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OPEN - Color the Oval, Get a Cat! by BoopoThyDrago

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Artist BoopoThyDrago [gallery]
Time spent 9 minutes
Drawing sessions 1
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OPEN - Color the Oval, Get a Cat!

Postby BoopoThyDrago » Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:11 am

This is OPEN

Here I go!

Simple - Color the oval and I will make you a cat based it! I will not be doing line edits to the cat, so you can change fur length and things when you redraw it.

Edit: Please add me to your drawing!

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- Please credit my TH if taking off-site
- Do not trade it for more than you gave for it. The only exception is if you paid for art.
- Do not trade it to someone without informing them of my TOS beforehand.
- Do use my designs for anything explicit.
- Do not use my designs to be rude, hateful, or inappropriate to others.
- You can change the design, but please let me know if you make any major changes.
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