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29th July 15

Don't forget to visit all the Summer Event map locations every day to see what new things are happening around town!

We're just on day 5 of the event now, about halfway through our Summer Vacation. I hope everyone is having fun :) I wonder what new tasks the residents of Sucrose City might have for us in the coming days?

28th July 15


Looks like the fishing shop is open for business today! Let's do some fishing!

27th July 15

It's a new day in Sucrose City! Looks like all is well.

Don't forget to visit the residents of Sucrose City every day, just in case they have new gifts or requests for you!

The free wigs and clothes will only be available to adopt for 24 hours, so make sure to grab them straight away. The first wig and dress set are available for extra time today since they were only up for 10 hours yesterday, but they will also be removed from those shops tomorrow (to make way for new gifts!)

26th July 15


With all your help, Teddy has fixed the bridge!

Click here to cross the bridge into Downtown Sucrose City

26th July 15

Click here to help Ted repair the bridge!

He has nearly got enough supplies, so the bridge should be fixed soon!

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