My Pumpkin by BoopoThyDrago

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Artist BoopoThyDrago [gallery]
Time spent 28 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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My Pumpkin

Postby BoopoThyDrago » Tue Oct 06, 2020 4:42 am

Username: BoopoThyDrago
Name this Pumpkin: Arges
Light the Candle: Half Agouti
Notes: This pumpkin sits among the rest, starting to decay. It looks unwelcoming, like it might hold secrets that should not be revealed. It also looks like the person didn't finish painting it. I wonder why?
Find The Culprit! wrote:BoopoThyDrago dropped their ice cream on the ground and reasonably has been pretty down about it since.

fika. wrote:
      banned for dropping the ice cream ya silly billy

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