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1st May 16

It's now May on CS!
It's a new month, so there are new pets to Adopt!

Thanks for sharing your CS memories with us last month in our CS Birthday Quiz! It was so touching hearing about the many good experiences our members have had on CS. It seems that many of you have made great friendships here, and found people who accept you for who you are. Many of you have discovered a passion for drawing or writing using our roleplay and oekaki boards. I was so touched to hear that CS has become home for many of you, and you feel safe and supported by your community. We obviously have an excellent bunch of people here, so keep on being awesome! :D <3

27th April 16


There's a new Dress-ups Challenge starting today!

The theme is pretty simple this time: Your favorite color!

Click here to join the challenge!

14th April 16

Today's the last day to enter our Inspired by a Song Dress-ups Challenge!

12th April 16

Do you use Instagram?

We've just started up a brand new Chicken Smoothie Instagram Account!


We want to share your dressups, oekakis, fanart, new pet growths, memes and everything else CS-related on our Instagram account! So if you have an account, just start hashtagging your CS-related posts #chickensmoothie and we might end up sharing them to our page!

8th April 16

Today marks eight years since Chicken Smoothie first began!

In April 2008 Tess first created Chicken Smoothie, with just a few adult dogs as the only adoptables available. Since those humble beginnings, CS has experienced tremendous growth and attracted a wonderful community of artists and animal enthusiasts. We couldn't be more grateful for how far we've come and how much support we've had along the way! Thanks for being a part of Chicken Smoothie!

We've made some special pets and items to help you celebrate Chicken Smoothie's 8th Birthday :)
Click here to adopt the birthday gifts!

Click here to join our Birthday Dress-ups Challenge!

Click here to join the forum quiz about your experiences on CS!

4th April 16

Last chance to adopt the special April Fool's day cats, dogs, and egg items!

While our regular adopts will be available all month, these 3 special April Fool's Day giveaways are expiring soon! Grab them today if you haven't already, they're found on the cat and dog adopt pages.

It's also the last day for our April Fool's Dress-ups Challenge! Show us your silliest, chickeniest pets! Bok bok B'kawk!

2nd April 16

Phew, the Chicken Revolution is now over!

Thanks for joining in the BAWK B'GAWK silliness yesterday with the lovely lovely chickens. It was April Fool's Day of course! :)

Eggs you adopted yesterday should now transform into regular pets... except for those which really WERE chickens all along! Check your pet groups!

If you still want your pets to be glorious eggs, pick up an egg suit from the dogs adopt page!

And if you want to keep your lovely lovely chicken avatar, you'll find them all in the "Derp" section of our free avatar gallery! Click here to edit your avatar, and use the button called "Pick from our avatar gallery".

Image Image Image Image

But wait, there's more! NEW STORE PETS OUT NOW!


Don't forget that today's the last day you can trade in your Easter Eggs collected during our Easter hunt!

1st April 16



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