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About this forum

Postby Nick » Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:46 pm

Welcome to the Comics and Series Oekaki Board!
This board was created to separate the awesome comics and stories users were creating from standalone art, making it easier for viewers to find what they were looking for. Here, you'll find comics, stories, and series with an overarching theme.
This board is for your covers while the pages of comics go into the subboard "Pages."

What is this board for?
    - Creating comics and stories with an ongoing theme or storyline
    - Creating single-page installments with an overarching narrative under one cover (i.e. "Ask my character," tutorials/"How to draw...," motivational images, etc)

What this board is NOT for:
    - Storage/WIPs/Sketches
    - Sketchbooks
    - Memes/Challenges where each image stands alone (i.e. "Draw 100 Pokemon," "Draw all my characters," etc)
    - Random standalone images without an ongoing theme/storyline

If your drawings are not connected by an ongoing story or theme, they should be sorted into their respective Oekaki category (i.e. animals, humans, landscape, etc). Please keep in mind that mods may use their own discretion to determine if your drawing belongs in this board.

Please try to sort your drawings in the appropriate Oekaki board. Repeated and purposeful misuse the Oekaki boards may result in moderator action.

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