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Account Security Reminder: You should never share your password with other people, not even staff.

You should never enter your Chicken Smoothie username and password information into other games or websites.

You should use different passwords for different websites so if one password gets stolen you won't lose every account you own.

If someone else knows your password then they could easily steal all of your pets/items or delete them from your account. They could read your private messages or send messages to other people while pretending to be you. They might post nasty messages in the forum while pretending to be you. They could also change your account password and email address so that you can't login to your account anymore. Even if it's your trusted friend they might accidentally trade away your favorite pets or get you into trouble.

Because of these risks we strongly recommend that you keep your password private, and make sure it is something that other people couldn't guess. If you need to change your password, you can do that on your Account Settings page. If you need help with your account you can report problems using the help system.

We've occasionally seen scammers promise that you'll magically get free pets/items/C$ if you enter your password somewhere, download some program (virus), or change your password to a certain word. This is a scam to trick you into giving up your account. There is no bug/loophole or cheat that will get you free stuff on CS.

If someone asks you for your password then you should report them to CS staff. Even if they say they are a staff member, report them and do not reply. Real CS staff will never ask you for your password. Users who try to steal account information or break into other players' accounts will be banned.
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Recent drawings from the Oekaki forums
by imakilljoywannabe in 59:32
by imakilljoywannabe in 03:21
by icedtea. in 45:33
by Beta. in 26:19:08
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