Dog Adopts #3 - WIP by Flowerbud X.

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Artist Flowerbud X. [gallery]
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Dog Adopts #3 - WIP

Postby Flowerbud X. » Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:57 pm

Got a glove and nibs for christmas so drawing on my tablet feels a lot more comfortable. Plus I was down to only one nib so I don't feel as bad wasting my current one, haha. Wanted to test the glove out a bit with an adopt batch. Hopefully I'll have these done before New Years! I wanted to at least get to the third adopt, but alas hand cramps wrecked that.

Feel free to mark and such if you'd like.

Shooting for the 10-15 c$ range for these guys.

Timer as always is off. Palette searching and other household distractions ensued.
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