Noot Noots - Species #2 by JessKnight

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Artist JessKnight [gallery]
Time spent 4 hours, 54 minutes
Drawing sessions 5
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Noot Noots - Species #2

Postby JessKnight » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:20 am

I spent.... very long on these I-

That timer is probably pretty accurate,
maybe like... half hour off? sgdagd

They're based on Newts so.... Noot Noot
Hoping to keep em called that cause I
L o v e I t

Male and Female Differences
Adult Lines w/ Coloring
(4) Egg Lines w/ Coloring
(4) Baby Lines w/ Coloring
(2) Adolescent Lines w/ Coloring
Refs for All w/ Coloring

I was working on this (off and on) since I
posted the WIP of this originally ;w;
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