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Time spent 5 minutes
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butters! | codamink artist search entries

Postby Butters! » Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:47 am

    username butters!
    experience artist, founder, and co-owner for Yinuma adopts (formerly Bog adopts)
    experience former artist for Kiuii adopts, Micro Zirk, and several other adopts
    examples res
    availability online every other week (can make at least one to two adopts in said time)
    other love the species. my entries will improve once my graphics tablet is fixed

    ignore the terrible cover :T

    oh my gosh this species is so precious
    I can't resist applying (even though my design skills are sub-par)
    I will definitely be trying to get my own whether I become and artist or not
    super excited to get started

    would it be possible to keep any of my entries if I become and artist?
    I would totally understand if I can't, I'm just curious
    (also, just ignore the times, I tend to leave Oekaki open while I do other things)

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