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29th November 15


Today's the last day of our CS Store sales! We've added some more great deals today so make sure to check them out :)

Our bonus C$ top-ups deal will continue for an extra day tomorrow! Don't miss out on this great opportunity for extra C$

It's not long until December, which means our annual Christmas Advent Calendar will be starting soon! For Christmas we will have a new gift of pets or items available to adopt every day from the 1st - 25th of December. Make sure to check back daily throughout December so you can unwrap your gifts :)

28th November 15


A few more specials have been added to the store today, and don't miss these great new tortoise & the hare bunny costumes which were added to the costumes page yesterday!

We'll release some more specials tomorrow, so make sure to check back soon!

27th November 15

The mall has just been restocked with a few more sticker 3-packs and a small number of galaxy and skeleton dog stickers.

We are nearly all out of stock, our apologies to anyone who missed out this year.

27th November 15


It's Black Friday here on CS! Check out the Specials Page of the store for some discounted items packs.

If you top up your account with Chicken Dollars during this sale, you'll get some bonus Chicken Dollars! Check out the topup page for the details!

We have some stickers and buttons for sale in the Chicken Smoothie Mall today!

Some of our products in the mall are selling out really quickly, apologies to anyone who missed out on getting what they wanted!

I have got a little more stock of buttons and stickers so I'll restock at a different time of day to give people in other timezones a chance.

This is the last of our stock for now, but once everything is sold I can start planning some new orders for next year. We'll have more stock available next time we open the mall so it won't sell out so fast.

26th November 15

It's nearly Friday on the CS clock, which means our Black Friday sales will soon begin!

We'll have some CS Store item discounts ready at release time. We may discount a few more items later on if you let us know what you want :) I'll create a discussion topic at release time!

Our CS Mall will also be opening on Friday with a small amount of stickers and buttons. I'm still preparing photos for the page so it might not be ready for another hour, but we'll update the news when it's open! I'll release the stock in batches so people in different time zones have some opportunity to grab some CS merchandise, but unfortunately there isn't a lot available. I'll be able to order some different designs for next year once all of these are gone :)

26th November 15

Happy Thanksgiving!

Click here to adopt some great Thanksgiving pets, made by Berkshire!

Earlier this month Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving Day, and today it's America's turn :) For all our members who celebrate this holiday we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and we hope you're in for a fun weekend with family and friends!

We also plan to have a special Black Friday sale tomorrow in the CS store and CS mall, so make sure to check back soon for some great deals on stickers and items :)

And finally: There is a new Dress-Up Challenge today! Get your pets dressed up for the holiday season and tell us about the holidays that you (or your pets) celebrate!

13th November 15

There's another new Dress-ups Challenge this month!

The theme is: Guess Who? Famous characters
Dress up your pet as a TV/movie/game character or famous person!

9th November 15

Our Halloween Event is now over!

Thanks for celebrating with us this year :)

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme, but if you're still in a Halloween mood then you can change your "board style" back to "CSHalloween" in your My Account settings.

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