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30th June 15

Our newest Official Artist Berkshire has been hard at work converting a few of our old horse items to fit the ponies, zebras, draft horses, and the "rainbow mane" running horse family too! Get your special equines dressed up and let's all go for a ride!

To celebrate the update, we're re-releasing one of the free horse item packs in the store so everyone can get some more of these free items, even if you adopted it before!

Click here to go to the Accessories page of the store, and adopt the pack at the top of the page

The rope halters from Yulynh's western pack have been converted too. Berkshire plans to convert some more horse items in the future, hooray! :)

9th June 15


The store pets have landed! Credit to Saikiyo for these latest beauties.

Click here to check out the 5 new store pets available!

We've had a few large store pet families this year, but we should be back down to a set of 4 on the next release in August.

1st June 15


It's a new month, which means new pets to adopt!

There will also be new store pets coming in a few days, watch this space!

5th May 15


We're a little late to post the news this month, but in case you've been living under a rock like I have, I'm happy to inform you it's now May!

And as with every new month, there are new pets to adopt!

Feels a little quiet now after all the recent celebrations for CS Birthday, Easter and April Fool's. I hope you will enjoy having some peace and relaxation until our next big event - Avian & Totoro's Summer Vacation, coming in July! But what will they get up to this year? Hmmm... for now we will just have to wait and see.

9th April 15

We've made a few changes to your item categories!

Click here to read the news post about the new item categorization

8th April 15


Chicken Smoothie was created 7 years ago, and today we celebrate the site's anniversary/birthday!

Click here to adopt some birthday gifts to help us celebrate!

Click here to share your Chicken Smoothie memories and regrets with us in the forum

Click here to participate in this week's Oekaki Weekly Challenge: Let's celebrate 7 amazing years by drawing what you love most about Chicken Smoothie!

The Easter Hunt is now over, thanks for playing, and remember to trade in your tokens as soon as possible!

7th April 15

Thanks for celebrating Easter with Chicken Smoothie this year! Today's the last day you can hunt for eggs in our Easter Egg Hunt. Tomorrow the hunt will end, and we will celebrate Chicken Smoothie's 7th birthday! After the egg hunt ends, you will still have 4 days to trade in your eggs for prizes, but please try to do this as soon as possible! We don't want anybody missing out!

Totoro is very pleased with her egg collection, you guys have traded her over 700,000 eggs so far! That mountain of chocolate should keep her going for a while... at least until Halloween :)

5th April 15

Happy Easter!

We hope you've enjoyed our Easter Event so far! It's now Easter (5th April) on the CS time zone, but the event is not over yet. There are still going to be at least 2 more days of hunting and prizes after this, so you can hunt for eggs on the 6th and 7th too!

On the 8th our hunt will end just in time for Chicken Smoothie's birthday celebrations, as the site is turning 7 years old! After the hunt ends, you will still have a few more days to trade in your tokens, but we recommend doing that as early as possible so you don't make a mistake about our timezone and miss trading things in.

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