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14th February 17


It's Valentine's Day! Click the button above to adopt your pets and items and help us celebrate!

Image Image Image

We've also added three new Valentines stamps to the "CS Stamps / Holidays" section!

You can show off your new Valentine's pets in our Valentine's Dressup Challenge!.

11th February 17

Lilian Nightshade has made these awesome feathered dragons for our latest Store Pet release!

Edit: some users got an error message when trying to adopt the blue dragon, this is now fixed so you can try again :)


10th February 17

Never fear, the February store pets are on their way... expected to swoop into stores tomorrow ;) watch this space

2nd February 17

Did you join CS in 2016 or 2017?
We've added some more stamps for you! These stamps can be found in the "My Stamps" category in your Stamp Collection.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

There's just one stamp for 2017 members so far, but we'll add more of those later in the year after we've released more cool 2017 pets!

We will work on adding some new stamps soon, featuring more pets from the past 2 years, and some new quotes and messages/identity stamps. Have you got an idea for a stamp? Post it here!

1st February 17

It's February already! That means new monthly pets to Adopt

Our Chinese New Year gifts are only available for a few more days, don't miss out!

Later this month we'll celebrate Valentine's Day (Feb 14) so remember to check back and pick up your gifts <3

28th January 17


Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the fire rooster. Click the Chinese New Year button above to adopt your pets and items and help us celebrate! You can also find out what your Zodiac animal is!

We also have a new Chinese New Year dressup challenge for you to show off your new pets in!

13th January 17

There's a new Dress-ups Challenge! "How's the Weather?"

1st January 17

Happy New Year, welcome to 2017! We have new monthly pets to adopt for January!

We also have some special New Years gifts on the Dogs page that will be available for a few days only, so adopt those now!

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