I did done it by BlizzardTheWizard

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Artist BlizzardTheWizard [gallery]
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I did done it

Postby BlizzardTheWizard » Sun Dec 29, 2019 6:55 pm

kept debating whether or not i should do this hrhhhfh eventually decided to for you c':

Ah i hope you like them because hec i do
okay so for mine I think i'll just give you my playlist and just pull whatever you'd like from there. not very easy, I'm sorry but idk D':

Ah some kind of a demon/devil character also please thank you ;u; cool ear/eye/tail edits are the stuff ah

let me know if you'd prefer more specifics regarding designs but arms tonite by mother mother is specifically my favourite song rn.

Hey! BlizzardTheWizard here! You can
call me Bliz. It would be nice if you
could use she/her pronouns when
referring to me but it really doesn't
bother me much at all. Feel free to
PM me about whatever! <3

Discord: BlizzardTheWizard#3894
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