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13th January 17

There's a new Dress-ups Challenge! "How's the Weather?"

1st January 17

Happy New Year, welcome to 2017! We have new monthly pets to adopt for January!

We also have some special New Years gifts on the Dogs page that will be available for a few days only, so adopt those now!

31st December 16

Today's the last day of our Hanukkah celebrations!
We hope you've enjoyed celebrating Hanukkah with us this year :D Make sure to grab your final candle, as well as a few spare in case you missed any this week!

It is now Dec 31st on CS, New Year's Eve!
Check back tomorrow for our new January pets and some limited time New Year's gifts! We hope you all have a fun night tonight, and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Click here to tell us about your New Year's Resolution!

Click here to tell us about your favorite pets from 2016!

Click here to enter our New Year's Party Dress-ups Challenge!

30th December 16

Make sure you visit the Hanukkah page today to grab your 7th candle, and some more pets!
We'll put up a couple of spare candles on day 8 in case you missed a few days!

25th December 16

Merry Christmas!
It's now Dec 25th on CS so that means it's Christmas Day and we've released our final gifts to the Advent Calendar. Make sure you grab them all, there are 3 separate gifts to pick up!

The gifts on the Advent Calendar will stay up until the end of the month to give people plenty of time to adopt. We hope you enjoyed our 2016 Christmas celebrations! For those of you who celebrate this holiday, we hope you have an awesome Christmas with the people you love and that Santa brings you something special. Merry Christmas from all the team <3

Don't forget to visit the Hanukkah page today to grab your day 2 candle!

24th December 16

Hanukkah has just begun on CS!
Grab your gifts from the Hanukkah page and don't forget to pick up a new candle each day for your Menorah!

It's now Christmas Eve on Chicken Smoothie, which means today's the second last day of the Advent Calendar!
We hope you've enjoyed the gifts this year! Tomorrow we'll bring our final gifts for Christmas Day. The final gifts will be available until the end of the year, so don't worry if you're too busy to get online immediately.

Happy Holidays CS!
Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, we're thinking of you and wishing you all the best for a fun and safe holiday season <3 thanks for another awesome year!

23rd December 16

There are 2 giftboxes on the Advent Page today so make sure you grab both!
When you get tired of the cold and snow, come join us for Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. It's Summer here!

It's the 23rd here now, which means we just have two more days to go for this year's Advent Calendar (24th and 25th). On the 25th it will be Christmas and we'll put up the final gifts. But in case you can't get online on Christmas, don't worry! The Dec 25th gifts will stay on the page until January 1st.

21st December 16

Today is Yule and Winter Solstice! The shortest day and longest night of the year for those who are in the northern hemisphere. Make sure you don't miss today's gorgeous Yule chickens!

Have you been remembering to water your plant from Dec 18th? Looks like they're getting pretty big :o

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