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15th August 14

Our Egypt event is now over! Thanks for playing!

10th August 14

The Summer Event is nearly over!

Archie lost the vote, and Cleocatra chased him out of town. Take a look around town and find out what happened next!

There are a few final free items and pets available around town, so don't miss out!

Thanks for joining Avian and Totoro on their 4th annual Summer Vacation! We hope you enjoyed the event. The next big event will be in October for Halloween :)

9th August 14

There's only an hour left to trade in your token for the Egypt Event!!

9th August 14

Today is the final day that you can trade in your tokens for the Egypt Event! Don't miss out!

7th August 14

Our sitewide hunt and archaeological dig is now over, but you still have three days remaining to trade in any tokens you've collected during our trip to Egypt.

The event isn't over quite yet: don't forget to cast your vote for Archie or Cleo on the main event page, every vote counts! We still need to find out whether order will be restored and Archie will be exiled, or whether scarabs will destroy the town. And what's in that pesky final chamber?

5th August 14

There are now two days left to hunt for items in our sitewide banners and in the rubble pile, so get your last-minute hunting in now!

We'll soon find out what will happen to Archie if he loses the vote!

The shopkeepers were a little sleepy today, but they're putting out their free gifts now! Make sure to go back and collect your daily gift

1st August 14

As always, it's the 1st of the month so there are new pets to adopt!

We also have new store pets this month, courtesy of Bernouli!

And you can now show your support for Queen Cleocatra or Archie the archaeologist by voting on the Event page!

And finally, we have a new Official Artist, sketchi!

29th July 14

Don't panic if you feel like you're not keeping up very well with the event so far. We're only just starting day 5 of the event, so there is still plenty of time for collecting those pets and tokens before the event ends!

The event is likely to run for about 10 - 14 days. When the end date has been set, we will post in the news to warn people before the event is over.

All the token quests have been unlocked now, so don't worry, there are no more surprises to save your tokens for later!

Oh no! When CS tourists opened the Queen's chamber, a curse was unleashed. Now there are beetles everywhere!

The Queen seems to be angry about something. Maybe we can help her?

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