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Halloween Event

Site news

30th October 14

Double candy event!

Visit the Halloween Event Page for information about this special chance to earn extra candy tokens!

29th October 14


Tired of hunting yet?

The Halloween hunt has been extended for the weekend, so it will now most likely finish on the 3rd of November!

The last day for new releases of token pets/items will be on Halloween - the 31st of October. So after those releases you can safely spend your tokens without worrying about more stuff being added to the candy shop. You will still have a few extra days to spend your tokens after the hunt ends, but don't leave it until the last minute, or you might miss out!

Remember that the CS events and releases typically roll over at midnight on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which may not be the same time zone that you live in. You can check the CS time/date here: http://www.chickensmoothie.com/time.php

25th October 14


I hope you are enjoying our Halloween Event! Don't forget to check back daily for new gifts and prizes!

Click here to see the amazing art from this week's Oekaki Weekly Challenge: Draw your fav pets/items from the Halloween Event - There's still time to enter the challenge if you're feeling artsy!

We are about halfway through the event now. The candy hunt will most likely end on the 1st of November, unless we extend it for a few days!

21st October 14

Whoops, the black & white Halloween dog that came out today mistakenly had a trade-in limit of one set, so you could only trade in for it once. That limit has now been removed, so you can trade for more if you like :).

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