Character Design Shops - Trading CS pets for characters

Buy or sell original character designs here - using CS pets, items or C$ as payment.
Forum rules
Art theft is not tolerated here. Do not copy/trace/edit/use anybody's pictures without their express permission.
If you are unsure, see the full rules here: ... 10&t=30437
Daily tips / announcements
Trades involving AnimalJam are banned on CS!

We banned any trades involving AnimalJam due to the sheer amount of scammers we experienced related to that site.

We found that it may be unclear to users that this rule also includes trading art or other site currency for things from AJ so we have slightly updated the wording in this post to reflect this.

You may not arrange any trades offering CS pets/items/C$/accounts in return for AJ things (including AJ mods/cheats) or vice-versa. If you want to trade your art for things from AJ, you must advertise and arrange these trades on AJ or another site that allows them.
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