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Bunnifly / Liv

Postby SilhouetteStation » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:59 pm

Name: Liv
Gender: Female
Prompt: Liv loves going for nature walks! She loves to explore the world around her, but she definitely has a favourite track, which she refers to as 'the everything walk'. It starts off in a forest, cool and shady, where sunlight dapples the ground through the leafy canopy. It's full of native plants and trees, and all around you is the sounds of wildlife and trickling streams. Everything is lush and green, and Liv always feels like she's been taken to another world. Once you emerge from the forest, you're met with a magnificent coastline view, where all you can see is sky and the sea stretching out into the distance. It's a very popular place to watch the sunset. There's a track leading down to the beach, where the sand is cool and soft, and from there you can explore a rocky stretch of tide pools. Liv loves to see all of the creatures that live there, especially starfish. After that it's a scenic walk along the beach to get back, and she always takes time to collect more seashells to add to her collection back home.

My first Bunnifly! So thankful to have won this beauty~
temporary art hiatus; if anyone knows anything about fixing wacom tablets/making them compatible to new laptops, please pm me.

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