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22nd July 14

It's Summer Vacation time!

Avian and Totoro have their bags packed and they're ready to board their flight. But where are they going for their Summer Vacation this year? I guess we'll find out very soon!

They'll reach their destination in a couple of days, so hold tight! And don't forget to pack a sun hat ;)

13th July 14

Image Image Image Image
Image Image

You can now easily build yourself a virtual Stamp Collection for your profile page using our official avatars and other stamp/sticker graphics! If you want to, you can set your stamp collection to replace your signature in the forum. Both your signature and your stamp collection can be displayed in your profile page!

To edit your stamp collection, click on the "My stuff" button above, then "My profile". Use the new "stamp collection" section to edit your stamps or make them show under your forum posts. Or click here to go right to your stamp collection.

For more details, please read our announcement topic!

1st July 14

Its a new month, which means new pets to adopt!

The adopt pages might feel a llittle light, because we're getting ready to begin our Summer Event! We hope the event will begin in a few weeks, so remember to check the news for updates!

15th June 14


There are some new FREE items in the store, made by DoctorDraca!

3rd June 14

As always, there are new pets to adopt this month, so make sure you've adopted!

We have now added the new set of Store pets! These were made by our retired artist Selcouth! He designed them in the style of old, new, and futuristic robotics :)


Unfortunately there aren't any zebras this month, but we plan to resume the ultra rare zebra releases next month!

29th May 14

There are a couple of changes to the trade pages!

Please click here for more info!

1st May 14


It's a new month, so there's a new set of pets to adopt!

This month, you could be a winner! In the past when zebras were first introduced they used to be ultra rare outcomes in horse/pony litters, and a few lucky people a month would get one when they adopted horses. And that we're bringing that back this month!

If you get a zebra, we recommend asking in the trade advice topic before accepting trades because it's one of the rarest pets on the site and is very valuable.

And just a reminder, each player is only allowed to have one account. If you create multiple accounts for yourself or for "a friend", you can be banned.

26th April 14

Easter egg trade-ins are now over!

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