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Postby FuryBotWimzie » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:57 am

While I love the brick wall/alleyway BG for being just what it is meant to be (a gloriously grungy haven for trash), I also like how it can emulate the inside of a house sort of? With a framed wall hanging here and a table with some incense on it there... Right now, the only house interior I sincerely DON'T want to think about is my own; other people's are fine, though.

I'm feeling kind of inspired to make another dress-up like this now, actually. Hmm.

The plasma ball caterpillar is one of my favorite pets from the event. Looks very geeky amid toys/plushies and a miniature space ship. <3

Edit: I just now noticed that the balloon and the vase match. Cool.
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