For AngelDoll by acadicus

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For AngelDoll

Postby acadicus » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:26 am

    A little bit of a glowup <3
    I don't have an official 'lineart TOS' page, so I'll just paste them here:

    acadicus wrote:Notes:
    -- I will not refund after the lines have been approved.
    -- May not be resold for more than a Zonkey's worth unless
    more work has been put into them (lore, free adopts, etc).
    -- My signature may be moved but should still be visible.
    -- I must be credited [usernames ⇓] for the lines when used.
    CS: acadicus || DV: ceciltree || TH: ceciltree

mostly online for owed work atm; very busy with classes!
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