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Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie! You can sign up for a free account to save your pets in, or if you like you can adopt pets without creating an account. Unlike some other websites, you don't need to click on your pets to make them grow up, they grow up without you needing to do anything!

Get started right away by clicking the "Adopt" button above!

Site news

1st September 15

It's a new month on CS, which means new pets to adopt!


This month we celebrate with our annual all-staff dog litter! This year we had outcomes from Atwood, Bentley, Berkshire, Bernouli, cataract, Chia, DoctorDraca, endeavour, Ethulai, Fiery Gatoh, Graham, Jadeghost, Lacuna, Lilian Nightshade, Metallic Dragon, misneach, Nadine, Orchid Sprig, PitchBlack, Pluma, Saikiyo, Schuyler, sketchi, Solloby, Vampiric, Verdana, and Yağmur!

See if you can guess which artist made which pet as they grow up!

26th August 15


There are some cool new jackets and scythes available in the Store!

The scythes can be found in the accessories store category and were made by DoctorDraca.
The jackets are found in the casual clothes category and were made by Atwood.

11th August 15

The new store pets have landed!
Click here to check out the newest store pets, made by Berkshire!

Atwood has also been busy updating the jackets & coats from the store's "casual clothes" category so they now fit many more species! These items now auto convert to fit: dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, butterfly wolves, bunnies, deer, lions, rats, fennec foxes, syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters! Here are some examples:
Image Image

10th August 15

Sorry for the downtime, our Web host is having some troubles over the last hour.

We're disabling the Oekaki painting tool until the problems are fixed, and some drawings will fail to load. We hope to have that back in the next couple of hours!

EDIT: the Oekaki should now be back online.

9th August 15

The Candy Summer Event is now over, but don't fret - Vampiric has made a few more super tasty avatars for our free avatar gallery!

Click here to tell us your favorite things about the Event!

Image Image Image Image Image

You can find these avatars in the "Other" category in the free avatar gallery. Click here for info about changing your avatar and using the free avatar gallery!

If you participated in the Candy Summer Event, you should now find some cool new Summer 2015 stamps in your "My Stamps" folder of your stamp collection!

Image Image Image Image

Click here for discussion and information about the stamp collection!