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Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie! You can sign up for a free account to save your pets in, or if you like you can adopt pets without creating an account. Unlike some other websites, you don't need to click on your pets to make them grow up, they grow up without you needing to do anything!

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Site news

22nd April 14


The Easter Egg Hunt is now over! Thanks for playing!

You still have a few days to spend your eggs on the Event Page before Totoro closes up shop. Spend them now, don't miss out!

21st April 14


The Easter Egg Hunt (and Animal Egg Hunt) are both ending in about 12 hours! Don't miss out! Both hunts finish at the same time.

You can see how much time is left on our time page:

The hunts both end at 2014-04-22 00:00:00.

You'll still be able to trade in any tokens that you've collected for 4 days after the hunt ends!

18th April 14

The Easter Egg hunt is being extended for an extra day of hunting!

We previously announced that the last day to collect eggs would be the 20th of April (Easter Sunday), but we've decided to let you keep collecting eggs on the 21st (Monday) too!

We've upped the banner limit so those who previously hit the limit will be able to keep hunting a while longer now :)

Totoro will add the last prizes and gifts to her trade-in store on Sunday, so after that release you can feel free to make your trade-in decisions. You will have an extra 4 days to keep trading in tokens after the hunt ends, but please try to do it as soon as possible. Every year a lot of people miss out because they leave it too late or forget that the CS server doesn't run on the same time-zone as their home country. Please be careful not to get stuck with a bunch of tokens at the end of the hunt!

13th April 14

Firstly: Please remember to check the Easter event page daily! Totoro has new gifts and prizes to offer every day!

News for horse lovers!
We have re-packaged and re-released our free horse items, so everyone can adopt them again! This time the packs contain all free blanket colors so no-one misses out :) The full-body blankets, feed bags and grassy snacks will fit ponies & drafts as well as horses

These are not new items, but your adoption limit for them has been reset, so you can adopt the package again and add more to your collection :D They're free, but they're found in the "Accessories" page of the Store.

Make sure you've read all of April's news items, as we have a lot going on this month, including the Easter event and CS Birthday!

12th April 14


Our Easter Event has just begun! Click here to go to the Easter Event page for prizes and information :)

Keep an eye out for prize banners at the bottom of the site/forum!

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The Easter Egg Hunt is now over! I hope everybody had fun!