GA Entry #6- Coffee Braid by sylveonsweetie987

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Artist sylveonsweetie987 [gallery]
Time spent 19 hours, 47 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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GA Entry #6- Coffee Braid

Postby sylveonsweetie987 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:08 am

break from the spooky to mess around with braids and glow, up for claims even tho I don't expect anyone to offer lol
ofc ignore the timer on all my ga entries but especially this one bc i left it sitting for hours and hours

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Traits I used:
Non-Rarity- Whiskers
Standard: custom shine
Common: custom tail, longer fur, hair edits beyond jawline when wet
Uncommon: custom ears, custom pupil
Rare: one halo, glow
Legendary: multiple tails

Comp question for this one would be: "How is coffee involved in this kalon's daily routine?"
If you claim this kal I ask you answer this question to see that you're willing to put effort into this kal; your answer does not have to be long, however.

♥Hi, I'm Syl, your friendly neighborhood procrastinator! I make art and stuff like that♥
♥I'm trying to check here at least once every couple days so I may be slow to reply but please bear with me♥

♥I'm @/_fandomartist_ on Instagram, if you want to see art I make!♥


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Re: GA Entry #6- Coffee Braid

Postby ArcticWaterDrake » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:58 am

So cute! I love the halo :O
hey u should check out Mafumafu if, y'know, you want to :3

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