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Halloween Event

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18th October 14

Изображение Изображение

Oops! Today's witch wig has mysteriously turned green! There must have been a mixup at the CS factory. But don't worry, we'll give out a black wig again later in the event and it'll stay black next time :)

If you already adopted today's witch costume, the wig should automatically change to green in your inventory, it's not a separate item so you haven't missed out.

In time for Halloween, Atwood has updated the centurion costumes from our Summer Event so they now fit puppies too!

17th October 14

The Halloween Event has begun!


Click here to go to the event page and pick up your free goodies!

Click here to find our brand new bunny costumes in the store!

You can find event candy by browsing around the site and looking for prize banners which may appear at the bottom of the page. It might take a while to find one, but keep looking!

We've changed over to our Halloween layout for the event. If you'd like to switch back to our regular "dull-green" style, or one of our other site styles, you can do that by changing your board style in your board preferences!

16th October 14

Sheesh, it wasn't easy to get the zip done up on Totoro's costume... I think she's still fat from Easter

is it really that time again? Could the Halloween Event be about to begin? :D

Stay tuned while Tess investigates...

16th October 14


looks like Totoro has dragged her Halloween costume out of storage...

is it really that time again? Could the Halloween Event be about to begin?
:shock: :D

Stay tuned while Tess investigates...

1st October 14

It's a new month, so there's new pets to adopt! Stay tuned, because later in the month we will be celebrating Halloween, so there'll be plenty more to come!

This month we also have new store pets from guest artist Berkshire. You can buy them together in a pack from the specials page which includes a special bonus PPS pet, or you can buy the adults individually.

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