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17th March 18


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our artists have prepared some pets and items for you so make sure to pick them up!

Put them to use right away in our St. Patrick's Dress Up Challenge and show us how your pets celebrate! :)

1st March 18

A new month has arrived so get your March pets now!

There are also new Dressup Challenges to show off your dressed up pets!

Our Easter event will start later this month aswell so make sure to check back on our News!

25th February 18

Keep your account safe!
Recently some users had their pets stolen because they didn't have a strong password keeping their account safe.

It's not safe to use the same password for everything. Especially if you've been using the same password for years!

Today is the perfect time to update your password to something secure!

A good password should be hard for your friends or enemies to guess. Don't include any parts of your username, email address or real name, and don't include information that your friends could easily find out like your birth year.

Click here to update your password to something safe.
Or click the "My Account" link at the top of the page (next to Trades), then find the "Username & Password" tab.

16th February 18


Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the year of the earth dog. Click the Chinese New Year button above to collect your gifts and help us celebrate! You can also find out what your Zodiac animal is!

We also have a new Chinese New Year dressup challenge. Show us how your pets celebrate the new year!

14th February 18


Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out the Valentine's page for gifts our staff have prepared for you!

Click here to enter the Valentine's Dress-ups Challenge!