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For creating an oekaki contest :

You must provide at least one of the following which needs to be used in all entries:

  • A lineart (or part of a lineart for contestants to complete).
  • A proper background which features scenery and/or items (Colour-fills and gradients are not considered to be proper background).*

If you don't provide something for users to edit, your contest will be moved to the regular Art Contest board. You should post your contest in that board if you don't need users to color in something specific, or want to include art made in other programs.

You must also follow the other Oekaki Rules.

*If you have trouble coming up with a background for your lineart competition, feel free to use either of these pre-made background packs: pack 1 & pack 2 (regular canvas) & pack 3 (larger canvas).

For contests offering a prize/prizes to the winners:

Most people choose to enter a contest based on what kind of prize they have a chance to win. These rules are designed to protect players from being ripped off in contests which change or don't deliver the promised prizes.

1. Don't offer any prizes that you'll regret losing. If you're not happy to give something away, it shouldn't be a prize.

2. Any prizes you offer must be awarded to winners at the end of the contest - even if you cancel or close the contest early. If the entries were disappointing or you didn't get many to pick from, advertise and bump more to try and get more entries before you close.

3. You can't list any prizes that aren't definitely going to be given out. This means you can no longer list conditional prizes (e.g. grand prizes) which you'll only give out if you get a particularly good entry. Every prize listed must be awarded at the end of the contest if the entry conditions are met.

4. You can't change your promised prizes, unless you are changing them to something of the same (or higher) value. Any changes made must be accepted by the prize winner or contestants involved.

5. If the prize is a pet, you must link to the pet's profile page. This is to ensure that you actually own the pet and that there is no misunderstanding about the prize. Linking to pet groups is not sufficient. (New rule as of January 23, 2015)

6. You can't trade or auction pets that you're offering in a contest.

7. Contests without an advertised end date must end within 3 months. The end date can be changed or extended, but if the contest has been open for a long time without any activity from contestants or the contest holder than it may be forced closed by staff.

8. Contests in total may not run more than 1 year past the original creation date. This is the maximum amount of time a contest may run and they may not be extended any further. (New rule as of February 6, 2017)

  • Gallery display:

WHAT IS A FLIT? wrote:Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.

Alrighty, i've had a lot of questions asking when this will be up so I expect to see a decent number of entries ;3
This competition is just to find general artists, not nursery artists
because of that the nursery lines are not available and shouldn't be needed.

This Competition will end December 31
There will not be a "major announcement" when this competition closes
Prizes will be given throughout the entire competition rather then just at the end.
More then one of the same prize may be given out.

Please do not just link your entire gallery. that is not what I am asking for.
give me examples you are proud of, not just all your art- I can click on your gallery perfectly fine on my own but I dont know which pieces you like the most.

        All Users using this area must follow these rules
      • Anyone can enter this competition
      • Custom lined entries are welcomed!
      • All entries made here will be considered fake. do not remove the labels from the signature, nor the 'artist entry' section on the details layer
      • In order your the flit you made to be considered 'real' you must have a myo item large enough to cover all edits your entry has. it must be posted as a 'off-lines' myo and put under a cover on the myo thread all the normal myo steps will still apply, and need to be filled out.
      • By joining in this search, you say you have read the rules on the main thread, and agree to them
      • If you wish to donate, please dm the species owner (me) which flitz you would like to donate to here.
      • As of 3/20/2019 off-oekaki entries are not allowed, the deviantart group is not set up and there will be no way of adopting those out unless you commonly use covers- which is against CS closed species rules.
      • Covers should not be used in this competition. all entries should be visible from this page
      • Using Illegal or limited edits will get your entry that had them disqualified.
      • By entering this competition and agreeing to the highlighted prizes you then agree to fulfil and follow the roles and rules of that position. (See 4th & Last block here)
      • Every entry you made you must include the list of edits your entry has. (this is a rule for normal artists on normal adopts too)
      • This competition will be on a 3:1 open to closed basis. [color*=#FF0000]January[/] / [color*=#00BF00]Feb-April[/] / [color*=#FF0000]May[/] / [color*=#00BF00]June-Aug[/] / [color*=#FF0000]September[/] / [color*=#00BF00]Oct-Dec[/]
      • Each one of your entries must have this filled out form in their description (Reusing the same examples is fine!)
      Code: Select all
      [b]Entry Flitz edits:[/b]
      [b]Other Design Examples:[/b]
      [b]Other Linework Examples:[/b]
        Design examples are designs on bases, pre-made lines, or just nice looking designs that you've done in the past!
        Linework examples are examples of drawings you've done in the past that you really like the lines you've done- it focuses less on the design part!
        There's a minimum of two links for each example (yaknow cause they're plural and all~)
        There's a maximum of five links for each example (keeps it less cluttered)

Possible prize packs you can win!

      "Artist" Prize:
        10 edit myo token x1
        2 edit myo token x1
        20 Flitbitz
        Offer of the staff position "Artist" in the Flitz community

      "Guest" Prize:
        6 edit myo token x1
        Unedited myo token x1
        15 Flitbitz
        Position as a Flitz Guest Staff member, the title "Guest Artist"

          I personally suggest making atleast 2 designs, and maybe maxing out at 4!

Softea @ Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:52 am


Ciapek @ Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:03 am


Honeytea. @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:00 pm


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Chubin's are small creatures, generally around the size of a housecat, which can be found in almost any part of the world (excluding antarctica and desert's). They are a vegetarian species, and their diet consists of things such as fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables. Their fun and friendly nature has led to many being domesticated and welcomed as pets into family homes, although some Chubin's still roam the wild as feral animals. Because they are such social creatures, it is recommended to have two or more so they always have a friend to keep them company.

What makes this species so unique is a shiny, stretchy goo that grows from their bodies that is protected by a clear skin membrane, which is often patterned with different and unique designs. The goo is located in their ears, cheeks, necks, underbelly, and underneath their tail. The goo growing around their belly also stretches down their front arms so that, when leaping, it gives them the ability to glide for a short distance. This ability has been compared to that of sugar gliders, who also use their 'wings' to travel around their forest homes.

- - - - -

    Artist Entry Rules
    • Please read the rules on the main page before entering
    • Do not remove the sig or 'fake' sign
    • Please do not add any traits/edits outside of the ones listed on the rarity chart
    •Please list any edits in the entries description
    • Do not use these lines to create your own adoptables, to make profit in any way, or just to 'color in'; serious entries only
    • A reminder that artists (if chosen) need to make a minimum of three adopts a month
    • Guest Artists will make their three adopts, before it will be decided if they will become an official artist
    • You may make as many entries as you'd like, but please do not keep them under a cover; post each entry individually, and link to previous entries
    • All entries must be made on oekaki

snails @ Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:57 pm


SilhouetteStation @ Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:43 pm


Pastel☺Chaos @ Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:35 am


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make me a demon! 500c$ prize!
by Mavryk Company @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:19 pm [Reply]

I've been playing a lot of okami lately and it made me realize how much I love japanese mythology?? so I thought it'd be cool to hold a contest!

I'm looking for a japanese inspired demon character! they can be more human-like wearing a mask, full demon, a combination of different monsters, go wild!


1st: 500c$ + a chibi

2nd: 100c$ + a headshot

3rd: 50c$ + a headshot


- spell tags
- masks
- horns
- part animal characteristics (like tiger arms or dragon legs)
- tails
- accessories
- cloaks
- giant teeth
- giant claws
- let them maul you
- combinations
- scars

- not much really,, as long as it fits with the theme, we're golden!

end date is tbd, but will probably be in a month or so,,

indutae @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:20 pm


birdwitharm @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:21 pm

hi there! i'd like to join but im absolute trash with oekaki so is it alright if i use a different drawing program and submit it by linking it or something? Thanks!

Mavryk Company @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:22 pm

birdwitharm wrote:hi there! i'd like to join but im absolute trash with oekaki so is it alright if i use a different drawing program and submit it by linking it or something? Thanks!

absolutely! use whatever program is best for you c:

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HoC Artist Contest V.2 based on this drawing by canis,
by canis, @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:55 pm [Reply]

    This is the artist contest for Horses of Cimarron v.2. To enter, simply make a minimum of 3 designs that are all organized under a cover. All designs must feature naturalistic horse coat colors/patterns. Artist positions are not limited, meaning I will give positions as I see fit depending on demand and talent. Feel free to message me with any further questions.

    These lines are not to be used for any other purpose besides entries for this contest.

Kamithewolf15 @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:01 pm

mark! :d

Alledowaya @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:04 pm

Mark as well..

heyheygirl101 @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 8:15 pm


Art Contest! [New]
by Frozen_Cherry @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:28 am [Reply]

I'd love to see how you guys do this!

I'm hosting my first ever art contest, Open until July 17th!(Might extend time if people need it :3)
1st place: C$70 Or 2 2009 Rares!
2nd place: C$30 Or 1 2010 Rare and a random rare(2011+)!
3rd place: C$10 Or 1 Random rare(2011+)!
4th place: C$5 Or 1 Random rare (2012+)

You can draw anyone you'd like from here! no preferences!: ... er:1056963 ... er:1358855

You can have multiple entries! the more entries the better luck you have!
The art can be off-site just PM(Private message) me your entry/entries and ill enter you!

I'll be adding all entries to my TH so if you have a TH put your username in your entries bio or if you don't, put a link of where you'd like to be credited in the bio! Thank you so much for those who participate! <3<3

Any more questions are allowed, just ask!

coopert - Forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4362346
Namjoon lover -

clown boy @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:30 am

mark !

Frozen_Cherry @ Tue Jun 16, 2020 7:02 am


Frozen_Cherry @ Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:28 am


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    1. Please put all entries under a cover.
    2. Do not remove the fake sign.
    3. Do not steal designs.
    4. You can make a maximum of 5 entries.
    5. You must make at least 1 standard Faerhund.
    6. You can make one rare Faerhund.
      Others may be any rarity from standard to uncommon.
    7. No legendary entries!
    8. Please include a trait list (as they are required on normal adopts).
      If an edit you made is not listed/you aren't sure what it falls under, pm me c:
    9. Artists can claim/reserve their entries as MYOs if the artist has the correct MYO ticket.
    10. Entries can be claimed by anyone if the artist agrees + you have the correct MYO ticket.
    11. These may rules may be updated/edited at any time. Keep an eye out!

      iixGuest Artists

    • Guest Artists will be required to make minimum 2 adopts a month.
    • These adopts may be any rarity up to uncommon.
    • Guest artists will be able to make adopts for around 2 months.
    • Guest artists can make PTA's (pay to adopts).
      However, Faerhund's must not be sold for real currency.
      The designer may include any design TOS they wish, and they will keep all profits.
    • Guest artists can earn MYO's for their work.
      3 adopts a month can earn a standard MYO ticket.
      4 is a common MYO ticket, 5 is an uncommon MYO ticket.
      6 is an uber uncommon myo ticket.
      7+ is a rare.
      GA's can only earn very rare MYO's on special occasions (such as birthdays or holidays).
      These tickets may not be sold or given to others.
    • Artists can contact me if they need a break or wish to stop being an artist.


    • Artists will be required to make minimum 3 adopts a month.
    • These adopts may be any rarity up to rare.
    • Artists must make one free to adopt Faerhund a month. FCFS Faerhund's are banned.
    • Artists can make PTA's (pay to adopts).
      However, Faerhund's must not be sold for real currency.
      The designer may include any design TOS they wish, and they will keep all profits.
    • Artists can earn MYO's for their work.
      4 adopts a month can earn a standard MYO ticket.
      5 is a common MYO ticket, 6 is an uncommon MYO ticket.
      7 is a rare, 8+ is a very rare myo ticket.
      These tickets may be sold (for their equivalent C$ price) or given/traded to others.
    • Artists can contact me if they need a break or wish to stop being an artist.

      I will message you if I wish to offer you a position :')

astral. @ Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:31 pm


bladee @ Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:04 pm

        mark :>

End.Doom.Forgotten @ Sat Apr 18, 2020 3:40 pm

Quick question, do we have to do edits? I'm still extremely new to okekaki and digital art in general

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end date: approximately 07/15/2020 : was previously 07/10/2020

i've personally taken quite a while to save up the c$ in my pockets, and i can't really find any way to spend it other than wait for adopts. well, im not exactly all entirely patient, and i want something that sort of correlates with me more than hoping an adopt in a batch i like is something i'll really want.

this being said, i've decided that instead of waiting for batches of adopts, i'll hold a character design contest- and that's where your ideas and talents come in.

for this contest, i'd like a *[male]* character with a few (or some guided thoughts from) of the specifics i'll have listed below. you can post as many entries as you want, but there's no guarantee that every single one (or a single one of them) will win.

if there's a character that does not win, but i still really like it, i might pm you to talk about possibly purchasing the character from you.

this character must:
- be human/humanoid/a monster
- be male
- be made on this thread; please don't make it off somewhere else and post it in the comments. if it's not drawn on oekaki, make your little cover after coloring-in and post it with the character enlisted in the thread to show me.
- it must be a fullybody, sorry.

things i personally enjoy in characters:

* = heavily enjoyed

- messy hair
- tattoos *
- scars *
- two forms *
- a tail or a long tail with tuft of fur on end (not all have to have the fur) *
- werewolves / demons / vampires / incubus *
- masks *
- vitiligo
- horns (sometimes)
- elf ears *
- i enjoy both mildly cutesy/bratty and dark designs >> these also don't need to be used, im open to a lot of designs, really.

things i don't want:
*please try to stay away from these*

- wings
- super furry tails
- random colorbomb designs- i like things that are pleasant to look at.
- long hair
- scales
- anthro / feral designs

food for thought:
- 1
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5
- 6
- 7
- 8
- 9
- 10
- 11
- 12
- 13
- 14
- 15
- 16
- 17
- 18
- 19
- 20

* nobody likes them, but if you enter this contest you must abide by these rules.

- the design you enter in this contest must be of your own work and no one else's. it must be done by you and you may not copy other entries or simply other art for that matter.
- i can cancel this without choosing a winner (not taking a character) if i don't find the time, motivation, or like of any entries. if this happens (it most likely will not), consolation "prizes" will be handed out.
- if i pick your character and you win, i then own the design and you will receive your prize - upon me owning the character, they are then mine to do what i want with.
- you may sell / keep designs that don't win.
- if i ever grow tired of these characters that win, i will be allowed to resell / trade them off for similar pricings (or more, depending on art + extras).


- you may feel free to pretty up your entry (ie. extra art, coding, backstory, etc) but this does not "give extra points".

pet prize pictures:
first place:
Image Image Image
+ 900 c$

second place:
Image Image Image Image

third place:
Image Image Image Image Image

fourth-fifth place:
*pick of 3 of the 6 final pets in group >> EACH*
Image Image Image Image Image Image

skaal @ Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:02 pm


freak! @ Sat Jun 13, 2020 8:14 pm


skaal @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 5:26 am


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now! i know you gremlins think about prizes first and foremost so HERE. there will be one winner only.

-200C$ (i have obtained the needed one to get the even number. all is well.)

OR this former advent list:

OR if you really don't want either i guess you could choose something out of here?? my rares group

if i seriously, seriously, really love your entry i might be willing to give multiple prizes to one but i honestly see that as being unlikely?? so idk


i am looking for a CONCEPT of an original species to use as a closed species type adoptable. you will be credited. they will be offsite, likely on deviantart or
you are free to give a clean lineart of your idea if you so wish, but it is not required.
feel free to give your original ideas along with the sketch.
i will be judging based on originality. i want something COMPLETELY BRAND NEW. here is a quick list of things i DO NOT WANT. it is very loose, feel free to take inspiration from real animals but i do not want it solely animal based. creativity, you know?

it can be feral OR anthro, but i will likely create a version of both :)

- hybrid animals
- "new breeds" of horses and dogs and stuff like that
- really,, basic?? things?? i don't want just another "dog with special traits".
- i don't really like those sparkly "oOOOoo a fAiRy" type things so please don't
- not looking for really humanoid buds, sorry!

- things that i can create traits and special mutations for. i want to be able to give, say, variations in tails, ears, body types, etc.
- funky (not dog) head shapes
- ALL OUT ORIGINAL things where it doesn't really look like a dog or a cat or any real life creature!

just stuff that i usually like?? not necessary AT ALL, do not try to cater to these too hard, do not let these hinder your creative process.
- fur! lotso fur,, variations in length of fur across body? great!
- round heads,,,
- false teeth??
- monster-y type creatures

here are my disclaimers and other things you agree to by entering.
- you MAY NOT sell an entry before the contest is judged and ended. you CAN, however, do so if your entry is not the winner once it ends.
- the WINNING ENTRY forfeits rights to the species to me. you NO LONGER claim ownership of it; though, you DO claim credit to being the concept creator. you cannot sell your entry if you win. it is no longer yours once i have sent your prize of choice.
- entrants are free to change the canvas however they like, rotate it, do whatever. you may have off-oekaki entries.
- if i get very few entries and/or none that i like, i may or may not cancel the contest before the end date and instead give out "consolation prizes" of smaller amounts of C$ to top entries. you will be free to keep your entry if so.
- GET OUTTA HERE with art theft. you will be reported and disqualified.

god i HATE how much longer my rules are than the rest of the post,,,

p.s. i am so SO sorry for such an ugly cover image. i am using a chromebook trackpad and can't make anything better.

update 6-25: mods say that if i don’t have 200 i can’t offer 200 so we gonna be @ the 199 i have. i promise i WILL increase it to nice even numbers. hope y’all understand. i also need to add a background??? so will do.

update 6-25b: i have added a simple little background that you are free to use. i also got the 1C$ needed to even out the number so we raising it back up!

cocogerber13 @ Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:03 pm

Mark! Would you be able to provide some sort of possible environment for them, or would that be up to us?

Also, would you prefer we make a species sheet with multiple traits, or more basic so you could make those on your own?

leafy. @ Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:33 pm

cocogerber13 wrote:Mark! Would you be able to provide some sort of possible environment for them, or would that be up to us?

Also, would you prefer we make a species sheet with multiple traits, or more basic so you could make those on your own?

environment is up to you!

and yeah, i’m looking for a more “basic” form of it to figure out traits later.

cocogerber13 @ Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:25 pm

- sorta goat/moose inspired?
- known for speed and stamina
- good at defending things
- four nostrils, four eyes
- big eyes have 8-shaped pupils (could be a trait change?)

- lives underground
- mole/bat inspired kinda?
- eats roots and insects
- back legs are weaker than front, they tend to cling to the tail
- h a n d e y e s
- horns and “wings” optional; “wings” primarily for feeling the tunnels around them

Okie dokie! Here are a couple off oekaki entries I have for off oekaki!

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♕ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

AdoptsArtist Search ◌ Main Archive ◌ Discord Link ◌ Fanclub ◌ 】


All CS Rules apply
➳ Never remove the "FAKE" sign from your entries.
➳ Please post all your entries under one cover!
➳ This is not a place to make your own horses.
Please only post entries for the Artist Search
➳ With your entries, please post a phenotype and genotype!
➳ Please fill out the form below when you post your initial
cover page!
➳ Minimum entries is 3, there is no max limit!
➳ Please post only realistic coat colors and patterns!
➳ Entries will not be kept by the artists if hired.
These are only examples of your work!
    Welcome to the official Colonial Quarter Horse Artist Search!
    This artist search will always be ongoing so I can rotate out
    Guest Artists as this species grows!
    I can't wait to see everyone's entries and find my next potential
    Artist Team!

    Code: Select all
    [b]Do you agree to follow all rules and guidelines?;
    Are you familiar with Oekaki and
    its tools?;[/b]
    [b]Do you completely understand horse
    [b]How many adopts do you think you
    could put out on a monthly basis?;[/b]
    [b]Do you have any previous equine work?
    (please link);[/b]

rebel.appy @ Fri May 08, 2020 10:19 am


Kamithewolf15 @ Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:50 am

MARK! :0

species comp!
by Chill827 @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:28 am [Reply]

exactly what it says, you draw a species, and if its better than other species other people make, ill give you the prize, which is 1 very rare.
your species has a higher chance of winning if:
*its related to dragons
*its related to cats
*has traits

Less likely to win if:
*relates to rats or any hairless animals
*undead/skeletal/zombie related


Chill827 @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:31 am

hh forgot, ends the 15th of july or if i get 7+ entries

-Novacaine- @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:36 am

Wanted to enter, but then remembered I'm not a very good digital artist... RIP.

clowns @ Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:39 am


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main page |🍬| nursery |🍬| customs/myos |🍬| growths/transfers |🍬| artist search |🍬| shop
nursery artist search |🍬| archives + item bank |🍬| archive updates |🍬| discord

species banner created by _silentsiren_

welcome to me continuing to not be able to make covers
Welcome to the Candy Dragons nursery artist search !
Please read the rules below before making entries.

AS Rules wrote:i. Nursery artist search entries are NOT claimable. Please do not ask to claim one and don't write on your entry that the entry is claimable because it's not.
ii. A fake sign must be visible at all times. Even when sharing wips in the discord.
iii. Don't add non-listed traits.
iv. Please don't color in to create illegal CDs. If you wish to make a CD and have an MYO go to the Customs/MYO page.
v. Please do not make covers ! We wont know when you upload new entries if you do.
vi. Make sure all signatures are visible.
vii. You must make at least 2 breeding pairs, and only breed from the parent options given below.
viii. Please use traits related to the parents. The rolls are listed.
ix. No off-oekaki entries.
x. As part of CD Adopts/Lore, you must provide the flavor of the candy. Mixes are allowed and you may create your own flavor out of existing flavors.
xi. The nursery batch you create are not real Jelly Beans to that pair.
xii. There are 3 parents max to one breeding.
xiii. The maximum amount of JBs per breeding is 4. Please use the rolls accordingly, don't cheat. If you get 3 or 4, just color in your entry, not the main page, and do not make a cover.

Rules are bound to change please check back in case they do.

All info such as roll numbers and parents can be found on this sheet.
Please use to roll.

Please use the following form on your entries. also list your previous entries.
Code: Select all
JB roll:
[u]JB 1[/u]
[b]JB 2[/b]
link to rest of batch: [if you rolled 3-4 kits -- when completed//if needed -- delete if not needed]

Panda-Love-100 @ Mon May 18, 2020 12:35 pm


Cody.22.uwu @ Tue May 19, 2020 1:58 am

Mark UwU

Swishy & Broken @ Thu May 21, 2020 11:19 am

mark ,

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end date: July 23rd at 5 pm edt (extensions are allowed/possible)

What are the prizes?
They will only not be given out if no one enters by the end date.

Prizes will be given to individual pieces, not to users for their total work;
meaning if you enter more than once you can maybe win more than one prize.

Prizes will work a bit differently!
Each place will be allowed to pick from prizes in order.
If your entry places and you accept the prize, the entry is kept by me. If you do not win you can keep, sell, or possibly trade to me after the fact if I express interest!

First Place will get their pick of 3 pets from here
Second Place will get their pick of 2 pets from here
Third Place will get their pick of 2 pets from here

I may or may not raise the prizes in future, it depends on the entries and amount of entries I get!



- - -

Design Info

*** < the more of these the more I want it

Smaller Feline Species***** (domestics***, servals**, flat headed cats***, ect)
Larger Feline Species **
Foxes ***
Dogs (preference towards borzois*, greyhounds, salukis, saint bernards**, tibetan mastiffs, huskies*, collies***, scotties* and german shepards**)
Birds*** (especially predatory, shorebirds and waterfowl)
Other Mammals*

occupational gear/accessories (such as fishing gear, armor, ect)**
victorian fashion****
edwardian fashion*****
1940s-1950s fashion**

'feral' designs*****
not sure of the term but - this type of anthropomorphism
natural colors and patterns with unnatural accents ***
natural pelt patterns of one kind of animal (ex, a bird) on another animal (ex, a fox)*****

animals with bird wings**
the colors blue - gold - black - white - silver**
classic and mabled tabbies (feline)**
some palettes I collected I like

Am NOT looking for -
- anthro/humanoid
- demons/angels/mythical
- overly saturated colors/too much neon (accents are okay)
- 'one off' species
- dragons/griffins/other mythical animals
- designs on a base

- Everything must be sfw.
- Only finished art (lined and colored) will be considered.
- No religious themed characters (includes angel and demon themes).
- Winning entries will be mine to use as I want once won; I can also resell, revamp them, ect them if I wish. You will be credited.
- Entries that do not place you may keep yourself to do with what you like. There will also be a possible way to sell it to me at the end; the form has a note if this interests you to fill out. I'll come to you at the end if I'm interested.
- You may do multiple entries but they will be judged separately. Please do not use a cover.

- - -

With your entries include this form!

Code: Select all
[b]If you do not place, would you be interested in possibly selling to me for non-prizes after the fact, and do you have an estimate?:[/b]
[b]How do you prefer to be credited, with cs account, da account, th account, ect?:[/b]

astrafrack @ Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:59 am


jointedwishes @ Mon Jun 08, 2020 2:14 am


Pumpkinheart @ Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:47 am


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Character comp!
by certified @ Sun May 24, 2020 12:04 pm [Reply]

I'm not great with coding, so this isn't going to be the fanciest, BUT I do hope I have some decent prizes for you!

I am looking for a new character or two and I want YOU to design it.
I am offering prizes for 1st-3rd place if/when I find what I like and here's what they are!!


- 560 c$
the equivalent


-260 C$
- da points equivalent


- 180 equivalent C$
- da points equivalent

Here are some things I like and am looking for:

-I love cows, yaks, buffalo, deer, horses (cattle in general)
- CROWS/RAVENS ♡♡♡♡♡♡ bonus jonus
- big cats
- wolves
- birds
- bears (i love sloth bears)
- fun designs
- color!
- weird mixes? cx
- creativity
- barn owls
- spooky!!!!!!
- dogs
- heyenas
- reptiles
- skulls and skeletons
- wings
- griffins
- dinosaurs!!
- Extra appentages
- pitbull's or bully breeds!!! Need me a luvabull. ♡
- snails lol

I'm not the best with these things, so I apologize. I'll update as it comes.

:Ginger: @ Sun May 24, 2020 12:05 pm


snails @ Sun May 24, 2020 12:49 pm


rebel.appy @ Mon May 25, 2020 4:18 am


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Been debating making this for a while! But since I have all my feral characters that i want to make human/humanoid done, I might as well post this now!
This competition is to make a human/oid shift or re-design for 6 of my characters! Their palettes of their current designs are in the layers of the image so you can color if you like but coloring is not required! Below are the guidelines and such that you'll need if you want to enter. Prizes are also a tad bit different from other competitions due to the way this competition works.

END DATE- June 30th July 31st

Each Character will have 1 Base Design that I choose (the design I want to use the most out of) with an optional lesser prize for any designs I like a particular aspect of and want to use that particular aspect (will be stated). There is not "first place", "second place" prizes, just those two prizes. They are not guaranteed with each character but there will always be a prize when this closes.
    Base Design - 400C$ Prize
    Design Feature Permission - 50C$ Prize

    -Competition can only close/be judged when each character has a viable entry to pick from. Keep this in mind when making your entries please!
    -Absolutely no anthro animal designs will be accepted.
    -Minor/Focus design notes are in the picture for reference purposes but read the character notes in full before designing.
    -The design at minimum must be a fullbody uncolored. Can be a more "sketched uncolored concept" type image or collection of images, but a fullbody is always needed.
    -Should a character not get a minimum of 1 entry design I will extend the competition. No extension limit.
    -Off oekaki pictures can be done but must have a cover with a doodle of the design (doodle is to prevent thread lock).
    -Bases can be used but have less chance in winning the base design prize (400C$) as specific bodytypes are needed for the characters. Similarly to the off oekaki pictures, covers must have a doodle to prevent thread lock.
    -When referencing the design that is won I will always credit the original creator!
    -Try to stick to more natural skin-tones and not a whole lot of unnatural markings (even if the animal design has them).
    -These are fantasy designs and should look as such. No modern or futuristic type features please.
    -If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask me! Questions can be on this thread or through PMs <3
    -You can enter as much as you like and can win the base design or design feature in any character list.
    -If you don't win anything you can absolutely keep the design, however I'd like you change the design in some significant way to make sure my character and yours are distinctly different. If you aren't sure about a change just ask me and I'll let you know <3
    -Please note, depending on the quality of the art (how clear it is, colored and lined on digital and such), I may also tip you if you win!

Melania Lishenn - Female/Fae Elf - Oddly proportioned in some way, but still elegant (interpret this how you'd like). Not very curvy, with thin features, hazel eyes. Has freckles and small blemishes on her skin. Sweet and caring, fairly trusting and under a lot of pressure. She does not have any features similar to her previous design other than the fairy wings and possibly the coat base color as hair color. The wings are large but delicate, very insect like (preferred to mimic a real insect but not white/translucent. must be colored. no beetle or dragonfly wings though please). Queen of a kingdom, but struggles with her job, inherited it through family line.

Alberic Gaunesin - Male/Vulikey "Shifter" - Lean/thin bodytype, not very muscular but also very little fat, average height. Dad energy, but also tired doctor/wizard energy. Unkept, doesn't care much for his looks and cares a lot about his job. Hair is the same colors as his shift's coat, long and slightly wavy, with a few streaks of grey from aging. some facial hair. Long sweeping tail (mimic shift's tail), horns (same as shift's), and eyes are similar in color to shift's (can edit the brightness/intensity but generally the same shade). Choice of long elf-like ears or ears mimicking shift's ears. Otherwise average body. Not outside a lot, works in a tower as the court wizard. Has plant magic still. Current design in his like, late 40s to early 50s.

Marciana Raynes - Female/Vulikey "Shifter" - Toned, possibly athletic bodytype and average height. Squarish facial features. Very confidant but takes her job seriously. Skilled with sword and shield combat mainly with minor in archery/use of crossbows. Probably has scars. Darker skin, hair kept short and up in a professional style in a similar shade as her shift's coat. Ears can be pointed or mimicking shift's ears. Tail exists but isn't often seen. Wears armor, modified slightly but is her grandfather's, same as her sword and shield's origins. Eyes are the same as/similar to shifts, cat-like pupils. Works as a guard or soldier in the kingdom.

Delmira Jivec - Female/Vulikey "Shifter" - feminine, kinda on the paler side. kind of the "pretty but doesn't realize/acknowledge it" kind of girl. Hair is like- the nice in-between in terms of thickness, with a slight wave thats only really seen if she decides not to brush it. She still has her crystals (doesn't have to be symmetrical when drawn), of which makes it so she has to wear more "open-back" type clothing or shave/chip them down every once in a while. The eyes and crystals are the same color as in the shift's, and the hair uses the same color/similar colors as in the shift's coat. Shes fairly young (early 20s) and took off into the world to adventure early on in her life (around 16 years). Ears mimicking shift's ears and tail mimicking shift's tail.

Morrimus Fange - Male/Vulikey "Shifter" - big toned trained guard boy incoming. Although he is a guard he doesn't really have a mean or stone face. His face is more of a "heroic" type. His hair is fairly neat and done up, not completely cut down or anything of the sort. Does less of the classic "soldier" work and more guarding around the main castle. One or two scars, hair the same color as the shift's coat. Ears can be pointed or mimicking shift's ears. Tail exists. Eyes are the same color as his shift, but they aren't usually intense. Probably some facial hair but its pretty clean. Mostly wears guard-type armor.

Asriel Yish - Female/Vulikey "Shifter" - not terribly feminine but shes got an athletic type body. Light leather armor that almost looks just kinda scrounged together, some pelts as well over her shoulders to help with heat/cold and to make her look bigger. Hair is short cut, not completely even but still short to combat its otherwise messy nature. Got a few scars and often wears facial paint. Somewhere in her accessories is the branding/symbol of her home bandit group. Same eye color as shift's, ears and tail are both present. Biologically a chimera??? 2 gene sets 1 body type thing (mess with this as you will!!) Possibly different hair texture/type in bits (def different colors)?

jointedwishes @ Mon May 11, 2020 12:06 pm


WolfTales @ Mon May 11, 2020 12:07 pm


tweet @ Mon May 11, 2020 12:28 pm

    HUGE mark this looks so fun <3

16 replies not shown, show all

Original lines by (#769211) Skygold - Edits by me

I've been on CS for years now. I think the first forum I've ever been on was the old WarriorCats one, then later Pokefarm, but CS stands as my official third in terms of forums and it has a lot of memories and a lot of childhood in it. I didn't really start doing art on here until recently and mostly just collected due to being a bit of a shy person, but trying to finally gain some sort of social life online just doesn't seem very possible(?) for me. Just as well, really. I have a life to focus on and a webcomic to start, so I've decided to quit CS and give one final tip of the hat to all the talented artists and individuals who make their home here by giving years of collecting efforts to buying art and designs.

The objective is simple: Design Vora an outfit and give her a color palette to match. I suck at outfits and colors sometimes, so it will help a lot.

Now, a bit of a warning, the winning outfit and maybe some elements from other designs may be used in my character's storyline when I finally make her into a comic. That should be noted when you make your entries.

All entries- once finished- may claim 10 pets from this group: Entry Group
I'm not going to link these because there are over 4,000 of them, but whatever isn't taken from this or my next contest will be given to the pound before I leave.



•Note that elements of some entries may be used in outfits/designs in my comic•
•Do not remove mine or SkyGold's signatures•
•Changing a bit of the lineart is perfectly fine•
•Do not claim my character as your own or heavily reference her•
•Do not ask for anything from my Common Group until after you finish your entry•
•You may change small things about body proportions•
•Winners are free to ask for items as well•
•You may make up to 3 entries, but please keep them grouped under one "entry"•
The PSD for those who can't do Oekaki•


~~~~|Character Info|~~~~
| Vora | 21 | Female | Object Head | Demisexual |

Vora is a character adapted from my original persona as an admin account to fit my planned webcomic Sinister Sulfurium, a story revolving around humanoid entities artificially created by ignorant, self-proclaimed "scientists" playing with energies they didn't understand in order to create demonic beings they would be able to control. As one of the original escapees, Vora is protective of her freedom and does not let any emotional ties bind her back. This lack of connection often comes out as cold detachment and deadpan resentment, making her very difficult to get along with. Despite this, she seems to yearn for some kind of connection, even if that means she must get it through losing herself to any cause she can get behind for as long as it takes for them to be too binding. That being said, she can be very proud and responsible, not eager to admit where she is lacking but hard working nevertheless.


~~~~|My Preferences|~~~~

•I like monochrome/one color schemes with another color that accents it, but that isn't a must•
-i.e. many variations of browns and accented by pink/blue
•I prefer simple designs. Intricate ones are beautiful, but not easy to replicate in comics•
•Eldritch aspects/themes are always a plus•
•You may add scars/tattoos if you'd like•
•My favorite colors are dark pink, sage green, royal blue, and silver•
•Any sort of mutant, sickly theme also tends to make me happy, so you can use that too•
•Outfits that "make room" for the wings is definitely a bonus in my book•
•Otherwise, just have fun with it! Full creative freedom•


~~~~|Paid Entries|~~~~
These are the people who have entered who have also claimed their 10 pets.

Buddys79 • 0Zero0 • DD Star


End Date: August 1. @ Rollover

ChangelingVora @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:10 am

~~~~|First Place Prize|~~~~

All pets from This Group

~~~~|Very Rare|~~~~

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Total: 72






ChangelingVora @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:11 am

~~~~|Second Place Prize|~~~~

All pets from This Group

~~~~|Very Rare|~~~~

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Total: 68





ChangelingVora @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:12 am

~~~~|Third Place Prize|~~~~

All pets from This Group

Total: 41






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This is now closed! It will be judged and prizes handed here soon.

Welcome! I'm wanting to start a fairly large adoptable here on oekaki, but I struggle with drawing linearts for them that look appealing to others. I wanting a full on dragon themed adoptable, with more then one type of dragon, like a western themed one, an eastern themed one, etc etc.

I am asking for only the linearts as a requirement, given that I'm asking for more then one ^-^ and I would like a minimum of three from the following list!

List of Linearts

more might be added changed

- Western Dragon. (4 legs, 2 wings, tail, head, more serpentine)
- Eastern Dragon (4 legs, no wings, long windy body, fur)
- Wyvern ( 2 back legs, tail w/ barb, 2 wings, serpentine)
- Drake (4 legs, tail, thickly built, no wings.)
- Quetzalcoatl (no legs, feathered body, feathered wings, long and slender)
- Basilisk/Wyrm (giant horned serpent)
- Amphiptere (small, slender dragon with wings, but no legs.)

- more then the minimum
- clean smooth lines
- not rushed/ time and care put in
- anatomy somewhat used (can be hard for dragons lol)

DraconisSumeris @ Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:22 am


This is the Prize Pool.

- Keep in mind its going to be shifted and updated quite a bit, and that this is a start
- Nothing that's in there will be removed, but things will be added.
- Everyone that enters and meets the 3 lineart requirement will get an entry prize!

There will be 5 placements!

1st wrote:
1st Place:
500 c$
first pick of 10 pets from the pool

2nd wrote:
2nd Place:
250 c$
second pick of 5 pets from the pool

3rd wrote:
3rd Place:
100 c$
third pick of 3 pets from the pool

4th wrote:
4th Place:
50 c$
4th pick of 2 pets from the pool

5th wrote:
5th Place:
25 c$
last pick of 1 pet from the pool

Nyarlathotep|Nathan @ Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:25 am

Mark ♥

MySpoons @ Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:00 am

when you mean only linearts, just the lineart or a base layer for coloring, too?

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𝕾𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖊𝖜𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕾𝖍𝖊𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖉𝖘 𝕬𝖗𝖙𝖎𝖘𝖙 𝕾𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖈𝖍
Main page | Whelping box | Archive | Shows | Custom/MYO | Discord | Artist Search

- Minimum of 3 designs, be diverse to show your talents
- No cover pages please!
- Designs must be semi-realistic
- You must be able to name color and pattern. You do not need to know dog genetics
- Accessories are allowed
- Scarring is also allowed

{Closed; winners announced!}
by Night & Wolfy @ Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:17 am [Reply]

Title says it all! To enter in this competition, you just need to draw My species a banner!

Rules/things to know:
- Please don't claim species as your own
- it doesn't have to be colored, but if it is, then here is the wolfon that would need to be colored into it
- things like coloring, shading, etc. are optional, but they may boost your chance in winning
- I'm mostly looking for something like this (although keep in mind that this is very old and no longer a really accurate representation of the species; that's just an example for the pose/letters), but feel free to be creative!
- I will announce the winners in about 3 days (June 33rd) at 5:00 pm pacific time, unless there are no entries or something else like that that would need me to extend or cancel it
- doing things like posting W.I.Ps and marking/posting are fine!
- I have the right to cancel this if there are no entries or if there are no entries I like
- The entries can be done on or off oekaki, but on oekaki is preferred
- feel free to ask questions about any of this!

1st: 1 fully shaded fullbody from me OR 3 pets from here+ rare MYO ticket from species

2nd: 1 fully shaded (same shading as example above) headshot/bust from me OR 2 pets from here + Uncommon MYO ticket from species

3rd: 1 flat (no shading; same style as above) headshot/bust from me OR 1 pet from here + common MYO ticket from species

First place: Ketsup's entry
Second place: Clown boy's entry
Third place: Redbirdtrooper12's entry

jointedwishes @ Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:23 am


King Moose @ Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:24 am

Mark~ :eyes:

Night & Wolfy @ Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:37 am

jointedwishes wrote:Mark

Sunisio wrote:
Mark~ :eyes:

<3 <3

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CoD Artist Search based on this drawing by pokeykat1
by pokeykat1 @ Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:22 am [Reply]

To be a artist you must make at least one entry on these lines and me or acronymm may approve you
To be a guest artist post your designs on cat bases here and i or acronymm may aprove you

guest artist lasts for 1 month and must make at least one adopt and may have 1 myo ticket
artists must make at least 2 adopts per month and may do customs and have 1 myo ticket per month

pokeykat1 @ Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:30 am

pokeykat1 wrote:
To be a artist you must make at least one entry on these lines and me or acronymm may approve you
To be a guest artist post your designs on cat bases here and i or acronymm may aprove you

guest artist lasts for 1 month and must make at least one adopt and may have 1 myo ticket
artists must make at least 2 adopts per month and may do customs and have 1 myo ticket per month

pokeykat1 @ Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:34 am

pokeykat1 wrote:
To be a artist you must make at least one entry on these lines and me or acronymm may approve you
To be a guest artist post your designs on cat bases here and i or acronymm may aprove you

guest artist lasts for 1 month and must make at least one adopt and may have 1 myo ticket
artists must make at least 2 adopts per month and may do customs and have 1 myo ticket per month

pokeykat1 @ Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:50 am

pokeykat1 wrote:
pokeykat1 wrote:
To be a artist you must make at least one entry on these lines and me or acronymm may approve you
To be a guest artist post your designs on cat bases here and i or acronymm may aprove you

guest artist lasts for 1 month and must make at least one adopt and may have 1 myo ticket
artists must make at least 2 adopts per month and may do customs and have 1 myo ticket per month

4 replies not shown, show all

Species main

Make as many entries as you want.
If I like your art style you'll be placed as a guest artist and PMd.
If you're active enough I'll make you an official artist! Remember to follow all CS rules.
Entries are not yours unless you claim them with a MYO ticket.
You can move around the 'fake' sign, but don't remove it.
Official artists will receive two rare MYO tickets pet month.
Have fun c:

Nepeta Lejion @ Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:52 am


acronymm @ Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:04 am

mark ^^

Derpy Memester @ Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:52 am


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- - - -

- - - -

To end off this Event, I decided to put together a
MYO Event!

- 1 entry per person!
- Make sure your Kralian gets approved by a Admin/Moderator/ or by me before it can be a REAL Kralian!
- You may have unlimited Non Rarity - Uncommon traits
- You may either have ONE Rare trait or ONE Very rare trait!
- Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Please fill out the form below and put on your post,
No form means your Kralian won't be approved!

Note; You don't have to join our discord to enter in the
event! But if you'd like to join go right ahead ^^

Code: Select all
Kralian Name;
Mark on Main page;
Have you joined our discord yet?;

Ends July 29th!

Sloth_-_ @ Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:35 am


Raw_Silver_Studios @ Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:37 pm


Sloth_-_ @ Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:56 am


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I know other users have also done similar contests at this point, but I've been dying for a good bundle of new characters.
sorry about the eye bleed cover also, thanks to hubble for the free use backgrounds that are included, check it out here!

so how it'll go is more or less like all contests, ill give first-third place winners and if someone else stands out beyond that I will individually offer something in return for that character entry, which, the artist is always ok to accept or decline <3

I am also now accepting entries from Deviantart members, ill try and keep what entries I get posted so everyone can see them!

DA hub -

rules ** -
. once a winner is picked they will receive the listed prize and their entry becomes my character to do with as id like <3
. if you do not win and I don't ask about buying the design, then the design is yours to keep or sell or anything.
. if I get too few entries or don't find any that I like. I can cancel and hand out consolation prizes instead to best designs. if this happens then everyone would keep their own designs unless I reach out to them.
. you may rotate the canvas, do your entry off okekai, and even change the background as you please! im only using eyebleed for the cover you don't need to work like this.

End Date: 07/20/2020

so what should they look like? -

Favorite things-

. preferably male or nonbinary
. humanoid or some kind

other ideas -
. im ok with anthro and feral designs! but they aren't as well-received as humanoids.
. mythical creatures are awsome :0 vampires, werewolves, fauns, wizards, all of the above
. adding to the above, demons, anything with horses or snakes.
. cryptids, if you cant do humanoid, a cryptid would be the next best thing

actual trait ideas -
. fluffy, love the fluff. wheather that be in hair or leg feathering.
. half shaves are always cool styles but, big dramatic dude with long hair is also super cool!
. horns are cool, unicorn horn or demon/dragon horns or even deer or elk
. tails yess, any style of tail. still optional to have a tail tho.
. animal ears on the head is always cute
. sweet heart, softy, nerd, romantic

aesthetics -
. I've included a whole bunch of color swatches that I tend to lean toward the most! feel free to mix and match.
. camping, outdoors, deep woods Adirondacks vibes with smores and a cabin.
. vaporwave neon, big bright rainbows, Rawr XD and lisa frank.
. food themed :0 find some real pretty food pictures for some great inspiration.
. oldies, rustic. 1950's grease style punk or mob boss
.moodboard 1
. moodboard 2
. my toyhouse favorites list

what not to do ** -
. super feminine
. wings, wings are just eh for me. unless its a pegasus.
. no balance, make sure your bright neons are balanced by a soft tone like white or black or creme/brown.
. squished designs. aka dont just take every last aspect on these idea lists and try to force them all on one design all at once.

Prizes!! -

First prize - 700 points, 100C$
Pet's name: Sand Camo Horse

Second prize - 300 points, 100C$

Third prize - 50C$

Finalists prize pool -
- this is for anyone beyond the main place winners! this is basically what I have to offer that's left <3
. 5 possible full-body commissions by me
. 5 possible headshot commissions by me
. up to 400k FR treasure
. up to 200 gems from FR

Maniic! @ Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:21 pm

imma mark this aswell bc i don't want to forget to do this smh

spookypuff @ Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:28 am

markity mark!

TheLilLeopard @ Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:04 am


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Shotonemar's Character Contest
by 0Zero0 @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:35 am [Reply]

Contest ends September 5th

*Prizes may be added to the pool, all participants will be notified of changes, & nothing will be removed/lessened as per site rules

3rd Place
50 CS
1st Place
150 C$
2nd Place
80 C$


4th Place

0Zero0 @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:35 am

+ All species & creatures are allowed, though Humans/Humanoids are preferred
+ Offsite Oekaki entries are allowed; PM them to me
+ NO COVERS each entry is separate from another. Only one character per winning place.
(1 user can win multiple placings)
+ If you win I can do whatever I want with the character. However if You don't the character is yours to do with what you will. I may buy them off you though.
+ There are several bases and a background. You may use the bases however you like but your own bases are preferred.

You are not restricted to this list. Make whatever you want.

+++ Inspiration stuff +++
Anime/Manga (especially 90's)
Mythical creatures
Video Games
-RPGs like Tales of / Final Fantasy
Japanese Culture
Japanese Folklore
The LGBT+ community

+++ Characteristics +++
Animals - Vertebrates
Extra appendages
Fused creatures
Unique Creatures
Trench Coats
Extreme detail
All hair lengths though I love long hair
Feminine physical appearance
Softer shapes
Gender neutral

+++ Color Palettes +++
Oranges/Reds + whites/pastels

Chinese New Years Palette
Natural Animal Colors

please don't use these things majorly in your designs. Otherwise I'm open

Pink / Highly saturated colors
Insects / arthropods
Heavy religious themes
Overly Masculine or Feminine.

0Zero0 @ Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:07 pm


QueenOfWyrms @ Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:44 am


1 replies not shown, show all

So I just found out about Raijū, an me being dumb wants a character lmao

Edit: going to wait until 1-2 more entries to judge 👀

End date will be 31st of July, though might extend if no entries are submitted

For those who are unfamiliar with Raijū:
Mythology wrote:Its body is composed of lightning and with the form of a white and blue wolf or dog (or even a wolf or dog wrapped in lightning) being the most common, although it can be represented with other forms such as tanuki, fox, weasel, tiger, cat, porcupine, boar or dragon.

- entries off of Oekaki are accepted, as long as they have a cover!
- no stealing others designs
- I will be keeping the winning design and may do whatever with it (redesign, ect), you can do whatever you want with yours if you didn’t win

I’m mostly looking for feline but here’s a likes/dislikes list
- wolves
- tigers
- saber tooth chars
- stub tails
- floof
- simple designs
- colors like white/black/grey (darker coat w/ lighter underbelly kinda)
- light blue accents/markings
- accessories

- neon colors
- multiple eyes
- multiple limbs
- very complex designs

Mochis @ Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:39 am


Kanda (Shirai Ryu) @ Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:45 am


Kanda (Shirai Ryu) @ Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:25 pm


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