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Site news

20th June 16

We've recently made a few small changes to the Pound!
The Pound is now set up to open more frequently. Once you adopt a Pound pet, you'll only have to wait 3 hours before you're allowed to get another one (it used to be 24 hours!). That means that if you're very lucky and check back often, you might be able to adopt from the Pound several times a day! Remember though, the Pound will still open at random times of day, so it might not necessarily be open when your 3 hour wait time is up. You'll just need to wait for the next scheduled Pound opening.

To celebrate the recent Pound changes, we've got a new Precious Pound Pets dress-up challenge!

1st June 16


It's now June on CS! Can you believe we're nearly halfway through 2016 already?

The new pets for June are out now on the Adopt pages! Don't miss the cats, the General Helpers have put together something special this month!

There's a new Dress-ups Challenge this month!

And check out our new Store Pets! These beautiful cheetahs were made by Berkshire, and you can buy a set for just C$60!

1st May 16

It's now May on CS!
It's a new month, so there are new pets to Adopt!

Thanks for sharing your CS memories with us last month in our CS Birthday Quiz! It was so touching hearing about the many good experiences our members have had on CS. It seems that many of you have made great friendships here, and found people who accept you for who you are. Many of you have discovered a passion for drawing or writing using our roleplay and oekaki boards. I was so touched to hear that CS has become home for many of you, and you feel safe and supported by your community. We obviously have an excellent bunch of people here, so keep on being awesome! :D <3

27th April 16


There's a new Dress-ups Challenge starting today!

The theme is pretty simple this time: Your favorite color!

Click here to join the challenge!

14th April 16

Today's the last day to enter our Inspired by a Song Dress-ups Challenge!