud☁ - serval
145) ghost queen.'s - human
146) Marshmellow,'s - anthro
147) Simonpet's - cat
148) 333lk22's - robot
149) GotSalt's - human
150) QuakingAspen's - human
151) ManyMangoes's - Corgo
152) Dolly's - tiger
153) blupcretia's - human??
154) Cheswick's - human
155) chimique's - kemonomimi
156) ariconnie48's - chicken
157) Ciel Phantomhive.'s - human
158) Saltfriend's - anthro
159) Osho's - dragon
160) Checkinder's - Anthro
161) Akemi-Chan's - Human?
162) redwolf466's - Dragon
163) 折原 臨也's - Leopard
164) Butter rum's - Anthro
165) ~Phantom's - ???
166) APH Siantia's - Cat
167) lysander's - robot? human? demon? idk
168) Ethulai's - Human?
169) waffle02's - griffon
170) misconception's - anthro
171) MotherMother's - Fisher Cat
172) Larkspur1678's - Anthro
173) saccharin's - Human?
174) Laughingfruit's - Human?
175) Vaatii's - Human?
176) Tynahi's - Human?
177) silverstream233's - human
178) DragonHearted's - dragon
179) Hemalily's - human
180) Specialty's - human
181) deteriorating.'s - anthro
182) OrangeSock's - anthro
183) mika.'s - human?
184) Molly.'s - ???
185) Pitch1226's - Human
186) Halographics's - dragon
187)Woopperoni's - anthro

alohomora. @ Wed May 03, 2017 4:53 pm

thanks! :D

Ciel Phantomhive. @ Wed May 03, 2017 5:00 pm

Mark ;^;

Spiritstar3 @ Wed May 03, 2017 5:31 pm


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BUT, its SO adorable ^-^

audrianr @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:12 pm

Aww it's adorable!

Dark ~ Effect @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:07 pm

audrianr wrote:Aww it's adorable!

Thank you! ^-^

All grown up X3

Mine vs yours
by sparklesenpai @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:02 pm [Reply]

I find these mine vs yours really fun ^-^
Thankyou to anyone who tries this, your art doesnt have to be good.

This character is often mistakenly called Harder, although his real name is Harah-der, he is most often summoned falsely under the name Harder. ^-^
He is an oc that was just recently given to me, he is a spooky but very cute boi

More of what he looks like- https://sta.sh/21mgxexa2xnj?edit=1

He is eerily silent and sneaks up on people during the night :? , but all he really wants is a friend ;u;
He is made out of a green goo, and wears a mask so people dont see his melting face. He appears when you say his name. So say you said something like "oh this math test was so much harder then the others." Poof he appears! :lol:

sparklesenpai @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:20 pm


sparklesenpai @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:40 pm


sparklesenpai @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:54 pm

A bump

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Collie Editable
by Asa Willow @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:11 am [Reply]

Yeeeah just don't take off the signature and give credit, you can use it however you want.

LittleBodyBigHeart @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:30 am


Rainbow Raven @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:43 am

Mark! I love collies. They're my favorite dog breed (^O^)

[Missing] @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:52 am


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Tiniest puppos - f2u adopt lines
by Sixbane @ Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:08 am [Reply]

I feltl ike drawing some tiny lines so I did
feel free to do whatever; make adopts/characters/edit to your hearts content
just dont remove my sig (moving it is fine)
and dont try to sell the lines themselves (selling adopts or colorins is fine)

thejokerkeepsmiling1 @ Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:08 am

OML MARK! These are flippin adorable!!

Paints @ Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:10 am


Warriorcats<3FC @ Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:11 am

Ill try and use these, they are adorable! :)

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- Please respect everyone!

- You may make Owl Snake Gryphons for yourself or for adopts.

- You may not sell make these to sell.

- Having someone make a Owl Snake Gryphons for you is alright.

Light Bringer @ Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:47 pm

Marking this! This is such a great idea!!

Bokuto_ @ Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:51 am


Bokuto_ @ Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:45 am

Bokuto_ wrote:Up

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free lion editable [open to mark]
by zebs @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:12 am [Reply]

ayy i love lions so here's an editable!!

contains for now:

main body lines + color
basic shading
big/fluffy mane lines + color
small mane lines + color
ear fluff lines + color
front leg scars + color
back leg scars + color
back scar + color
tail scar + color
eye scar + color
mouth scar + color
muzzle scar + color
ear scar (edit other stuff yourself)
nose/eye shines (3 different eye shines)
ear inside + tail mane + nose + teeth color (all in one, might separate eventually)

if you have anything you'd like me to add/fix, please comment below! for lines, i used size 2 with 30 smoothing and 100% opacity. please don't claim these lines to be your own, and give proper credit if asked :)

update log:

[18-3-18] added small mane color + touched up the lines and colors of multiple things + ear fluff lines and color + whiskers

WolfireX @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:52 am

Wow these lines are si good

The sad thing is my OC looks just like the pre-colered version XD
forever alone

zebs @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:27 pm

WolfireX wrote:Wow these lines are si good

The sad thing is my OC looks just like the pre-colered version XD
forever alone

thank you!! also, rip :')

Purrfectpal @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:41 am

Love this!

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Mine | yours
by lilpupin @ Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:14 pm [Reply]

So I made this new dude (a wolf) during finals on my math paper, (which is totally what I was supposed to be doing...) and thought I'd toss him in here as my first contribution to the mine/yours meme. The thing next to his face isn't really anything, you don't need to pay too much mind to it, it's sort of his signature. So, draw away! (Thank you in advance to all participators, I love seeing all the amazing different art!)

lilpupin @ Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:50 pm

Bump :P

lilpupin @ Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:14 am


lilpupin @ Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:36 am


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mine/yours w angsty boy
by weegeestar5 @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:23 am [Reply]

I didn't do one of these w my chibi anime style? smh

obvi don't claim my side or oc as ur own :p

Puppy Tower based on this drawing by bau
by Bean_Cake @ Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:31 am [Reply]

Original concept by bau ©2012
I love this editable so much, its been bookmarked for a long time and I had been meaning to get around to coloring it in. However, I was hesitant because I didn't have any cat OCs and I was unable to find canine version of the editable so I created one. Unfortunately I had started my sketch right away on bau's editable and only noticed when i was about half way done. :| I hope this is okay, I worked hard to create my own version of the master piece.


- Dont remove my sigg
- Don't use this editable for adopts or post on other boards
- you may take off site if you link back
- you may make as many lines edits as needed

♡ Minty ♡ @ Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:56 am

This is such a cute editable om

zaria_rabbit @ Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:58 am

highkey mark

Cuddlewuffle @ Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:10 am

oh my god, mark. this is amazing

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dog editable
by That's Offensive @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:10 am [Reply]

I just felt like it.

free to use lines, dont claim them as your own, dont remove my sig and dont take off site without linking back here.
you are allowed to edit the lines and sell designs.

have fun!^^

Forest Fox @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:29 am


q1q2q3q4 @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:39 am


ashes229 @ Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:37 pm


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true mamstepieces indeed
by Jaquoreth @ Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:44 am [Reply]

plz edit~~
don't touch my side i worked hard on it~~~~~
i love any art even if it isn't as good as mine~

omisweetjesus wow so many of you are doing this
thanks for all of the art guys
some of your art is almost as beautiful as mine (read mamsterpiece) and other art is actually good and i am confused how
i think i commented at least once on all of your art, and speaking of comments
wow do not take my comments seriously unless i say something about you art actually being good
so don't be triggered if i say IM BETTER ARTIST or PLEASE MY ART IS WAY BETTER or some crap like that
enjoy my homemade healthy organic crapposts down below

Jaquoreth @ Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:47 am

plz draw

Jaquoreth @ Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:58 am


Jaquoreth @ Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:59 am

eggs and oniones

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Color the paw get a horse based on this drawing by Neara
by Cloudpelt @ Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:47 am [Reply]

It is a simple as it sounds! Just color the paw and only the paw.

Tell me if you want any accessories like wings, different hair, etc
Add me!
If you don’t say a hair type, I’ll pick it for you
Only make two a day

Lines by: Neara

Cloudpelt @ Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:55 am


Cloudpelt @ Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:21 am

Cloudpelt wrote:Up

Cloudpelt @ Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:55 am

Cloudpelt wrote:
Cloudpelt wrote:Up

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Color the heart, get a horse based on this drawing by Neara
by #Friesian @ Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:19 pm [Reply]

please only color the heart
-If you want me to do something special with the
mane, you may color the heart lines
-Don't forget to add me to your drawing ^^
-If you don't specify a hair type, I will choose one for you
-You may make more than one, just no more than 2 a day
-You don't need to read this one, but I will be making a few
myself and giving them away as adopts
-It would be helpful of you to mark the thread, but it's not required

Here are some options Neara has put into this that
I can change for you ^^:

-Short hair
-Long hair
-Hunter hair
-Dressage hair
-Western hair
-War hair
-Wavy hair
-Bobbed hair
-Arabian hair
-No hair

-Lines by: Neara


#Friesian @ Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:24 am


CrazyB @ Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:10 pm

im in

#Friesian @ Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:01 am

bump ^^

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Logue: mine v. yours
by Ranger of the North @ Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:55 pm [Reply]

Aah, my love-to-lean-on-trees trouble-maker c': Feel free to have a go! Let me know if you'd rather I didn't use your art anywhere c: (But if you're fine with me using it, I'll defs credit you!)

The timer is depressingly accurate, lol.

Below, in transparent, I've included a description! It's there because I trust my ability to translate what's in my head into words more than pictures, haha; but it's in transparent because it's not a requirement of any sort; more like a reminder to my future self of what I was trying to do here XD
Logue is a twenty-four-year-old human male. He has dark-brown, wind-blown hair and a heavy tan. He's a bit of a trouble-maker. When casual, he wears an ordinary long-sleeve shirt and long-pants — both are black with dark-red trimmings/accents — a dark-red belt to hold his ever-present dagger, and a dark-red cloak with a hood (the boxes on his shirt are supposed to be pockets, aha). When a little more wary, he adds a chainmail shirt and chainmail... things to cover the top half of his legs. When he knows there's a hard battle ahead, he also wears a leather breastplate overtop of everything. All his clothing/armour is light, as he's an archer, and prefers to run if possible when fighting gets too near.
I got lazy with the tree, haha; might fix it later.

To all, including casual passersby: if you hit, 'COLOURMEIN', then, using Alpha-Lock, you'll be able to see his three main outfits! :D Layers marked with an asterisk are supposed to remain, but adding/removing the others (I think they're all in caps) will switch between :D :D [1) is chainmail, 2a) and 2b) are ordinary clothes, and 3a), 3b), and 3c), is heavier battle-gear!]

TheSongOfTheStars @ Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:54 am

Dude, I'm totally checking this out later!

winged-backpack @ Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:19 am

I might actually attempt to use the oekaki and do this one day :lol:

It's really cool!

Ranger of the North @ Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:20 am

Thanks so much, guys! C:

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Mine vs Yours - Lilith
by Aika - 愛佳 @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:25 am [Reply]

Haven't done one of those in a long time
I really love watching other people styles ! I hope you'll decide to do that <3 Thank you a lot!!

Lilith is my Fursona, character belongs to me !

Plushinko @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:17 am

" Done! oWo "

Aika - 愛佳 @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:55 am

Plushinko wrote:
" Done! oWo "

tysm that is beautiful *-* <3

~MintyThins~ @ Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:51 am


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Cat Editable by SkyGold
by SkyGold @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:18 am [Reply]


    Do whatever you want with these lines.
    All I ask is that you do not take credit for them or remove my signature.

    I hope you like them!

lil' tip: use a size 2 brush if you have pen pressure for line edits but if you don't have pen pressure, use size 1.

B l o s s o m @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:19 am

they look so amazing! Mark for later use! c:

audrianr @ Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:03 pm


q1q2q3q4 @ Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:35 am


10 replies not shown, show all

      pen pressure......

      you may:
      - sell designs for any kind of currency
      - edit this however you'd like
      - move my signature or rewrite it
      - take offsite

      you may not:
      - repost this as is
      - remove my signature
      - claim as your own

bellini @ Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:14 pm

mark ;0 !!

Brandy6 @ Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:16 pm


Halographic @ Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:55 pm

mark !

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Lion Adopts Editable based on this drawing by q1q2q3q4
by q1q2q3q4 @ Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:34 am [Reply]

This is a line edit of the original PeanutButterRum's cat adopt editable

The original lines rules apply to these too:

PeanutButterRum wrote:You may-
-Edit the lines
-Sell for online currency
-Use on another site as long as you credit me
(( Lines by Butter Rum @ Chickensmoothie.com / Butter-Bear@DeviantArt.com ))

You may not-
-Remove my sig
-Color in a book, movie or game characters
(this includes YouTuber or DeviantArt characters from popular artists like LupisVulpes)

I asked for PeanutButterRum's permission to do this. ^^

Currently does not have a lion mane, feel free to draw your own.

Seelie @ Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:56 pm

ahh mork

DragonOfEmber @ Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:55 pm


XxEchoSongxX @ Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:27 pm

Mark! <3

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Horse Adoptables
by preppy paws @ Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:27 am [Reply]

Now moved to editable!
you may take them off cs but give me credit for the lines
you may not make an adoption center
but you may sell or give away individual adopts

    I made a small thing for me when I get bored and want to design some horses x3 none other than I can color here :p some horses will be fcfs, best form, or even sold for cs pets, etc. coat suggestions are always welcome!

    -each set of horses will be titled(tobiano set, roan set etc)
    -you may not be added to these
    -I will not crop them or give individual versions
    -these can be used for other adoptables(cwhr, bear run customs etc)
    -you can pick the breed of the horse but you may not change the design
    -no stealing designs or guilt tripping/begging

    Horse Sets

thunderpetal @ Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:51 am

Ooohh, mark! This looks cool 8D
I'd like to see red/apricot duns or blood bays.

dr pepper. @ Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:53 am

Appaloosas are awesome wink wink

preppy paws @ Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:00 pm

made a simple batch o3o my pen pressure randomly went down but my tablet was working and I have no clue what happened but thats the reason for the lame first batch x3

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um? based on this drawing by wolflover34
by KatDragon @ Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:53 am [Reply]

i started this a while back and FUR-got about it.



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