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Valdiac Warmbloods | Sales Arena

Postby Berenice. » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:32 am

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The Valdiac Warmbloods were first bred in England and there are 3 main breeds that can be traced that make up these
Warmbloods. These include the Oldenburg, Trakehner and the well known Dutch Warmblood. Originally, Valdiac Warmbloods were bred to show purely in Dressage and Show Jumping due to their powerful jumping ability and precise movements. In recent decades, these Warmbloods have been introduced to a number of different disciplines and riding styles, most notably areas of
Western riding. Their numbers are still quite low as they are considered a relatively new breed and the distribution of them across the world is slowly increasing. However, the majority of these Warmbloods are primarily seen in



The sales arena is the place where you can buy and sell Valdiac Warmbloods.


• You must have an updated storage page in order to purchase a Valdiac Warmblood.
• You can purchase as many as you can afford.
• You must inform the artist and archivist of this change in ownership.
• You can post the form on this thread below if you are looking to purchase a specific horse (specific colours, genes, height, mane and tail types). Do not spam this form. It can be reposted every new page.
• Purchases and enquiries of purchases must take place in private messages.
• Use the form below to post a wanted ad.

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Looking for:
Willing to pay in:
Amount willing to pay:


• The horse must be stored in a clear, accessible storage.
• It must not be a rescue Valdiac.
• Selling Valdiac Warmbloods for real currency is not permitted.
• They must not be sold off site. They can only be sold via this thread and for other users part of the Valdiac Warmbloods community on CS.
• Do not spam your sales post. It can be reposted every new page.
• Prices must be realistic.
• To 'gift' a horse to another user, use the 'sold' form and set the amount the horse was bought for to zero or N/A.
• You must state that your horse has been sold on this thread using the 'sold' form.
• Post the sales form below on this thread. You can add any further details to this form, but keep it clear and easy to read.

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[color=#008000][b]For Sale[/b][/color]
Horse's name:
Horse's show name:

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Link to horse:
New owner:
Price paid:
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