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24th March 15


Bentley has made some new racing tack items available in the accessories page of the store!

18th March 15

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day, make sure you didn't miss the free pets and items!

Today there are some new free Avatars and Stamps available!


Click here for more info about avatars
Or Click here for more info about stamps

17th March 15


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Click here to go adopt your St Patrick's Day pets and items!

1st March 15

It's a new month, which means new pets to adopt!

19th February 15


Happy Chinese New Year! It's now the year of the goat/sheep

Click here to go to the event page to adopt some cool pets and items!

You can also use our zodiac animal calculator to find out which Chinese zodiac animal you are!

15th February 15


It's Mardi Gras! Help us celebrate by adopting some Mardi Gras pets and items from the Mardi Gras Page.

Don't forget to pick up your Valentine's pets too if you didn't adopt them yesterday!

14th February 15


Happy Valentine's Day from all the staff!

Click here to go and collect some free Valentine's gifts!

We hope you enjoy celebrating with us today, even if you aren't celebrating in real life!

1st February 15

It's now February on CS, so there are new pets available on the Adopt pages!


There are also new store pets this month, made by sketchi

Later this month we will be celebrating a few special dates, so make sure to come back for Valentines and Chinese New Year pets!

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