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Site news

4th August 17

Our Summer Event is now complete! We hope everybody had fun! I wonder where we'll go next year?

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme. If you're still longing to be under the sea, you can switch your Board Style back to "CSSea" from your My Account page.

3rd August 17

Today is the last day you can trade in your tokens for our Summer Vacation event! Don't miss out!

There is a countdown on the main event page to let you know how much time you have left.

1st August 17

Our Summer Vacation at the Lost City has now ended.
No more hunting for shells and kelp, now you can relax and get a full night's sleep ;)

It's the 1st of August on CS! That means new free pets to adopt and also new Store Pets!
We have also added new dress-up challenges!

There are just 3 days left to spend your leftover tokens in The Lost City.
Don't leave it to the last minute and risk missing out! Go ahead and choose your prizes today.

We hope you enjoyed our Summer Vacation event :) we had a great time and received a lot of awesome fanart. Our next event will be our Halloween candy hunt in late October.

31st July 17

Today's the last day of Avian and Totoro's 2017 Summer Vacation! *sob*

The Princess has 2 new requests for us today so we'd better see if we can help.
And make sure you pay a visit to Cuttler too!

Fill your pockets with kelp and shells while you still can! Tomorrow the hunt will end and there will be no new gifts or challenges.
You will still be able to trade in your event tokens for 3 more days after the event ends. Don't leave it too late, because once we leave this place you will be stuck with any kelp/shells/pearls you haven't spent!

We hope you've enjoyed our Summer Vacation event! This was all made possible by our awesome team of artists, moderators, archivists, general helpers, admins and assistants. The Lost City was drawn by one of our retired artists - Chia. Thanks everyone! :clap:

Please take a look at our Lost City Fanart Collection! Cuttler pins up new art every hour :)

Our next event will be Halloween in late October

30th July 17

Today's the day of the Jamboree!
The Lost City locals are busy partying today, so they don't have any new requests for us. You can pick up the free gifts they've given us and enjoy a more relaxed day.

Click here to join the Jamboree Party!
Click here to see some of the wonderful event fanart we've received!
The fanart will update every hour to feature new art, and you will be able to use links at the bottom of the display to view the older updates too.

Click here to send us fanart you made!

There is still one more day of the event tomorrow, so keep hoarding those tokens!