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26th July 16

Our Summer Event is now finished! All of our free giveaways have now been removed (except for the cows and the souvenirs pack), and our hunts have finished, so you won't be able to hunt for any more tokens.

You now have 4 days left to trade in any tokens you have left over! Don't miss out! A countdown timer will be added soon.

25th July 16

Today is the last day to collect tokens for the CS Space Event!
Thanks for joining us on our 2016 Summer Vacation! After today you will still have a few more days to trade in all your tokens, but please do this as soon as possible so you don't miss the cut-off date! We'll post a countdown in the news from tomorrow.
While the token quests will remain, the free gifts will end tomorrow, so be careful to collect everything available and don't miss anything!

Aquila has heard your complaints about over-production of mushrooms!
If you have too many mushrooms and melons, you can turn them back into dirt at Aquila's compost heap in the Greenhouse! This just turns food into dirt, there are no new prizes to collect today!

If you're having trouble completing all the quests, this may help you recycle your tokens so you don't get stuck with unwanted leftovers! Of course, they look great in your dress-ups, so you might want to hold onto a few.

24th July 16

Halo helped us fix the teleporter so we could get back to Earth, but also somehow opened up a wormhole so we could fast travel to Luminis! I hope Earth gets along well with their new neighbors!

Now that Earth is in sight again, we should probably check out of the resort and head home. I hope you enjoyed coming along on Avian and Totoro's vacation! I wonder where they'll go next year?

You can still find space tokens today and tomorrow, but then the hunt will end. We've extended our reservation for a few days after that so you'll have time to say goodbye to all the lovely pets we met in space, and trade in your remaining tokens. Keep an eye on the news for more information!

There will be no new quests! We're at the end of our event now :)

23rd July 16

We're receiving a Skripe transmission from Earth!
~.`~bzzzt..did you go? ~@-oming home soon? Your parents are ge- ~-.bzzz*orried .`pop~

Hmmm... the connection seems to be dropping out.

23rd July 16

Woah, check out the bed hair on this guy!

Who needs to catch up on sleep? I've got good news for you! Halo is impressed with our work on the star chart and is willing to help us re-build the teleporter so we can get back to Earth. Sounds like work is under way in the research lab!
*distant crying from Luminis addicts who want to stay forever* :'(

Andromeda revealed that she's mad at Az'it for forgetting her birthday in April! Click here to make her a card to cheer up!

And don't forget to post your pets in our Summer Vacation Dress-ups Challenge!

22nd July 16

Woah! I hope you've been saving some tokens, because the latest quest is too good to miss!
Visit Halo in the Luminis Observatory so you can help clean their telescope, and you might just get to see something amazing in the stars!

21st July 16

Don't let the creepy and cute aliens distract us from our work! The dust has lifted on Luminis and now we can access an Observatory. The astrophysicist requires our help completing a star map, and says they might help us with our broken teleporter problem in return.
Grab the free star items from the Observatory and dress a pet so you can help complete the map!

20th July 16

How are you finding the event so far? There's still loads of time for collecting everything you need, so don't panic if you're missing things. Everything is usually a lot easier to trade for if you wait a few more days for the rarity and demand to go down.

Today seems to be a fairly relaxed day :) looks like the fog is starting to clear up on Planet Luminis too! I hope we can figure out a way to get back to Earth's orbit sometime soon, though. CS parents are starting to enquire about the whereabouts of their kids, and I don't really want to admit that we're lost in space :?

Don't forget to enter the Dress-ups Challenge!

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Our hunt is now over! I hope everybody had fun!