Lexi and Lufi - We are one! by LufikER

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Artist LufikER [gallery]
Time spent 35 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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Lexi and Lufi - We are one!

Postby LufikER » Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:31 am

Lexi and Lufi - We are one!


Stop Feeding DEMAND!

- Raven not worth Nons!
- Dragon PPS Cat not worth the List!
- Cerberus not worth 5 Nons!
- Black Advent not worth Non!
- LT Shima not worth the List!
- August PPS not worth the Main List!
- Very Rare not worth more than OMGsr!

- Zebras, Horses or Ponies are not worthless!
- Tribals are not worthless!
- Rats are not worthless!
- Nick Sunback PPS worth more than Joker!
- Nick Blue Tox worth more than Joker!
- UR Apple worth more than Joker!

- Re-released pets has SAME rarity as True Dates!
- A pet's real rarity determines its value!
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